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Posted on March 15, 2021

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) constantly adds new heroes to its roster, providing players with fresh and exciting gameplay experiences. Acquiring and mastering these new heroes can give players a competitive edge in the Land of Dawn. In this article, we will explore three new heroes – Arlott, Novaria, and Ixia – their captivating stories, unique abilities, and recommended strategies for players to master them. Additionally, we will provide a glimpse of an upcoming hero, Nolan, and the release date for eager fans.

MLBB New Heroes to Master

Arlott – The Lone Lancer

MLBB Story/Lore

Arlott, also known as the Lone Lancer, originates from the Moniyan Empire. He is a half-demon and half-human hybrid, facing the consequences of his lineage through ostracization. At first, he became a member of the Demons in the Barren Lands, but they turned against him in battle. After sustaining severe injuries, a human girl named Mila came to his rescue, completely changing his perception of humans. Tragedy struck as the Church of Light executed Mila for heresy, leading Arlott on a path of vengeance. Currently, he brandishes two lances, driven by a strong desire for vengeance against both the Church and the demons.

Mobile Legends New Heroes Arlott

Role & Abilities

Arlott excels as an Assassin Hero with energy-dependent skills. He specializes in charging into team fights and dealing burst damage. Below are his detailed skills:

Passive: Demon Gaze

Arlott uses his demon eyes to Mark enemy heroes that are nearby or those affected by crowd control. The Mark will last for 8 seconds. The Mark will also automatically mark other heroes or minions nearby every 8 seconds.

Skill 1: Dauntless

Arlott uses his dual lances to strike forward, dealing area damage to enemies in the path and stunning them for 1 second.

Skill 2: Vengeance

Arlott charges in a target direction, damaging enemies on his path. This skill cannot be interrupted. If the enemy is Marked, this skill will double damage, refresh it’s cooldown, and restore HP to Arlott.

Ultimate: Final Slash

Arlott cleaves the area in front of him, dealing AoE physical damage to enemies within the area. The ultimate skill will also displace targets within the area towards the edge of the AoE and reveal their position in the map. Targets hit by this skill will be marked by the Demon Gaze.


Arlott thrives in both the Experience Lane or Jungler role. He has good AoE damage and crowd control, making him a nightmare hero to deal with. The Petrify Battle Spell is good on Arlott if you’re playing him as an Exp Laner. Dauntless is Arlott’s main crowd control skill while Vengeance is where most of his damage will come from.

Novaria – The Star Rebel

MLBB Story/Lore

Novaria, the Star Rebel, hails from Eruditio’s Agelta Drylands. Born into a tribe of Sand Hunters, she defied the norm and developed a fondness for inventing gadgets. Unlike her fellow hunters who prioritized plunder, Novaria saw the potential of science beyond the academic world. She lived by her rules, much like the ever-shifting sands of her desert home.

Mobile Legends New Heroes Novaria

Role & Abilities

Novaria stands as a Half-Human, Half-Star hero, wielding Star Magic powered by a Starlium reactor. She is a powerful mage who excels in dealing burst damage and poking enemies. Below is a list of her skills:

Passive: Star Trail

The Astral Spheres that Novaria summons will slow down nearby enemies by 20%. Enemies who are affected will also provide vision for 2 seconds.

Skill 1: Astral Meteor

Novaria fires an Astral Sphere in a designated direction and constantly deals magic damage to affected enemies. The Astral Sphere will explode after 2 seconds, dealing more magic damage plus 4-6% of an enemy’s total HP. The skill also increases the slow effect by 2.5 times the original slow effect.

Skill 2: Astral Recall

Novaria summons an Astral Sphere at a distant location and then draws it towards her. The sphere will deal magic damage to enemies it passes through. This skill will also give Novaria an increase in movement speed and allow her to pass through terrain. Once the sphere reaches Novaria, she can throw it in a direction where it will explode and deal magic damage after hitting an enemy hero.

Ultimate: Astral Echo

Novaria will scatter Astral Echo in an area and slows enemy heroes’ hit by 50%. She will also apply an Astral Ring on these heroes and increase their hitbox by 2.5 times while also revealing the area around them for 8 seconds.


Novaria’s crowd control, buffs, and damage opens up opportunities for strategic plays. Players should focus on her Astral Sphere manipulation to control enemy movements and deal devastating damage. Her versatility allows her to adapt to various situations, making her an excellent choice for those who prefer adaptive gameplay.

Ixia – The Arclight Outlaw

MLBB Story/Lore

Known as the Arclight Outlaw, Ixia was born in the Agelta Drylands and honed her skills as a cunning leader in her tribe of Sand Hunters. Unlike most of her tribe, Ixia had a passion for inventing gadgets and believed that science should not be confined to Eruditio. She lived by her own rules, much like the shifting sands of the desert.

Mobile Legends New Heroes Ixia

Role & Abilities

Ixia excels as an inventor and a head honcho of Bad Soul. She is a marksman who excels in finishing enemies or dealing damage. Below are her skills: 

Passive: Siphon Starlium

Ixia applies a Starlium Charge to targets she hits with her basic attack or skills. When an enemy already has two Starlium Charges and Ixia use basic attack, both charges will be used and increases the physical damage of her attack. The exploding charges will also heal her for the same amount as the damage dealt.

Skill 1: Dual Beam

Ixia will fire two energy beams on the ground in a target direction  and deal physical damage to enemies in a rectangular area. Enemy heroes that are hit will also be slowed by 40% and Ixia gains a 40% increases in movement speed by 2 seconds

Skill 2: Star Helix

Ixia throws a canister of Starlium energy in a direction and knocking back enemies that are near while pulling those who are further towards the center after a short delay. It will also deal physical damage to anyone caught in the energy beam.

Ultimate: Full Barrage

Ixia will reassemble her weapon into 6 smaller weapons while entering the Barrage state. She cannot move during this state but her basic attack and skills can hit enemies that are within the fan-like area in front of her. Up to 6 enemy units can be hit inside the area whenever Ixia uses her basic attack. The skill can last for 5 seconds but you can also cancel it early. Siphon Starlium’s damage is increased by 60 during the Barrage state.


Players should capitalize on Ixia’s unique skills to create opportunities for her team and disrupt the enemy’s plans. Her ability to control the battlefield with her gadgets should be used strategically to support her team’s objectives. Mastering her skills and tactics will make her a formidable force in the Land of Dawn.

Upcoming New Hero in Mobile Legends – Nolan

As players look forward to expanding their hero pool, Mobile Legends has teased the arrival of Nolan, a new and intriguing Assassin Hero. He is believed to be the father of the Marksman Hero, Layla, and possesses energy-dependent skills, much like Fanny and Ling.

Mobile Legends Upcoming New Hero Nolan

Role & Abilities

Passive – Dimensional Rift

Nolan’s skills can create rifts on the ground that last for 5 seconds. When enemies come into contact with a rift, they are slowed by 30%. When two rifts collide, they trigger an explosion, inflicting 150 (+120% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage and pulling nearby enemies towards the center. Moreover, for every enemy hero or creep caught in a rift explosion, Nolan acquires an additional 15 energy. The subsequent damage is diminished to 75% of the previous impact, in the event of multiple explosions hitting the same enemy at the same time. Furthermore, every 6 seconds, Nolan’s next basic attack transforms into a swift dash that pierces through the target, delivering a devastating blow with (+120% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage while also creating a rift in the process.

Skill 1 – Expansion

With swift movements, Nolan performs a slashing motion, creating a rectangular area in front of him. This action deals at least 230 (+40% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to the targets hit and applies a 30% slowing effect for 1 second.

Skill 2 – Gauge

With great force, Nolan propels himself forward, dashing in the designated direction, and dealing at least 70 (+30% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage to any enemies he encounters along the way.

Ultimate – Fracture

Nolan performs a rapid sequence of three slashes on foes positioned before him, inflicting at least 100 (+15% Total Physical ATK) Physical Damage with each precise strike. This powerful skill leaves behind three rifts, further enhancing Nolan’s tactical advantage. Moreover, the skill also grants him the ability to remove all debuffs from himself, ensuring his survival during intense battles. Additionally, after slashing forward, Nolan expertly executes a backward slash, leaving opponents confounded and defeated.

Nolan Release Date

Players can eagerly anticipate Nolan’s arrival on August 20, 2023, to experience his unique gameplay and add another dimension-cutting hero to their arsenal.

Nolan Release Date

Players can eagerly anticipate Nolan’s arrival on August 20, 2023, to experience his unique gameplay and add another dimension-cutting hero to their arsenal.


As the meta of Mobile Legends continues to evolve, acquiring and mastering new heroes is crucial to staying ahead of the competition. Arlott, Novaria, and Ixia each bring their unique abilities, stories, and playstyles to the battlefield. From Arlott’s vengeance-fueled attacks to Novaria’s Astral Sphere manipulation and Ixia’s ingenious gadgets, players have a wide range of options to diversify their gameplay. Additionally, with the upcoming arrival of Nolan, the dimension-cutting Assassin Hero, players can look forward to even more exciting gameplay experiences in the Land of Dawn. So, prepare to conquer the battlefield and explore the possibilities of these new MLBB heroes!

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