Benedetta from Mobile Legends: Beginner Tips & Tricks

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Posted on November 26, 2020

There are tons of characters already in Mobile Legends. But they either fall into a category like warriors, assassins, healers, or mages. One such assassin is Benedetta, and she is the topic for today’s coverage of tips and tricks. Read on to know more about her! Once you understand the content, start downloading the game on on your PC. Don’t worry, it’s free and hassle-free!

Benedetta is an assassin that’s available in the game and was part of an event that started running last November 9. She is one of the more agile assassins in the game. Her dash and damage make her enemies look like butter sliced through by a hot knife. Moreover, another reason why beginners like Benedetta is because all of her skills are passive. Meaning, she’s easy to unlock and use in the game. In fact, her skills are always active, without user input.

There are many things you should know about this agile assassin, aside from her good AoE damage and the Blink effect. Let’s get on with it.

Mobile Legends Benedetta Emblem Setups

In Mobile Legends, the characters each have an “emblem set-up” or a set-up of different items which contributes to their strengths. Benedetta is an assassin, so her setups would play to her strengths.


ML Benedetta


Two types of her emblem setups focus on her agility. It focuses on points added as well for additional physical attacks through Bravery and Physical Penetration. There is also a point spared for Killing Spree. It is a skill that gives you back 15% of your HP and 30% of your movement for every enemy eliminated.

The other set-up focuses on getting full agility and evasion. Additional points may also be placed into Physical Penetration, so Benedetta survives encounters with tank characters. Finally, the remaining points should be placed into Bounty. This gives the character an additional 30% of gold for every hero killed.

Best Benedetta Builds in Mobile Legends

Benedetta has good damage for an assassin, so what players should cover well is her weak HP. Setups always suggest using Magic Shoes, Blade of Despair, and/or Bloodlust Axe as her core items. Depending on the situation – who you’re up against – you can also use Brute Force Breastplate or Queen’s Wings.

Immortality is also a good build to have when you’re trying to minimize enemy damage. Moreover, the use of Rose Gold Meteor is a good idea. It gets you good attack damage and a shield that mitigates magic damage. In addition, Endless Battle is another good item to have to soak up more damage than you usually could.

Just be sure to collect enough gold. Especially since these items can be quite expensive. The Blade of Despair, Rose Gold Meteor, Immortality and/or Queen’s Wings will cost you around 3000 to 1000 golds.

Gameplay Tips for Mobile Legends Benedetta

Benedetta will always be perfect when relying on her basic attack and skill combos. That’s why you should make it a point to remember what her skills are. As an assassin with a high DPS, your best bet would be to keep farming in the Jungle. Doing so will let you build your items as fast as possible.


Mobile Legends Benedetta


Level 1

You should have your 1st skill ready and go mid lane. The first skill has a good amount of damage, so it’ll keep enemies at bay. As soon as you can, head back and buy Hunter’s Knife to add more damage. Her basic attacks should be enough to keep you steady until Level 4, just keep using it to push towards.

Level 2

Once you get to the next phase of your game, you should keep farming your basic dash. This will cause a frenzy among enemies. Once you have enough, you should have two of her core items. This will help you farm enemies more efficiently – even enemy heroes. Finally, remember to use Skill 2 so that the turrets will damage you only slightly.

Level 3

Most of Benedetta’s skills are the blink type so your Ulti should be saved for last – at the latest phase. You should charge with a passive skill. But remember to have a tank around to rescue you for when the fighting gets really tight. Don’t skimp on using your Ultimate skill – always use it to charge after coming in from the bush. Remember that assassins are always at their best when they are used as ambush killers.

A Final Word on Benedetta

If you’re a tank user, then Benedetta shouldn’t be your main in Mobile Legends. She’s reserved for people who know how to use her Blink skills to the fullest. First, charge in when the initiator has already started to mix things up. Then, blink out when the enemies are preparing to counter. You can always target those enemies from behind when they’re charging your base. Although, just remember to pick off the stragglers, and you’ll be fine.

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