What are the Best Farming Games you can Play on PC?

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Posted on March 25, 2021

If you are looking for a fun and simple casual game that can also provide you with some challenges, then you should try playing farming games. They’re casual simulation games that have simple and easy-to-learn gameplay. But they can also be a bit challenging to play because of the many things that you have to consider and think about.

They’re great games that can help you relax and have fun. Selecting the best farming game to play on your PC, though, won’t be easy. This is because there are a lot of different farming games available out there. To help you find the best ones, this article will be a guide on the best free farming games to play on PC.

The Best Farming Games Available Right Now

Choosing the best farming game that you can play on your PC is not easy since there are many farming games available. To help you with that, we listed down the 9 best farming games you can play right now.

1. Klondike Adventures

If you prefer a farming game that offers more adventure, then Klondike Adventures is your game. It’s also a farming simulation where you get to build, establish, and manage a farm. But for this one, you will begin with a small plot of land with a farmhouse that’s surrounded by ice blocks. You’ll have to remove ice blocks along the way to free more territory for you to grow your farm.


klondike adventures pc full version

You will also have energy points here, which you use whenever you work on your farm. Keep in mind that it’s limited, so once it runs out, you can’t work on your farm. You’ll have to wait for it to replenish to start working again. This is a great way to take a break from playing, once you’ve completed some tasks and used up all the energy, take a break and just come back again later.


2. Family Island

This is a farming game that features a bit of survival. The gameplay of Family Island follows a family of four who lives on an island. To survive, they will need to maintain a farm so they’ll have food and supplies to use. You’ll begin with the basics; a piece of land that you can farm, machines to use, and animals to feed. There are even trees to cut and bushes to explore.


family island download free


Of course, there are also other islands in the game and you can visit to trade with other couples. It’s a fun game that also features elements of adventure. The only issue here is that you will also rely on energy to work. So, when you run out, you have to wait for it to replenish.


3. Garena Fantasy Town

If you are someone who loves playing role-playing games, then you will enjoy playing Garena Fantasy Town. It’s a farming game that also features elements of RPGs and fantasy games. You play the role of a new Lord of a town. But the town is destroyed by Trolls so it’s up to you to restore it to its former glory. You’ll begin with the farm since it’s an important part of the town.


garena fantasytown download full version


But aside from the farm, you also have to rebuild other areas to make it a thriving town once again. This includes building houses, constructing other buildings, and even expanding your town. It’s a fun game that you’ll definitely enjoy.


4. Township

If you enjoy building things rather than just farming, then Township is the game you should play. It’s a farming simulation game where you also get to build a town where your farm is located. Similarly, you will begin with the farm since it is the most important aspect of your town. The farm is where the townspeople will get their food from, so that’s the first thing you need to build and establish. But as you progress along, you can start constructing other buildings as well.


township download PC


You get to construct residential houses, as well as other establishments. You also have to make sure that everything in your town is running smoothly. The great thing here is that you can also trade with other towns for goods that you might need.


5. Wild West: New Frontier

Another great farming game for you to play is Wild West: New Frontier. It’s a typical farming simulation game where your goal is to build, develop, and establish your farm. What’s unique about this game is that it’s set in the wild wild west era. That’s right, the age where guns and outlaws are prevalent. But don’t worry since there won’t be any guns in this game.


wild west new frontier download PC


You’ll just be farming and doing some construction work. You get to plant different crops, take care of animals, and construct various buildings. It’s a game that you will definitely enjoy.


6. Big Farm: Mobile Harvest

Another good farming game to play is Big Farm: Mobile Harvest. It’s a typical farming simulator where your goal is to build and establish your farm. But unlike other farming simulation games, you also get to decorate your farm however you like it. A big part of what you will do here is to help other farmers. The more you help them, the more rewards you will get. There will also be a truck that comes regularly to collect various goods that are for sale.


big farm mobile harvest download PC


The game also features relaxing background music, so make sure you turn the volume on when playing. It’s a fun farming simulation that you will definitely enjoy playing.


7. Family Farm Adventure

If you love playing adventure games, then try playing Family Farm Adventure. It’s a farming simulation game that also features exploration and adventures. You play as Felicia, a girl who’s trying to restore the Flower Farm of her family. This will require you to repair buildings, plant new flowers, and so on. Aside from the farming part, you also get to unlock new territories to explore and interact with the islanders.


family farm adventure download full version


Your goal in this game is for the Flower Festival to push through. So, you’ll need to restore your flower farm. It’s an interesting game that you’ll definitely enjoy playing.


8. FarmVille 2: Country Escape

Of course, any best farming game list won’t be complete without FarmVille. But this time, it’s FarmVille 2: Country Escape. Like with many farming games on this list, your goal will be to build, develop, and establish your farm. This would include planting and harvesting crops, taking care of various animals, and constructing buildings that you’ll use. But one thing that’s added to this game is the nearby circus.


Farmville 2 Country Escape Harvest Berries


It’s where you can participate in events to earn exclusive and awesome rewards. This includes new crops and animals you can place on your farm. It’s an interesting farming game that features elements people enjoyed in the first FarmVille, while also offering something new.


9. Hay Day

Another great farming game that you can play is Hay Day. It’s not the latest farming game available since it was released in 2012. But it’s one of the all-time favorites of many people, which is why it’s still on this list. It’s a typical farming simulation game where you get to restore and build an old farm. You get to plant various crops, harvest them, and then sell them to earn money.


hay day download pc free


You can also use the harvested crops to create more food products like bread. Aside from planting, you also get to take care of animals, which will also produce food products for you. It’s a game where you get to experience what it’s like to build and manage a farm.

Other Fun Farming Games to Play On PC

If you are looking for the best farming games you can play on a PC, just look at the list provided in this blog post. Of course, the games listed above are not the only farming games available. There are many more farming games you can play.

  • Have fun farming and cooking unlimited recipes with Family Farm Seaside.
  • Build a magical farm with magic and potions in Fairy Farm.
  • Manage a booming city filled with residential homes and skyscrapers in Cartoon City.
  • Take over a farm from your grandparents and learn all the ropes about farming in Farm Town.
  • A farm in the Middle Ages? Play Village & Farm to hone your skills as a veteran farmer.
  • Farm Snow: Happy Christmas Story is your holiday farming game! Help Santa build his farm to create toys and gifts for Christmas.
  • Farming is all about patience and hard work. If you are willing to experience that, then start farming in Harvest Master: Farm Sim.
  • Play Farmville: Tropic Escape and experience exotic farming on a tropical island.

Enjoy and have fun building, planting, and harvesting with the help of this best farming game list. Download them all now in Games.lol for free!


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