10 Best Endless Runner Games of 2022

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Posted on November 30, 2022

When seeking enjoyable yet challenging casual games, endless runner games take the lead. These games feature a straightforward concept—your character runs continuously forward while you navigate obstacles. Despite the apparent simplicity, mastering these games is no easy feat. With a rapid pace and numerous obstacles obstructing your path, quick reactions and precise timing become crucial for success.

Endless runner games have garnered widespread popularity, appealing to a diverse audience. If you’re among those who find joy in the thrill of endless running, you’re in for a treat with this blog post. Here, we present the top ten endless runner games that promise to deliver an exhilarating gaming experience.

10 of the Best Runner Games Available to Play Now

Since a lot of people enjoy playing runner games, game developers took advantage and came out with great and fun games to play. In this section, we list the best Endless Runner games you can play.

1. Sonic Forces

What’s more fun in a running game than using the fastest blue hedgehog? That’s what you’ll experience in the endless runner game Sonic Forces. It’s one of the best running games you can play, and a big reason for that is Sonic and his friends, who you can use as characters. What you will enjoy with this game is that it also has a multiplayer game mode where you can race against other players. And winning will depend greatly on your strategy. And like with other Sonic games, you will also collect rings that you can use for upgrades.

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2. Temple Run 2

Of course, a list of good endless runner games is not complete without some of the old-school runner games that popularized the genre. One of those oldies but still gold is Temple Run 2. What makes this still a good-running game right now is not only the simplistic and basic gameplay but also the added features that make it more fun to play. It features more obstacles and new characters, as well as added fun features like cart riding and rope sliding. Despite the classic feel of the game, it’s still enjoyable to play.

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3. Jetpack Joyride

If you’re tired of just running around and avoiding obstacles, Jetpack Joyride can provide a different gameplay. It’s not the usual top-down gameplay since this one is a side-scrolling platformer. But unlike other runner games, you can use various modes of transformation here, with the jetpack being the first one. What you will enjoy here is that you don’t just dodge enemies; you can also fight back, especially if you happen to get machines that allow that, like a robot or dragon.

jetpack joyride dragon ride


4. Cookie Run: Ovenbreak

Another side-scrolling platformer you can enjoy is Cookie Run: Ovenbreak. But this time you will use a gingerbread cookie. It makes for a tasty endless runner game. What you will find great about this game is that you’re running because you’re trying to rescue other cookies from being eaten by the witch. You will also enjoy the fact that you can compete with other players to see who’s the better runner. It’s a fun and tasty game you will surely enjoy.

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5. Kinja Run

Kinja Run offers a simple yet challenging gameplay experience, especially in difficult situations. You control a ninja cat character that automatically runs forward and engages in auto-battles through stages. Your task involves guiding the cat to navigate obstacles, overcome platforms, and eliminate enemies on the track. The game comprises numerous stages, each featuring 10 waves of challenges.

As you progress, you’ll encounter increasingly difficult monsters that require strategic takedowns. The intensity of enemy barrages also escalates, adding to the game’s challenge. Kinja Run operates in a roguelike manner, meaning that defeat sends you back to the beginning of the game.

To enhance your character’s power, you must acquire various skills during the platformer. These skills can be obtained by choosing from three displayed options when you find skill crystals in certain stages. Use the accumulated coins from previous stages to boost your character’s equipment and overall capabilities.

In summary, Kinja Run combines auto-running, obstacle avoidance, and strategic combat, providing a progressively challenging and engaging gameplay experience.


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6. Penguin Run

Who says penguins can’t run? They can if they need to and that’s what they’ll do in Penguin Run. It’s a cute side-scrolling game where penguins are running forward, trying to eat as much fish as they can. But there are obstacles along the way and you’ll have to help these penguins avoid them as they run forward. You will help them jump and slide to avoid obstacles while also collecting fish to eat, as well as coins you can use to change the color of your penguin. It’s a fun and cute game that you’ll surely enjoy playing.

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7. Blades of Brim

Here’s a unique running game that you will love playing. It’s titled Blades of Brim, a hack-and-slash running game. Unlike other running games where you just avoid obstacles, your goal here is to slash enemies you come across. You’ll perform actions similar to side-stepping, but instead of just side-stepping, you’ll slash enemies on that path. It’s a great addition to the endless runner genre and makes this one of the most unique endless runner games you can play.

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8. Om Nom: Run

If you’ve played Cut The Rope before, then you know who Om Nom is, the candy-loving cute green creature. You will once again assist this creature, but this time on a more serious mission in Om Nom: Run. You will help the green creature reach a certain destination while avoiding obstacles along the way. You will also have to reach these destinations as quickly as possible while also collecting useful items along the way. It’s a great game and a fresh way to see Om Nom other than just trying to eat sweet candy.

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9. Run Sausage Run!

Are sausages only good for eating? Well, not the sausages in Run Sausage Run!. These sausages are not just going to lay down and be cooked; they will try to run and escape in this fun and hilarious runner game. Your path to freedom won’t be easy. Many obstacles in the kitchen and house can easily harm you. There are knives, humans, fire, and more. Fortunately, you’re a bit bendy as well, so you can use that to help slip past certain obstacles. A funny game that will keep you entertained.

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10. Royal Princess Run

Last, but certainly not least, is the Royal Princess Run. It’s a fun endless runner where you get to select one of the four beautiful characters to use in running forward. You get to run and collect treasures like diamonds, gems, and power-ups while also avoiding obstacles along the way. The goal is not to run the fastest but to keep on running as long as possible. Timing will be more important here, and don’t forget about the treasures. You can use them to upgrade your character and improve their stats.

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Choose from the Endless Runner Games

Endless running games are great casual games that are fun and addictive to play. Their simple but challenging gameplay is what makes these games popular. Though there are many great games out there, the ones above are the best ones you can play right now. These and more are available here in Games.lol!


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