Lily’s Garden Guide – Tips & Tricks To Help Lily Renovate

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Posted on May 29, 2021

If you’re someone who loves to play puzzle games with a good storyline, then Lily’s Garden is your game. It’s a casual puzzle game that’s published by Tactile Games, the ones who also published Bee Brilliant and Penny & Flo: Finding Home. In this game, you follow the story of Lily, who just experienced heartbreak. Her boyfriend just cheated on her and her great-aunt Mary just passed away.

But her grief will be short-lived since she will be busy. Her great-aunt Mary left her a sprawling estate with a huge garden and she has to restore it to its former glory. You’ll do a lot of renovation in this game, trying to make the estate and garden beautiful again. But to be able to do some renovation, you’ll need to play puzzle games first. It might sound simple, but you’ll soon realize that this game is not as easy as it looks.

To help you have a proper start to this game, this article is going to be a Lily’s Garden guide. You’ll read some tips and tricks about the game that will help you understand it more and play better.

You Need Stars to Complete Tasks

One of the first things that you should know about Lily’s Garden is that stars are needed to complete tasks. Do you want to renovate the mailbox? Okay, you need 1 star for that. Do you want to change the flower bed? Okay, you need another star for that. Some tasks will even require two or more stars. So, how do you earn stars? You complete puzzles.

The puzzle game in Lily’s Garden is very simple to play. It’s like a match 3 puzzle but you won’t have to switch tiles to match them and eliminate them from the board. You just need to tap at least 2 puzzle tiles that are together to eliminate them. To complete the puzzle, you just need to meet the goal before you run out of moves.

Be Aware of Your Moves & Stick to the Goal

When playing the puzzle game, you might become too fixated on removing similar puzzle tiles together that you forget the goal. It’s a common problem since the puzzle’s gameplay is very easy and you might just try to eliminate as many puzzle tiles as you can. But you have to remember that your moves are limited in this game. You might be too fixated on just eliminating puzzle pieces that you forget about the objective to complete the puzzle. And before you realize it, you’re already out of moves, which means you have to repeat the puzzle game.
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Remember to always pay attention to your objectives and moves. They’re both located on the left side of the screen, so make sure to glance at it once in a while. This will save you a lot of time playing since you won’t be making silly mistakes that force you to repeat the puzzle game.

Don’t Forget to Take Advantage of Power Boosts

Like with many puzzle games you will also have power boosts that will eliminate more tiles on the board. They’re usually acquired whenever you have at 6 or more similar tiles together. These boosts might seem insignificant at first, only allowing you to quickly clear a level. But as you progress further and the puzzle games become more difficult, these boosts start to play an important role.

Many of the difficult levels will be impossible to clear without power boosts. So, when you see them become available on the board, make sure to take advantage of them. You won’t be able to clear difficult levels without these power boosts like the rocket, bombs, etc. There are also instances where you can acquire these boosters so you can have them ready before the level even started. Make sure you use them wisely, though, and only use them on the higher and more difficult levels.

Skip the Cinematics & Just Play the Puzzles

The cinematics and storyline are one of the things that makes Lily’s Garden a fun game to play. But not everyone will enjoy playing through the cinematics and learning about Lily’s story. Sometimes they just came to play puzzle games. Fortunately, the game allows you to skip through everything and just go straight to the puzzle games. At the bottom right of the screen, you can click a big green play button.

Just click that so you can directly go to the levels and just play puzzle games. You might not progress further in the story, but it helps you just play puzzle games and earn stars. And when you feel like progressing to the story, you can do so without having to play puzzle games yet since you’ve already earned enough stars to go through several tasks. It’s a win-win move, allowing you to play the puzzle games continuously and earn more stars in the process.
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Use Your Coins Wisely

You earn coins whenever you complete a puzzle game. They’re used for various things. But the best way to use them is also to purchase moves when you’re playing the puzzle game. There will be moments where you will run out of moves, but you’re only 1 to 3 moves away from completing the level. In this scenario, you can use your coins to purchase 5 moves so you can continue. Make sure you’re only in this kind of scenario before you use your coins.

If you’re still far from completing it, it’s best to just repeat the level. It would be a waste of coins if you use them and the extra 5 moves still couldn’t help you clear the level.

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