Mythic Heroes Tier List – Find the Best Heroes for Your Team

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Posted on September 29, 2022

Mythic Heroes is an awesome and exciting idle RPG. As an idle RPG, it features an auto-play. It also allows your team to automatically do the exploration and battle against opponents. It’s a great feature that will only do well based on your team’s composition. But to have a good team, you’ll need good heroes. Therefore, you must assemble a team with heroes who complement each other. But with tons of heroes available, knowing who’s good or not, won’t be easy to do. That’s why this Mythic Heroes tier list is made for you.

We’ll list down the most powerful heroes available in the game. It will help you in creating a good team, so when you do auto-play, your team can manage on its own.

The Mythic Heroes Tier List

There are many different heroes available for you to use in Mythic Heroes. It’s also worth noting that the heroes you have are usually used in three different gameplays. There’s the PVP, PVE, and boss fights. In this tier list, we’ll rank the strongest characters in the game according to the gameplay. It will help you in creating a good team, depending on the gameplay that you’ll need in Mythic Heroes.

S-Tier Characters

The S-tier characters are the most powerful characters in the game. They’re overpowered and can greatly impact a battle. They won’t guarantee an instant win, but your chances of defeating even the toughest enemies will be higher if you have them on your team. Let’s now identify who the S-tier characters are according to gameplay.

S-tier characters to use in PVE gameplay you have the following:

  • Fighter – Lucifer
  • Mage – Ganjiang and Moye
  • Tank – Athena
  • Support – Nuwa

For the S-tier characters you’ll use in Boss Fights, you have:

  • Fighter – Lucifer, Artemis, Susanoo
  • Mage – Persephone
  • Tank – Typhon
  • Support – Dionysus

The S-tier characters in PVP fights, there are:

  • Fighter – Lucifer, Susanoo
  • Mage – Ganjiang and Moye, Izanami, Cleopatra, Tamamo No Mae
  • Support – Nuwa, Idun


mythic heroes lucifer
Image Source: Mythic Heroes Lucifer


The A-tier Characters

In case you don’t have access to any of the S-tier characters, you might have A-tier characters available. They’ve not overpowered characters, but they’re still powerful in their own right. They’ll still prove to be valuable assets, even against the toughest enemies in the game. So, it’s worth getting them, as they’re very good alternatives. Let’s now look at the A-tier characters for each gameplay.

For the A-tier characters to use in PVE gameplay you have the following:

  • Fighter – Susanoo and Artemis
  • Mage – Izanami, Flora, Lilith, Persephone, Tamamo No Mae
  • Tank – Gaia, Hades, Poseidon, Thor, Typhon
  • Support – Cassandra, Faust, Hela, Idun, Iset, Joan of Arc, Nagakayna

The A-tier characters you’ll use in Boss Fights, there are:

  • Fighter – Lu Bu, Medusa
  • Mage – Ganjiang and Moye, Izanami, Flora, Zeus, Tamamo No Mae
  • Tank – Hades
  • Support – Idun, Nagakayna, Nuwa, Iset, Hela, Faust, Cassandra

For the A-tier characters in PVP fights, you have

  • Fighter – Artemis, Medusa
  • Mage – Persephone, Zeus, Lilith, Flora
  • Tank – Typhon, Hades, Athena, Poseidon, Gaia, Thor, Hercules, Anubis
  • Support – Iset, Joan of Arc, Nagakayna, Cassandra, Faust, Hela


mythic heroes susanoo
Image Source: Mythic Heroes Susanoo


B-Tier Characters

If you still don’t have any of the A-tier characters on the list, then maybe you can go for the B-tier characters. The B-tiers are not as powerful as the S- and A-tiers, but they’re still good characters to use. They can still dominate in certain circumstances and team compositions. Either way, they’re a good alternative. Below are the B-tier characters you can use per gameplay in Mythic Heroes.

B-tier characters to use in PVE gameplay you have the following:

  • Fighter – Medusa, Archimedes, Oberon
  • Mage – Cleopatra, Zeus
  • Support – Dionysus

B-tier characters you’ll use in Boss Fights:

  • Fighter – Archimedes
  • Mage – Lilith
  • Tank – Poseidon, Thor, Hercules

For the B-tier characters in PVP fights, you have:

  • Fighter – Lu Bu, Archimedes
  • Support – Dionysus


mythic heroes medusa
Image Source: Mythic Heroes Medusa


C-Tier Characters

The last tier on this list is the C-tier characters. They’re decent characters, but should not be focused on. They’re the characters that you’ll use only as a last resort. If you need a character for a certain mission or quest and don’t have access to S-, A-, or even B-tiers, then that’s when you use C-tiers. Let’s look at the C-tier characters available.

C-tier characters to use in PVE are the following:

  • Fighter – Lu Bu
  • Tank – Hercules, Anubis

For the C-tier characters you’ll use in Boss Fights, you have:

  • Fighter – Oberon
  • Tank – Athena, Gaia, Anubis
  • Support – Joan of Arc

The C-tier characters in PVP fights, there are:

  • Fighter – Oberon


mythic heroes lu bu
Image Source: Mythic Heroes Lu Bu


Choose Your Heroes from the Mythic Heroes Tier List Wisely

There are many characters in Mythic Heroes, but not all of them are created equal. There are those that are just more powerful compared to others. And this tier list will help you identify who those characters are. It’s worth noting that having the most powerful characters on your team won’t instantly make it a powerful team.

There’s more to composing a team than just putting together all the powerful characters. You also have to think about synergy, how they complement each other, and many more. So keep an eye out on those topics here in!


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