Top 10 Most Hilarious & Fun-filled Ragdoll Games to Play on PC

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Posted on July 4, 2022

Let’s admit it: even if ragdoll games have the most foolish and brutally funny actions, they’re indeed addictive and pretty hilarious to play. They provide a lot of entertainment because of their absurd yet extremely impressive game ideas. Since these games are mainly inclined toward ragdoll physics and the human body, their overall gameplay revolves around freely controlling the movements of a floppy or lifeless human dummy. So be ready, as these games will test your patience, wits, and logic.

What’s even more interesting is that you can now play these crazy ragdoll games on your PC! So, what are you waiting for? Check out our list of ragdoll games; you can download them now!

The 10 Ragdoll Games to Play on PC

Below is a list of ragdoll games you’ll enjoy on PC.

Happy Wheels

If you’re fond of playing racing games with a crazy obstacle course, then Happy Wheels is for you! This ragdoll racing game is not the typical racing game with vehicles. It offers unique wheeled objects such as wheelchairs, bikes carrying a baby seat, and shopping carts, making your racing journey more lively, fun, and extraordinary. Of course, it will never be considered an obstacle race without crazy hurdles and obstacles blocking your way to the finish line.


happy wheels download free


Kick the Buddy

Do you always bottle up your emotions and cannot find a way to release your stress? Worry no more! Kick the Buddy allows you to meet a cute, round-shaped doll who will help you relieve your stress. Get the chance to play with your doll in a seamless and isolated room. Additionally, use your arsenal and do more exciting things with Buddy. After all, it’s up to you if you will hit, kick, or give it a rest after doing brutal actions with it.


kick the buddy pc


Totally Reliable Delivery Service

Totally Reliable Delivery Service is another fun-filled yet challenging action-simulation game inclined toward fun ragdoll physics. Although it looks like an easy peasy game at first glance, you should not keep your hopes up, as you can encounter the craziest situations here. Play the role of a delivery guy and provide services almost everywhere. Jump, climb, leap, sprint, and crawl as you carry on to your destination. Furthermore, brace yourself, as more unexpected distractions may put you in insane trouble.


tottally reliable download PC free


Stair Dismount

Engage yourself with fun and exciting ragdoll games like Stair Dismount. The game allows you to push Mr. Dismount. Make him fall down the stairs and wait for the crispiest sound effects as he falls. It has easy game mechanics. Apart from that, you can put a face on Mr. Dismount to make it more engaging or leave him that way. The game also has many levels with multiple stair designs made for extreme damage, so you will not get bored.


stair dismount download free 2


Ragdoll Playground

In the Ragdoll Playground game, you’ll find a range of machines designed for experimenting with Ragdolls in various ways. For instance, there are chopping machines that slice the Ragdoll into pieces, as well as spears, swords, and charged weapons that grow stronger as you charge them up, allowing you to stab or attack the Ragdoll in different ways.

Moreover, the game offers an array of unique guns for players to enjoy. These guns come equipped with explosives of different strengths and energy release methods, enabling players to create epic explosions and witness the Ragdoll being blown apart spectacularly.


ragdoll playground free pc download


Stickman Dismounting

Stickman Dismounting now welcomes you to a more destructive yet fun ragdoll game. This stickman game is not the typical one with a boring game interface. It’s considered one of the best for having a Unity engine with a mixed touch of 2D sprite and 3D interface games. Although it does not have colorful graphics, you will surely enjoy the exciting challenges it offers. So bring your stickman to any vehicle and watch him fly off your screen.

stickman dismounting download PC



Gumslinger does not contain any sophisticated storyline and game mechanics. But it’s a casual game suited for everyone who would like to destress. You may play it online or offline with an AI or fight against other real players. Your choice! The game also has various levels with obscure obstacles that await you. Choose your gummy fighter, enter the mini arena, and take advantage of all the objects in the area to knock down your opponents!


gumslingers download PC


Flip Diving

Put on your goggles and ready yourself for the craziest diving techniques in the most breathtaking locations in Flip Diving. Enjoy the cool ragdoll-based diving game features and its vast collection of diving tricks such as reverses, front flips, backflips, and more. Not only that but the graphics and controls give you a more realistic diving experience. Take a deep breath and execute crazy flip-diving tricks in the comfort of your PC!


flip diving download free


Ragdoll Cannon Blast

The zombie apocalypse has already invaded the city, and it’s only you who can save your fellow citizens! In Ragdoll Cannon Blast, you will take the role of cannon master now. You have to take on challenges that get harder as you progress. Aside from that, you’ll face several obstacles and objects that will trick you along the way. So, ready your blaster cannon, aim, and shoot these flesh-eating zombies. Eliminate them all at once, save innocent people and regain the glory of your city.


ragdoll cannon blast shot directly


Which of the Ragdoll Games is the Best?

From the list above, what games get your attention the most? Feel free to download these fun-filled ragdoll games only here in! Also, stay tuned for more updates and news about any of these games here!


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