Plants vs Zombies Guide: 5 Strategies To Survive & Defend Your Turf

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Posted on September 30, 2021

Plants vs Zombies first came out in 2009, and it quickly became a crowd-favorite in many countries. Since then, numerous Plants vs Zombies sequels, franchises, and spin-offs have been created to entertain players from around the world. Now, almost 22 years later, Plants vs Zombies is still a very popular game. At first, the game might look and feel easy to you. But as you progress, you’ll realize that the 50-level adventure is more than enough to keep you on your toes.

Tips & Tricks to Win in Plants vs Zombies

If it’s your first time playing the game, this article will help you know how to use the plants strategically. Continue reading this Plants vs Zombies guide below to become a master of the original game!

Sunflowers Are Always Top Priority

In Plants vs Zombies, sunflowers are the plants that you primarily need, since these will give you sunshine that you will later need to put more plants on the lawn. The bursts of sunshine will be used to purchase zombie-killing plants. You need to get as many as you can if you want to equip your backyard with the best plants. It becomes especially hard during the night levels since Sunflowers thrive during the day. Thankfully, there’s a mushroom, which is active during the night and bursts sunshine for you!

During the day, plant two Sunflowers to get yourself ready and ahead of the game. Then, wait for them to produce sunshine. The more sunshine you have, the more plants you will be able to plant on all lanes. You can make use of 1 to 2 lanes for your Sunflowers. Then, fill the other lanes with different killer plants, such as the Peashooter. Avoid buying expensive plants, and save them for later when the horde of zombies coming your way is particularly strong.
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Plant Your Killer-Plants Evenly

Planting your plants anywhere on the screen will lessen your chances of winning. You need to cover all lanes to win, so you have to plant symmetrically. You have to remember to plan your defenses ahead of time to avoid the zombies from charging at your house.

To successfully build your defense, start planting on the fourth or fifth column from the left. It’s the optimal start distance for Peashooters to begin shooting and taking down the basic zombies. If you go beyond that point, it will be hard for you to take down zombies, especially if they have bucket heads and cones.

Always Have an Emergency Variety of Plants

Not all the time that your backyard will be safe. If the zombies are eating your plants, you need to have emergency varieties that can hold them off temporarily. For example, Jalapenos can destroy an entire lane of zombies. It’s a defense and offensive kind of plant, which helps you buy time and save your life in the middle of a wave. Cherry bombs are also a one-time use plant, which you can plant in front of a zombie. So you must remember to equip these kinds of plants, especially during a difficult level.

Another type of plant you can choose is the Squash, which will jump on top of a zombie and kill them instantly. In addition, tangle kelps are great for backyards with a swimming pool or a pond in the middle because they will pull zombies down. But only use them in backyard pool levels.
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Choose Free Shrooms

Nighttime is a bit tricky because you cannot use your regular plants. However, there are mushrooms that you can use as a defense, and the best part is, they need less to no sunshine to be planted! Some examples are puff-shrooms and sea-shrooms. However, they are short-ranged. So, do your best to work around it. You should always stock these plants at a nighttime level because they are a life-saver, especially if you run out of sunshine to use.

Avoid Using Only One Type of Peashooter

There are many kinds of peashooters available in the game, and you need to find the time to use them all. Using one type of Peashooter at the earlier stages of the game is great, but you also need to choose other peashooters that can get the job done. For example, Gatling Pea and Threepeater are amazing choices, and you can pair them up with torchwood to create a ball of fire!

Now that you know these basic defenses, it’s time to play the game on PC!

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