Haunted Laia Walkthrough – Embark on an Enigmatic Adventure

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Posted on August 18, 2023

Haunted Laia is an adventure game with puzzles. In this game, you’ll look into a strange case of missing people. A new family came to Hidden Town. But from the day they arrived, odd things happened at their house. Then, one day, Laia’s dad and brother vanished suddenly. You should aid Laia in figuring out the puzzle and showing what happened to her family. Our Haunted Laia walkthrough will support you in cracking tricky puzzles from Room 1 to Flashback.

Haunted Laia Complete Walkthrough from Room 1 to the Fluorescent Tube Puzzle

Our Haunted Laia guide will give you a complete run down where you help a character in a first-person view and explore various rooms to find hidden items.However, we’ll only provide tips until the Fluorescent Tube Puzzle to give you an idea of what the game is about! Plus, it’s best if you feel the thrill of solving these complex puzzles yourself.

Embark on your journey in Room 1, where you encounter a Chair, a lever, and the entrance.

Room 1

Right at the beginning, grab the rope from under the chair and put it in your stuff. Tap the arrow on the right to go to Room 2. The game kicks off in the initial room with a chair and a handle near the door. Begin exploring the room to find concealed stuff and solve challenging puzzles by collecting hints. Tap the right arrow to move to Room 2, where you’ll see a painting with five distinct things: Air, Sun, Eye, Frog, and Snail.

Room 4

  • Once you’ve looked at the painting, move to Room 4 and find the storage box on the right side.
  • Position five different shapes at each corner of the initial setup: Upper (Sun), Left (Eye), Right (Wind), Lower Left (Snail), and Lower Right (Frog).
  • Unlock the Storage box to get a key and the Recorder.
  • Go to the bookshelf by the same cabinet, look at the purple book, and take a blank page.
  • Return and touch the crimson coat to retrieve a clue written on a paper from its front pocket.

First Iguana

Next, touch the back of the coat to find the first Iguana. Prior to your departure, tap the heads on the shelf to observe the frequency at which their eyes blink. This will reveal the following information:

  • First Head – Three Times
  • Second Head – Six Times
  • Third Head – Two Times
  • Fourth Head – Three Times

Keep these numbers in mind (3623) as they will assist you in unlocking the purple box located in Room 3.

Back to Room 2

Next, tap the right arrow two times to reach Room 2. There, you will come across a storage box. You’ll find a storage box there. Choose the key from your things and use it to unlock the third drawer. In the drawer, you will discover a Tint designed for a Typewriter.

Zoom in on the typewriter by clicking it. Place the Tint and a blank paper. See if the typewriter starts writing on its own. The message it generates contains cryptic words you’ll have to decipher.

haunted laia typewriter
Image Source: Haunted Laia Walkthrough

Next, head to Room 3 and continue searching for hidden items.

Room 3

As we talked about earlier, you can open the purple box with those specific numbers. Visit the box placed on the shelf and arrange the dots as 3, 6, 2, and 3 to open it up. Inside, Within, you’ll come across the Handle and a Paper clue.

Next, take the rope from your things and attach it to pulleys along with the handle. This will help you bring a box out.

Tap the box and arrange the images as per the paper clue you found earlier when you opened the box in that room. Using arrows can assist you in completing a row with the same color.
As the box opens, you’ll get wire cutters from inside. Add them to your stuff.

Now, select the wire cutters from your inventory and employ them to sever the wires on the mesh door. At this point, the character stops and goes into a flashback, where she remembers the whole situation happening to her.


During the flashback, you’re transported back to the cave. Here, you find various drawings on the walls and come across the Iguana again. Proceed through the passageway to enter a new room. Begin searching for concealed items to uncover the enigma of your past.

haunted laia flashback


Flashback Room 1

Upon arriving in the Room, make your way to the rack and acquire a book, placing it in your belongings.

Flashback Room 3

Press the right button to step into Room 3 and pass through the passage to unveil a fresh room. Tap the nail on the rock to spot the third Iguana. On the left, there’s a staircase descending to the basement, where you’ll find a Cupboard on the left side.

Flashback Basement

Currently, you’re down in the basement, facing the task of unlocking the storage boxes to reveal a key and a boat. Following that, engage with the lower part of the cupboard. Click on the specific buttons to open it up, revealing a bottle opener and a Tube light.

Flashback Basement Room 3

Once you’ve acquired a bottle opener and a tube light, make your way to Room 3. Tap the space to uncover the fourth Iguana hidden beneath the rock. Exit the basement, Leave the basement, ascend to the upper floor, and hit the back button to go back to the Room. By tapping the passage, you can access Room 3.

haunted laia iguana


Flashback Room 4

Tap the right arrow to enter Room 4, where you’ll come across a storage box and a shut window containing four buttons. Unlock the storage boxes to reveal a Nail and a Cabbage flower. Tap the window located on the right side, and use the key from your belongings to unlock and open it. Now, select the Fluorescent Tube from your inventory and position it there, revealing four distinct images on the paper.

Completing the Fluorescent Tube Puzzle

Once you’ve placed the Fluorescent Tube in its holder, it’s time to tackle a puzzle. Start by accessing the book in your possessions and uncovering it to expose a hint. Within the book, you’ll come across four lines of various colors. Now, return to the box and press the yellow button initially to view shapes illuminated in yellow light. Press the blue button next and then proceed to the green one to unveil images on the paper. Finally, activate the red light to memorize the shapes.

Flashback Room 3 -> Passageway -> Left side Passageway – Basement Room 4

Continuing from the instructions provided earlier, upon entering Room 4, interact with the storage box located beneath the mask. Replicate the same shapes you observed on the window by utilizing different light colors. To access the contents of the box, you’ll need to recreate the following shapes based on the lights and the lines on the fluorescent holder:

  • Square
  • Hourglass
  • Circle
  • Wind

Once the box is unlocked, collect the following items: Candle, Box, and Paper Clue. Proceed back to Room 1, tap the passage above to reach the upper area. After that, hit the back button to return to Room 3.

haunted laia fluorescent


Play the Game & Experience the Haunted Laia Full Walkthrough for Your Personal Accomplishment

In the captivating adventure of Haunted Laia, you’ll step into a world of mysteries and missing people. As the new family in Hidden Town experiences strange events, you’ll join Laia to uncover the truth behind her dad and brother’s sudden disappearance. Our detailed walkthrough guides you through the puzzles, from Room 1 to the Fluorescent Tube Puzzle. However, the thrill of solving these intricate challenges is best experienced firsthand. Embark on this exciting adventure game today and uncover the mysteries of Laia’s destiny!

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