Girls’ Frontline Guide: The Best T-Dolls Available

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Posted on July 4, 2021

In a world that’s plunged into chaos, the only saving grace would come in the form of attractive girl androids called T-Dolls. This is the storyline of the fun and exciting Girls’ Frontline, a strategy role-playing game. In this game, you play the role of a commander that controls the T-Dolls and then uses them to fight against various enemies. These T-Dolls are powerful androids that possess unique skills and abilities.

Your goal in this strategy game is to assemble a powerful team of T-Dolls and take on all enemies. The great thing about this game is that it won’t run out of battles for you to play. This means you’ll have plenty of chances to showcase your skills in constructing a strong team of T-Dolls and dominating enemies. The game has many different T-Dolls for you to acquire and use in battle. But this also means that it’s going to be difficult assembling a team since there are plenty of options available.

To help you know which T-Dolls are the best ones available, this blog post will provide a Girls’ Frontline character tier list. It will list down the T-Dolls that will likely have more impact and usefulness during battle. They’re also the T-Dolls that you should focus more on when it comes to allocating resources and materials to develop them.

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The S-Tier T-Dolls

These are the most impactful and useful T-Dolls that you can get in Girls’ Frontline. Many of these T-Dolls can provide incredible buffs, which are very useful in battle. And if you happen to have a team composed of mostly S-tier characters, you won’t even have to worry about the order of their placement. They’re basically the characters that will allow you to do well most of the time in battle.

They’re also the ones you should be focusing on when it comes to development. The issue with them is that they are rare and hard to acquire. These are T-Dolls that use assault rifles are G41, OTs-14, FAL, T91, G11, and HK416. For S-tier T-Dolls that use a handgun, there’s Welrod Mk.2 and M950A. If you prefer T-Dolls that use a machine gun, then you have MG4, MG5, and the Negev.

If you need a shotgun user, there’s Saiga-12, M1887, and KSG. The S-tier T-Dolls that use SMG are Vector, Type 79, Suomi, and Thompson. And lastly, the rifle user T-Dolls are Lee-Enfield, NTW-20, M99, WA2000, and IWS 2000.

The A-Tier T-Dolls

These T-Dolls are not as strong or as impactful as the S-tier ones. But they are very good alternatives. You will still do well if you happen to have a team composed mostly of A-tiers, regardless of the order. They’re that good, but not as devastatingly powerful as the S-tiers. If you happen to have A-tiers on your team, you can still allocate resources and materials to develop them.

The A-tier T-Dolls that use assault rifles are MDR, Zas M21, AUG, ART556, Type 95, Am RFB, Type 97, Ak-12, K2, and AN-94. For the machine gun users, they are PKP and HK21 and the handgun users are Contender, N75, and Five-SeveN. If you prefer shotgun users, there’s the AA-12, SAT 8, and FP-6 and the SMG users are RO635, Type 100, SR-3MP, MP7, G36C, and C-MS. And the rifle A-tier users are JS05, SRS, Carcano M91, Carcano, M1891, Kar98k, DSR-50, and Ballista.

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The B-Tier T-Dolls

If you’re not planning on achieving high scores and are just content with progressing in the game’s campaign, then B-tier T-Dolls are okay. They’re not really strong or impactful characters, but they will still allow you to get the job done, at least in the campaign mode. But you should still expect to struggle to progress with just B-tier T-Dolls. You also have to properly put them in the right order so their skills and abilities will shine.

So, if you’re looking to just clear the campaign, then you’re okay with the B-tier T-Dolls. But if you prefer to achieve a high score and not have to struggle, then S and A-tier T-Dolls are what you need. The B-tier T-Dolls that use the assault rifle are Ak 5, Tar-21, 9A-91, M4 SOPMOD II, M4A1, M16A1, FAMAS, Type 56-1, AR-15, G36, CZ2000, XM8, AS VAL, Ribeyrolles. If you’re looking for the B-tier machine gun users, there’s Ameli, M60, M1918, MG3, Mk48, PK, Type 80, and AEK-999.

If you want the handgun users, there’s Thunder .50 Cal, P7, K5, Mk23, SPP-1, Spitfire, Stechkin, and M1873. The B-tier SMG users are UMP45, UMP40, PP-90, Honey Badger, PP-19, PP-19-01, UMP9, Shipka, Gr MP5, and KLIN. And finally, the B-tier T-Dolls that use rifles are Gr PSG-1, PzB39, Springfield, SVD, G28, Mosin-Nagant, PTRD, and T-5000.

Final Thoughts

Having plenty of characters to acquire and use can be a problem as well. It makes it harder to decide which one you will use on your team and who you will focus on developing. The character tier list provided here will help you get started and give you an idea of the T-Dolls that you should focus on.

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