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Posted on March 12, 2021

Mobile Legends Bang Bang recently added a new character to its ever-growing roster of heroes. Paquito, known as the Heavenly Fist, enters the game in boxing equipment. For the most part, Paquito looks a bit helpless compared to the rest of the Mobile Legends cast that wields various types of weapons, shields, and armor.

Nevertheless, there is more to this character than meets the eye; after all, having the title of “heavenly fist” must mean something other than a play on words. With that said, let’s take a quick overview of Paquito! The new Mobile Legends Bang Bang character gets all its inspiration by the Filipino Boxing Champ Manny Pacquiao.

Who is Paquito?

Paquito hails from a small village in Southwestern Moniyan. The description of the Paquito’s birthplace alone will tell you that they are far from the capital’s easy-going life. For instance, Paquito is a character inspired by Manny Pacquiao, who, just like the hero in focus, grew up in a small village far from the city. Paquito, like Manny, is driven by the ambition to become the strongest fighter in the world.
New Hero Skill

Paquito’s backstory pretty much resembles that of the boxing champion. Both fighters struggled through life to achieve their goals. If Manny Pacquiao became a world-renowned boxer, Paquito evolved to become a defender of the weak who travels the world in a quest to suppress and defeat the forces of evil.

What Are the Skills of Paquito?

Paquito may not wear fancy armor or wield legendary blades, but he sure packs much punch. Speaking of punches, the abilities or skills of this new hero originates from his devastating blows.

Heavy Left Punch

The most basic hero skill of Paquito is the Heavy Left Punch. He unleashes a powerful blow towards a specific direction dealing physical damage towards the opponent in range. Landing this devastating blow will also earn Paquito a protective shield for a short while, just enough to protect the hero from counterattacks.
Paquito 1st Skill



The next skill is called Jab, which, for the most part, grants our hero a higher shield level. Besides, the Jab also inflicts area damage which affects the enemy closest to the target.
Second Skill Hero


Knockout Strike

The third skill of Paquito is the Knockout Strike. This skill allows the hero to unleash an elbow strike that deals area damage to enemies at the front. Following the elbow strike is a strong haymaker blow that pushes the enemies to the edge of the attack range with an added slow effect. Paquito then unleashes a powerful uppercut as the main finisher of the skill with the enemies slowed down and pushed towards the edge before darting backward to a safe distance.
Paquito 3rd Skill


Champ Stance

The Champ Stance is the fourth and most powerful skill of Paquito. It all made by stacking basic attacks and dealing damage with the skills mentioned earlier, the Champ Stance. Reaching four stacks with this skill enhances all three skills of Paquito without cooldowns. The no-cooldown effect is the extra movement speed of the character each time any of the power skills gets triggered.
Paquito Ulti Skill

All of the skills above are combinable and can made as a combo. Like most heroes in the game, you familiarize this fighter’s skills to take full advantage of his skills.

What Type of Gear Does Paquito Have?

There are six types of gear that currently best suits Paquito. First, the Bloodlust Ax will ensure the survivability of the hero while boosting the damage output. Second, the Warrior Boots will increase the character’s physical defense by 5 for 25 seconds, capped at 25 for every basic attack received. Third, the Endless Battle, a unique passive-divine justice that allows the casters next basic attack to deal additional true damage three seconds after using the skill.
Paquito Hero Equipment

Four gear is the Queen’s Wings, which is a Unique Passive-Demonize. This gear will reduce the damage taken by 40% after the character’s health falls to less than 40%. This gear will also increase the Physical Lifesteal by 40% for five seconds. Gear number 5 is the Brute Force Breastplate, which is a Unique Passive-Brute Force. This gear makes casting a skill or using Basic Attacks increase the characters’ movement speed by 3%. Lastly, the Hunter Strike. A Unique Passive-Retribution type. This gear allows the character to inflict damage to an enemy hero or Creep five times in a row. This gear also improves the hero’s movement speed by 30% for three seconds with a cooldown of 15s.

The Sword & The Fist

Paquito is the second Filipino hero character, with Lapu-Lapu The Great Chief as the first. Although Paquito does not entirely represent or resemble Manny Pacquiao’s looks, the backstory and quotes of the new hero are close enough to resemble the Filipino Boxing Champ. Paquito is now available in the game and comes with a price tag of 32,000 coins or 599 diamonds. Check out the character today and punch your way to victory.

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