The Ultimate Guide & Tips to Playing Good Pizza, Great Pizza

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Posted on September 4, 2023

Does the thought of kneading dough, spreading tangy tomato sauce, and sprinkling generous amounts of cheese make your heart flutter? Have you ever entertained the idea of being on the other side of the counter, taking orders and creating mouth-watering pizzas? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” then you’re in for a delightful treat!

Welcome to the world of Good Pizza, Great Pizza, an entertaining and immersive cooking simulation game developed by the innovative team at TapBlaze. In this virtual pizzeria, you’re not just a player; you’re a passionate pizzaiolo, striving to satisfy the diverse pizza cravings of your customers. With each level, you’ll find yourself more invested in your pizza shop, perfecting recipes, and serving up slices of joy.

This guide isn’t just a walkthrough; it’s a comprehensive handbook designed to equip you with all the strategies, tips, and tricks you need to rise through the ranks of the game and become the ultimate pizza maker. The journey won’t always be easy—you’ll face challenging orders, quirky customers, and fierce competition.

Good Pizza, Great Pizza Gameplay

Good Pizza, Great Pizza is a captivating simulation game that allows players to run their own pizza shop. The game revolves around fulfilling customer orders accurately and efficiently. Each customer has unique pizza preferences, and it’s up to you as the player to listen carefully and make the pizza exactly as they request.

The game adds complexity with intricate orders, such as half-and-half pizzas or pizzas that need to be extra crispy. This calls for strategic topping application and careful time management in the cooking process. Resource management is also crucial, as you start the game with a limited amount of ingredients and must use them wisely.

Aside from managing the pizza-making process, players can also invest their earnings into upgrading their shop. Upgrades range from new equipment that speeds up pizza production to additional seats for accommodating more customers.

Moreover, the game promotes kindness and empathy. Occasionally, players encounter homeless characters who can’t afford a pizza, and giving them a pizza can lead to future rewards.

The Ultimate Guide to Good Pizza, Great Pizza – Tips & Tricks

Mastering Good Pizza, Great Pizza requires a mix of strategic thinking, time management, and customer service. Here are some tips and tricks sourced from various platforms that can help you excel in the game:

1. Follow Customer Orders Carefully

In Good Pizza, Great Pizza, the key to a successful business is customer satisfaction. To achieve this, you need to pay meticulous attention to each customer’s order. The game requires you to craft the exact pizza that a customer requests. If the order is incorrect, the customer won’t pay, and your shop incurs a loss. This feature emphasizes the importance of understanding and meeting customer needs in a real-life business setting.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Order


2. Understand Tricky Orders

Good Pizza, Great Pizza incorporates a unique blend of complexity and fun with its challenging customer orders. For example, if a customer requests a super extra crispy pizza, you’ll need to adapt your cooking method and send it through the oven thrice. Likewise, a well-done pizza requires two trips through the oven. These special instructions demand precision and attention to detail, adding an additional layer of intrigue to the gameplay.

In addition to these specific cooking preferences, the game also features unique characters with their own quirks and communication styles. A noteworthy character is Iris, who is deaf. To understand her order, you must pay attention to how much money she pays; this is her way of communicating what type of pizza she wants.

Good Pizza Great Pizza Deaf customer


3. Considerate Topping Application

The way you apply toppings in Good Pizza, Great Pizza can significantly impact the quality of your pizzas. Adding toppings in a spiral ensures an even distribution, leading to a well-prepared pizza. Also, when you receive half orders, remember to apply toppings on the left or right side only. These details play a crucial role in satisfying customer orders and enhancing your gameplay experience.

Good Pizza Great Pizza toppings


4. Help Those in Need

The game encourages players to exhibit kindness and generosity. Occasionally, you’ll encounter homeless characters who can’t afford their orders. Providing them with pizza can lead to future rewards and benefits. This feature not only adds depth to the game but also promotes empathy and compassion among players.

Good Pizza Great Pizza homeless man


5. Manage Resources Effectively

Resource management is a critical skill you’ll need to master in this game. One strategy to conserve supplies without compromising customer satisfaction is to leave toppings off one slice. This approach can help maintain profitability and ensure the sustainability of your pizzeria.

Good Pizza Great Pizza profit


6. Always Add Sauce and Cheese

A basic rule in Good Pizza, Great Pizza is to always add sauce and cheese to orders unless specified otherwise. This rule reflects the universal expectation for most pizzas and emphasizes the importance of adhering to basic recipes in cooking.

Good Pizza Great Pizza peperoni


7. Maintain Customer Patience

Customer patience plays a crucial role in the success of your pizza shop. If customers wait too long, they may lose patience and leave, resulting in a loss for your business. This aspect of the game highlights the importance of time management in a fast-paced business environment.

Good Pizza Great Pizza feedback


8. Invest in Upgrades Wisely

Strategic investment in upgrades can significantly enhance your efficiency and profitability. When considering upgrades, buying one auto first, such as auto-sauce or auto-cheese, or one of the early toppings, can be beneficial. These upgrades can increase your production speed, allowing you to serve more customers and earn more profits.

Good Pizza Great Pizza upgrades


9. Tune into Pizza News Network (PNN)

The PNN serves as your guide throughout the game. It offers helpful tips and tricks on improving your pizza-making skills and managing resources. It also keeps you updated about new features and events in the game. Paying attention to these broadcasts can help you run your pizza shop more effectively.

Good Pizza Great Pizza PNN


10. Water the Eggplant Regularly

In the game, you have an eggplant in your shop that you can water daily. This is more than just a fun aesthetic addition to the game. If you consistently water the eggplant, it will eventually grow and can be used as a free topping for your pizzas. It’s a small detail, but it adds another layer of strategy to the game’s resource management aspect. Remember to water the plant every day to make the most of this feature.

Good Pizza Great Pizza eggplant


Wrapping Up the Good Pizza, Great Pizza Walkthrough

This Good Pizza, Great Pizza guide provides a comprehensive look into the unique and intricate world of this pizza-making simulation game. Unlike any other in its genre, this game goes beyond the simple mechanics of cooking and serving. It challenges your ability to understand and adapt to nuanced customer preferences, communicate with special characters, and constantly improve your culinary skills. This game offers a level of complexity and engagement that is unmatched, making every pizza making session an exciting challenge.

Keep this guide close as it will serve as your companion through this extraordinary journey of running a virtual pizzeria. Prepare to be captivated by the one-of-a-kind challenge that Good Pizza, Great Pizza brings to the table!


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