Honkai Impact 3 Weapon Tier List: In-Game Equipment List

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Posted on November 3, 2020

Honkai Impact 3, miHoYo Limited’s anime-style action RPG gacha game, offers players tons of options to equip their Valkyries. These include conventional close-range weapons like katanas, greatswords, lances, and even gauntlets, crosses, and scythes, to weapons that help you take out enemies from distance pistols and cannons.

With so many weapons to choose from, picking the most powerful ones for your Valkyries is usually the way to go. However, you might get excited by the sheer number of weapons available in the game. If you’ve played any other RPG, you will know that the more powerful the weapon is, the rarer and more challenging it is to acquire. But do not worry – here is a list of the Honkai 3 rare weapon picks for each type and how you can get them in the game.

Defining a Weapon’s Rarity

Weapons in Honkai Impact 3 have corresponding Star levels. The more Stars a weapon has, the rarer and more powerful it is. Star Ratings for weapons begin with 2-Star to 5-Star weapons. Your Valkyries start with weapons under the two or 3-Star Rating. While they provide available stats and deal decent damage, later areas and bosses will see you struggle.

Honkai Impact 3 Weapon Guide

Once you get your hands on three and 4-Star weapons, your damage output becomes better. But only until you complete certain quests and the World Level’s difficulty will increase. When this happens, you will see your damage take a dip, but not as significant as using two and 3-Star weapons. Nevertheless, it is advisable to look for better equipment to keep dishing out good damage to enemies.

This time is where the 5-Star weapons come to play. 5-Star weapons significantly boost up your damage output, depending on which Valkyrie has such weapons equipped. These allow you to lay waste opponents and bosses much easier than 2, 3, and 4-Star weapons since their damage output is high. They also have great overall stats across the board.

Finally, there are the 6-Star weapons, which are also called the PRI-ARM Series. Acquiring these weapons often requires leveling up your character to Level 81. Plus, grinding for the necessary upgrade crafting materials for your 5-Star weapon for a considerable amount of time is also needed. That said, gunning for a 6-Star weapon needs a lot of work and patience since the material you will be grinding for is often one of the more challenging areas in the game. It would be best if you also had the correct 5-Star weapon so that you can upgrade them accordingly.

With these in mind, you should now be able to discern which star-graded weapon is the best option for your team. If you find your team struggling against mini-bosses during your playthrough, you might consider upgrading your Valkyries’ weapons.

Choosing the Best Weapon & Team Composition

Picking the best Honkai weapons can also mean you have to choose which character you are comfortable with her combat mechanics. In this game, picking your character is essential since you have to determine which characters you will run during your playthrough.

But suppose we’re going to look at this from a general standpoint. In that case, you can look at team composition based on your designated damage-dealer. This idea is essential since while you can outfit your whole team with the best weapons, farming for those gears will consume a lot of time and resources.

Moreover, if you are starting, you will have to make do with the characters you have at your disposal. Most teams have one or two-point persons at most who can deal massive amounts of damage. Pooling your resources and time to get rare weapons on one or two characters is more economical than getting your team a high-level weapon.

Following this, you then need to figure out what kind of playstyle you are more comfortable in. Honkai Impact 3 weapons allow you to mix and match different weapon styles. For example, you can have a team that consists of two melee fighters and one ranged character. You can also build around a specific character and her weapon so that her teammates complement her damage output.

It is also worth noting that the different Valkyries have their weapon preferences. This helps narrow down which character you will invest in farming for her five or even 6-Star weapon. Then there is also the question of whether your team will only be dealing with physical or elemental damage.

Ultimately, choosing the best weapon goes together with coming up with the most cohesive team. Each player has his or her perfect team. Once you have figured out the ideal team composition, you will surely breeze through and complete any objective you want to accomplish.

Final Thoughts

Honkai Impact 3’s tier list of weapons gives you ample room to figure out what play style fits your preferences. The rare weapons reward you for undergoing hard ways to get them. So, gunning for rare weapons is another aspect of the game that makes it highly addictive and fulfilling. You get to see the fruits of your hard work and effort wielded by your favorite Valkyrie. You feel her might with every mighty swing or blast she does onto enemies.

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