Honkai Impact 3 Stigmata: In-Game Foundry List

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Posted on November 8, 2020

Honkai Impact 3 lets you collect many items, weapons, and armor that you can equip to your favorite Valkyries. One of those items is stigmata – symbols you can put on your Valkyrie to give them more stat bonuses and other skills. Let us break down the different types of Stigmata and why you would want to get it for your mains.

Types of Stigmata

There are three different types of Stigmata – the Top, Mid, and Bottom. These distinctions are the locations where you can place them on your characters’ backs, and each class gives you special stat bonuses. For instance, Top Stigmatas usually give you better Attack ratings and average boosts to HP, Defense, and Crit. On the other hand, Mid Stigmata provides huge increases to HP and Defense while giving nominal gains to Attack and Crit. Lastly, Bottom Stigmatas give a more well-rounded stat boost for HP, Attack, Defense, and Crit.

Breaking it down further, a Stigmata has three essential elements: the Stigmata Skill, the Affix Skill, and the Set Skills. Stigmata Skill is the unique ability that a Stigmata has. This skill does not change between multiple copies of the same Stigmata.

Affix Skill refers to a Stigmata’s skill that varies on each copy you get. For example, suppose you have two White – Swordstress Rinaldo T Stigmata. In that case, they both have the same Stigmata Skill, but they will have different Affix Skills. Finally, the Set Skills are bonuses that your character will get once you manage to get two or the complete Stigmata Set equipped on her.

Equipping at least two Stigmata of the same set on your Valkyrie gives her good ability boosts, and other stat increases. For instance, getting Rinaldo T and Rinaldo M and equipping it on your Valkyrie grants her increased Critical Attack percentages. It will give your character an additional skill or stat bonus alongside the stats mentioned above increase.

Where to Get a Stigmata

You can find Stigmata in the Foundry. You can have more than one copy of any given Stigmata. Like the weapons and other equipment in the game, each Stigmata has different Star Ratings. 1 to 3-Star Stigmata is decent for the early portions of your playthrough since the extra stat boosts and perks can help your character’s overall stats. However, once you get to the later stages, you will notice that the 1 to 3-Star Stigmatas will not cut it anymore, even if you have the complete set.

Foundry Stigmata Sets

When you begin to struggle in completing missions, it is time to level up your characters and their gear. This act also holds for their Stigmata – you have to get your hands on at least a couple of 4 to 5-Star Stigmata and give them to the right Valkyrie. Luckily, you can get Stigmata of various Star Ratings on the Foundry. Here are some of the strongest Foundry Stigmata Sets:


Foundry Sets Stigmata Honkai Impact 3


Foundry Stigmata have specific requirements you need to fulfill before you can get them. Most of them have corresponding upgrade materials that you need to gather first. These materials are often part of the rewards you get for completing a daily mission. Like most RPGs with crafting mechanics, you will need to go through different tasks multiple times to gather as many upgrade materials as possible.

It would be best to remember that Stigmata can also be enhanced and refined, similar to your weapons. Improving Stigmata will increase the stats boost they provide – for example, you can refine a 4-Star Stigmata by using up 3-Star Stigmata and below.

Once you have enhanced your chosen Stigmata, you will need some upgrade material to level them up further. All of the Foundry Stigmata need six (6) Twin Sakura Will and twenty-three (23) Phase Shifter upgrade materials before you can Upgrade them. This situation goes for all Top, Mid, and Bottom Foundry Stigmata.

Equipping Stigmata

Stigmata Sets boost your characters’ overall efficiency. This part is to dish out and soak enormous damage while also providing other unique stat increases and skills. That said, when it comes to equipping Stigmata, you also have to take note of which Valkyrie will adorn these markings.

Each Valkyrie has different strengths, skills, passives, and stats. Depending on what build you are running on each Valkyrie on your team, you will also have to equip the correct Stigmata. This matter is because you want to maximize the damage, health, crit, and defense boosts the Stigmata will give your Valkyrie.

For example, a complete Cocolia Stigmata Set will give a Valkyrie 7% Attack Speed. After Ultimate Evasion, a unit summoned by the host gains 19% Physical DMG for 6 seconds. Moreover, the bonus skill that this Stigmata Set gives its wearer the Charging Shield that explodes when broken. It then deals 500% ATK of Physical DMG to surrounding enemies in a large area of effect.

Given that you should always be running a strong three-person team during your missions, you need to note each of your Valkyries’ strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can determine which Stigmata Set works best for them.

Apart from knowing your Valkyries’ strengths and weaknesses, another essential thing to consider is the game mode you are playing. Story Mode is more free-wheeling and lets you experiment with different weapons. While tackling the Infinite Abyss, Stigmata Sets requires a more focused team that is running specialized equipment. For example, a more concentrated team can consist of a designated healer. A strong DPS carry, and a Valkyrie provides much-needed utility and combat skills like substantial Damage Over Time attacks.

Wrapping it Up

In summary, you have to treat Stigmata like a strong buff for your Valkyries. Studying the different buffs each Stigmata Set will give and find the correct Valkyrie in your team who will benefit most from it. And much like your weapons, you decide whether you would enhance or refine these Stigmata as you see fit.

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