The Ultimate Character Tier List in GrandChase

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Posted on May 29, 2021

GrandChase is one of the most popular side-scrolling MMORPGs to date. Even in just a week after its release in 2018, over 2 million players have downloaded the game. What’s more, it even got an impressive rating from fans in Asia.

In GrandChase: Dimensional Chaser, you get to see many new characters and settings, apart from the old ones that GC players are familiar with. In fact, players of the hit mobile game have a hundred characters to choose from, ranging from the overpowered to the average ones. If you want to know a few of these characters and would like to know how they rank in the game, check out our tier list below. Do note that our ranking is subjective and is not in order.

S-Tier Characters from GrandChase

The S-tier characters are the most powerful characters in the game. They possess skills that can deal great damage, especially when these skills are used appropriately. That is why they are the best characters that you should invest in.

Tia GrandChase



When it comes to Tank characters, Tia holds the top spot as she has defensive skills that can greatly protect her party members, especially when playing in PvP. But what makes her stand out is her utility skills as she can provide buffs and inflict debuffs.

Her passive, Dragon Orb, is one impressive skill that allows her to inflict great damage to enemies and boost allies’ speed and damage. This skill allows her to gather dragon orbs, which in turn, allows her to enter into Dragon mode for 12 seconds once she gathers 7 orbs. Once she’s in Dragon mode, she can decrease the speed of the enemy by 30% for 6 seconds. Moreover, her basic attack also turns into AoE attack, which gives her a 16% chance of freezing enemies and boosting her physical damage to 192%. It also immunizes Tia’s form status effects.

As previously mentioned, she can boost her allies’ movement speed and damage by 90% and 20% respectively through the dragon aura that she obtained from the orbs. Meanwhile, she can also replenish her team’s HP while in Dragon mode.

Apart from her passive, her first active skill named Icicle Stamp is also useful. This skill allows her to provide a shield worth 20% of their HP to her team members for 10 seconds. Moreover, she also deals a whopping 324% of AoE damage. Whenever she is in Dragon mode, she has a 50% chance of freezing enemies for one second.

Her second skill, Cramp Ice, traps enemies within an ice wall, which deals 280% physical attack damage and offers protection to allies. On the other hand, Tia’s special skill, Ice Vortex, deals 855.9% damage to enemies. As it explodes, it adds 474% physical attack damage. Moreover, it also freezes enemies for a second and allows her to gain three dragon orbs.


Whether you’re targeting a single enemy or groups of enemies, Nelia, a mage, deals wholesome damage. Her first skill, Twilight Flames, spawns a pillar that gathers enemies, decreases their movement speed by 70%, and deals 260.7% of magic attack damage. You can also recast her skills without cost within 8 seconds.

Her second skill, Twilight Flowers, allows you to summon a flower, following you around for 15 seconds while firing towards enemies every 0.2 seconds with the highest attack power. On the other hand, Nelia’s Twilight Curse, her passive, allows her enemies to receive a great deal of damage for 10 seconds. Enemies affected by this skill suffer 50% more magic damage and have a lower recovery rate by 50%.

A-Tier Characters from GrandChase

Their skills may not be as impressive as the S-Tier characters, but they are still deemed useful in the team. Thus, these characters are also worth building.

Elesis GrandChase



Based on gameplay alone, Elesis doesn’t really deal a great deal of damage. But what makes her an A-tier is her utility skills, which allow her to carry the team very well. Specifically, her ability to buff on her allies and provide them a shield are what make her an asset to every team.

Her pierce attack, Critical X, deals 123% damage to enemies. This is then followed by a leap attack that deals 344% damage to enemies. Her second skill, Mega Slash, allows her to shield herself worth 30% of her max health for eight seconds. This is then preceded by a jumping attack that deals 252% damage.

Apart from these skills, her passive is what makes Elesis a worthy part of the team as it increases her attack speed and damage. If her life nearly turns 0, she becomes unseen by enemies for three seconds and recovers her HP for 20%.

Myung Hwarin

Myung Hwarin does an impressive job as a healer, thus she is a great asset to the team. She provides SP recovery, resurrection, and superb healing powers to her allies.

Her first skill is Wandering Spirit, which deals 244.8% AoE damage for 5 seconds and heals the party worth 30% of her magic attack. Now, her healing effects will also increase based on the number of enemies that will be hit by skill. Moreover, her second skill, Supernatural Power, allows her allies to possess the highest attack power, which deals 86% of magic as AoE damage and increases the ally’s HP by 6%. Furthermore, SP usage and skill cool down period are also decreased by 30% while damage is increased by 25%.

The Lower Tier List from GrandChase

There are still countless OP characters here in GrandChase, but let’s list down a few of these characters. Take note that these characters are not ranked in particular order:

B-Tier Heroes
1. Asin – Tank
2. Amy – Healer
3. Jin – Tank
4. Grandiel – Healer
5. Ley – Mage

C-Tier Heroes
1. Dio – Assault
2. Lire – Ranger
3. Arme – Mage
4. Edel – Assault
5. Kanavan – Assault

Now that you know more about the rarity grade of a few heroes in GrandChase, don’t forget to try these characters out as you play this epic MMORPG on your PC!

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