Plants vs Zombies Mini-Games – Another Way to Enjoy the Game

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Posted on March 18, 2021

Plants vs Zombies by PopCap Games is a strategic video game from 2009. Despite being out in the market for more than a decade, players still love the game. It also received multiple recognitions and awards over the years. Soon after, developers released sequels like Plants vs Zombies 2 and Plants vs Zombies 3. They also released third-person shooting games like Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Plants vs. Zombies: Battle for Neighborville. They ventured into digital collectible card games as well by releasing Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.

Plants vs Zombies Gameplay

The gameplay of Plants vs Zombies is simple, you just have to strategically plant and defend your house from zombies. You can only plant through earning suns. There are different kinds of plants that have different attributes. Being familiar with the plants and thinking far ahead can help you win in Plants vs Zombies. Putting a great defense against the upcoming waves of zombies is crucial in this game.

But enough with the main game. Here, we will be talking about another aspect of the game that made players enjoy it more. Introducing: the mini-games of Plants vs Zombies. These games aren’t in any way connected to Adventure Mode so your current progress won’t be interrupted. It’s just another set of games that you can play if you want to take a break from the intense Adventure Mode.
Plants vs Zombies Matches


ZomBotany & ZomBotany 2

This mini-game may seem weird for most players because you will be seeing zombies with plant heads. Your zombie will act both so be careful with your plants on the lawn. If the head of the zombie is a peashooter, it will shoot your plants. Then, once it comes near, the zombie will gobble up the entire plant.

Meanwhile, in ZomBotany 2, you will be fighting the zombies with plant heads in the pool. You will also encounter new ones like Jalapeno Zombies, Squash Zombies, Gatling Pea Zombies, and Tall-nut Zombies.

Slot Machine

While defending your house, you must get 25 suns to be able to pull the lever. Once you do, you can get more sun, plants, or even diamonds. You can win the mini-game when you have 2000 sun in total. At the same time, you must also defend your house from the zombies.

Wall-Nut Bowling & Wall-Nut Bowling 2

This mini-game is fairly easy. You can either bowl the Exploding walnuts or ordinary walnuts towards the moving zombies. It is familiar to those who played the adventure mode since you can encounter this in one of the levels.
Plants vs Zombies

Meanwhile, its sequel features more zombies like Screen Door Zombies, Dancing Zombies, Backup Dancers, and Giant Wall-nuts. The difficulty of this one increases as well.

Vase Breaker

Whack those vases and either get a zombie or plant for your lawn. This mini-game has a total of three rounds. You can also encounter this mini-game in Level 4-5 in Adventure Mode.

Dr. Zomboss’ Revenge

When you are playing the adventure mode, you will encounter Dr. Zomboss. This mini-game features a much healthier and stronger Dr. Zomboss. He will also send his minions more often to help him attack you. If you feel like facing the boss for the second time, make sure to try this mini-game!

Pogo Party

This mini-game is just like the roof level but features lots of zombies on pogo sticks. Regular zombies will appear here as well but only during waves. Using tall-nuts and magnet-shrooms are important to survive three waves of zombie attacks.

Beghouled & Beghouled Twist

Like the popular Bejeweled game, your jewels will be plants. Zombies will attack you so you must make successful matches before they eat your plants. The entire level is over after 75 matches. On the other hand, Beghouled Twist is a sequel to this mini-game. Here, you have to rotate plants in a clockwise direction to match them.

Last Stand

This occurs at the pool level and starts the game with 5000 suns. Since you can’t plant any sun-producing plants, you have to make the most out of your 5000 suns. Also, you can’t plant any free plants either. To win this mini-game, you have to survive 5 waves of zombie attacks.
PVZ Gameplay


Whack a Zombie

This game will have zombies appearing from random graves and you need to use the mallet to pound these zombies. You can first encounter this mini-game on levels 2-5 in adventure mode. Since it can be played in adventure mode, this is one of the most common mini-game in PVZ.

Plants vs Zombies Summary

These are some of the mini-games you can play in Plants vs Zombies. Although these mini-games don’t just appear immediately as soon as you download the game. Just like other perks, there are levels you have to finish to unlock the mini-games. I know you’re itching to play Plants vs Zombies, so download the game here for free!

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