Golf Clash Clubs: Rating the Best From the Rest

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Posted on November 17, 2020

If you ask any avid golfer about the kinds of golf clubs you’ll need in your set, they’ll immediately tell you all the juicy details. It’s important to know the right tools for the job and the same goes for Golf Clash. There are a lot of golf clubs you can unlock in the game. But only a handful can give you the competitive edge in every match. Luckily, we have collated all the available ones in the game so you could decide which suits your taste. Here is the list of the best clubs in Golf Clash.

Golf Clash Clubs PC Game

The All-Powerful Driver Golf Clubs

Drivers allow you to hit the golf ball the furthest since they boast the most powerful swing. Players who go for strong long-distance shots prefer to use these clubs since they give the most bang for their buck in the power and distant shots department. However, what Drivers gain in strength, they lack in accuracy. If you’re the type of golfer who likes to hit the golf ball as hard as you can, Drivers are your go-to clubs.

The best Driver in the game is The Apocalypse. It has the strongest Power rating as far as these clubs are concerned, and its other stats are quite serviceable to boot. Thor’s Hammer is also a good Driver since you can have a better chance of acquiring its upgrade cards than The Apocalypse. But if you still haven’t unlocked Thor’s Hammer, you can resort to using The Extra Mile for those extremely long drives.

The Long-Distance Champion Wood Clubs

Wood clubs focus on distance and accuracy. Unlike the Driver clubs that mostly rely on power, Woods grant its users more precise long shots. This is due to the fact that these clubs affect the ball’s various spins and curl whenever they hit it.

The Catalyst is considered to be one of the best wood clubs in the game. It’s stronger once you manage to upgrade it to Level 3 since its stats will be more well-rounded. If you wish for a more consistent wood club, you can go for The Sniper. It possesses the best accuracy for a wood club and it remains consistent each time you level it up.

The Mid-range Powerhouse Long Irons

Long Irons are golf clubs you use when you want to get a fair distance with your swings but at a lower launch angle. Courses that have varying distances between the fairway and the tee are good places to use your long iron. This is especially good when your ball lands on unsavory places and you need to get back on the green.

As far as the best Long Irons go, it’s a toss-up between The Backbone and The Goliath. Both clubs have good overall stats and often get the job done. However, The Backbone has the advantage since it’s only a Common rarity which means you can get its upgrade materials easier. The Goliath is a close second since its stats are a smidge better than The Backbone.

The Precision King Short Iron Clubs

If you’re looking for accuracy in your golf swings, the Short Iron is your best bet. These clubs offer its users excellent ball-hitting precision which results in better success rates during matches. In most cases, players rely on Short Irons to finish the game once they reach the green since accuracy and control are their hallmarks.

When it comes to the best Short Iron, you have two options in the game – The Thorn and The Hornet. The Thorn offers good distance as well as incredible back spin to ensure you can place the ball wherever you want. As for The Hornet, it is a great Short Iron as well since it has fairly equal stats with The Thorn, except for the back spin. In most cases, you can choose either one of these two and use it to get tons of Eagles in your games.

Drive Victory Home With The Fairway Wedge

Wedges are used to help the golfer more maneuverability and control of the golf ball whenever it gets struck at varying strength levels. This is done through curls and back spins which makes wedges effective in the fairway and green.

The Firefly is a great starting Wedge thanks to its well-rounded stats. However, The Skewer, The Rapier, or The Endbringer are the better options to help you get more wins. The Skewer is a greater version of The Firefly, while The Rapier is for players who want more tit-for-tat gameplay. Meanwhile, The Endbringer lets you control the ball with such precision that you can easily sink in the ball four times out of five when you’re in the green.

Get Out of Tight Situations with Rough Irons

Rough Irons are used to remove the golf ball out of the rough, bunkers, and shallow water hazards. These clubs can also be used on shorter holes since they offer moderately decent stats.

Nirvana is the best Rough Iron in the game. But since it is an Epic club, you’ll have to work hard to get it. That said, you can opt for The Razor since it has good accuracy and ball guide stats. But if you need more distance out of the rough, use The Amazon.

Conquer The Dune with The Sand Wedge

Also known as a Sand Iron, Sand Wedges are your go-to club if your golf ball falls into bunkers or sandy areas. They have the widest soles out of the other golf clubs which enables the ball to bounce as much as possible. Using the Sand Wedge will let the ball avoid digging into the sand and fly back into the fairway or green.

The Malibu is the best non-epic Sand Wedge you can get in the game. It has excellent accuracy that allows you to get out of the bunker without overshooting. Moreover, leveling it up is more bearable since it’s only rare. The best Sand Wedge in the game is the Spitfire. Being an epic Sand Iron, it has excellent overall stats, but the downside of this club is that it is extremely more expensive to level up compared to other Sand Wedges. If you feel like grinding for the Spitfire, by all means do so. Otherwise, stick with The Malibu.

And there you have it! The best golf clubs you can get for each type in Golf Clash. Choose the ones that suit both the situation and your playstyle. Keep in mind that you can upgrade your chosen sets up to level 10. So test out your newfound knowledge and dominate the world of Golf Clash!

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