What Are The Best Farming Games You Can Play On PC?

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Posted on March 25, 2021

Being a farmer is not easy. You first need to have a large land where you can plant your crops. Then you need to have the proper knowledge so that you can take off your crops and be patient until it’s time for harvest. If you want to be a farmer, but don’t have the tools, knowledge, and experience for it, you can play farming games instead. It allows you to enjoy the experience of farming right at your fingertips.

There are numerous farming games that you can play on mobile. And these games can be even played on your PC with the help of But which among them is the best one? Stop wasting time on not-so-cool games, and download only the most awesome farming games available to date. To help you narrow down your choices, here’s a rundown of the best farming games to date.

9 Farming Games To Play on PC

We sorted through the different farming games that you can play to come up with an awesome list. All these games can be downloaded for free on PC if you use our launcher.

1. Farming Simulator 14

If you prefer a farming game where you get to control farming vehicles like a tractor, then Farming Simulator 14 is for you. Not only do you get to control these vehicles, but you also experience playing a more realistic farming game as well. This is because you take an active part in planting and harvesting crops using these vehicles. You also get to deliver your crops, purchase seeds, and then use the money you earn to upgrade farming vehicles or purchase new ones.

2. Farmdale – Farm Village Simulator

This is another great farming game that you can play. What’s amazing about Farmdale is that it has a cool storyline that enables you to go on adventures. That’s right, you don’t only get to do some farming, but you can also explore other worlds and find hidden treasures! Of course, the farming aspect is still the main gameplay. You have to plant crops, harvest, expand your farm, take care of animals, and even assist neighbors.

Farm Heroes Saga Cropsies Carrot Match


3. Farm Heroes Saga

If you prefer a farm game that’s also a puzzle game at the same time, then you should pick Farm Heroes Saga. It’s a match-3 puzzle game where you will need to match at least 3 similar puzzle pieces to eliminate them from your board. At each level, there will be a certain goal or objective that you should achieve in order to advance. The puzzle pieces you would match are farm items like vegetables, fruits, and so on. These pieces, though, have eyes and are alive so it’s fun to hear them shout when they are being taken out of the board.

4. Family Farm Seaside

This is another typical farming game where you get to plant and harvest crops, take care of animals, produce products from animals, expand your farm, and so on. But what’s great about Family Farm Seaside is that it also has other things for you to do that are not present in other farm games. For example, you can compete against other farmers in the Farm Beauty Contest. You can also adopt pets, and even explore certain areas or islands to find exotic farms and gardens.

5. Top Farm

Animals in charge of farms? Well, this is what you can expect with Top Farm, as it’s watched over by a chicken named Frank. He’s also the one who will teach how things work on the farm and what you need to do. You will create your own farming story here with the help of Frank. It’s a game where you can also play with your friends and even visit their farms.

Hay Day Pigs Orders


6. Hay Day

What will you do if your retiring uncle suddenly leaves his farm to you? Well, this is the news that will greet you when you start playing Hay Day. Your goal here is to not only maintain the farm but also grow it and make it profitable. This means you’ll have to plant crops, take care of animals, and even grow fishes that you can use to trade or sell. It’s an interesting farm game that is also relaxing to play.

7. Egg, Inc.

This is a unique farm game, as you will be concentrating mostly on growing a chicken farm and producing tons of eggs. The reason for this is that in Egg, Inc., the secrets of the universe were unlocked in the chicken egg, and there’s a huge demand for them. So, you get in on this gold rush and try to build your egg empire. You get to build structures, take care of chickens, grow your farm, and so on. This is a fun and entertaining game that also features 3D graphics.

8. Township

One of the best farm games that you can play today is Township. What makes this game great is that you don’t just get to build a farm, plant crops, take care of animals, and sell products. You also get to build an entire town. That’s right, you act as the mayor of this town, and then build it from scratch, put up important buildings, establish a farm to make sure the citizens will have food, and so on. It’s a good game to play if you prefer a complete simulation game instead of just building or managing farms.

Farmville 2 Country Escape Harvest Berries


9. FarmVille 2 Country Escape

When it comes to farming games, FarmVille is arguably the most well-known farm game you can play. This is why FarmVille 2, the improved sequel of the original game, is number one on the list. It offers everything that you will want in a farm game, planting and harvesting crops, acquiring and taking care of farm animals, producing goods and products, and so on. It’s also a multiplayer farm game, which means you can play it with your friends. You can visit their farm, trade with them, and so on.

There are tons of virtual farming games that are available for free. But if you are looking for the best ones that are truly worth your time, then take your pick from the ones mentioned on this list. The farm games listed here can provide you with a complete virtual farm experience!

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