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Posted on October 2, 2021

Multiplayer games are not necessarily about playing against your internet friends. Sometimes, multiplayer games offer exciting experiences where you get to play a casual game together and not beat up one another. One great example is Play Together, which is a lot like Club Penguin. In this game, you get to play and make friends simultaneously!

You will never get bored with the variety of games and activities you can do on Play Together. You can eat, play, and go shopping at the plaza. In addition, you can attend classes, play competitive mini-games, buy a car, and so much more! It’s a virtual world filled with real-life experiences. But to be able to do any activity in this game, you need to spend in-game currency called Stars. To earn Stars, just read on below for a comprehensive guide, including how to win competitive mini-games and how to complete missions fast.

Complete Beginner Quests

After creating your avatar, you will be receiving a list of basic missions from Ms. Info. You can meet her at the Information Center, which you will be led to by the manager. You will receive 100 stars once you reach Ms. Info, and she will give you a list of quests to complete. There are seven basic quests, which you can check by tapping the beginner missions’ sticky note on the top left. Some of them grant stars as rewards, but not all of them will give you stars.

You can press the navigate button beside the quest to know its location. Most of the time, the quests are done in Kaia Island where you can earn more stars. Once you press the button, just follow the arrow on the ground to reach your destination. Once you finish a mission, you will receive rewards in the form of stars or crowns. And once you finish all basic missions, the grand prize will be a cool skateboard that you can use to move from one place to another.
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Take Pizza Delivery Missions Always

The pizza delivery missions are the easiest and most repetitive tasks that you can do on Play Together. As a result, you get to earn extra cash or stars all the time. First, find the pizza shop next to the mart in the plaza. Click on the smartphone icon then click the map on the bottom. Tap the pizza shop button and then navigate.

Before delivering a pizza, you must press the confirm button to receive 50 cash as a bonus. Once you finish delivering all pizzas, you will receive a reward. The fastest way to earn more stars is by pressing the collect 3x reward button and watching a 30-second ad to complete the 3x rewards. So, if you make 100 stars for the mission, you can get 300 stars if you choose the 3x reward.

Use Your Skateboard During the Pizza Missions

The main goal in the pizza delivery mission is to deliver all pizzas to the customers. But the catch is it must be delivered to each customer within a given time, which is why there’s a timer on the left side of the screen. So, since it will take time to deliver from one customer to another, especially if they’re far away, you can use the skateboard that you got as a reward from Ms. Info! Don’t forget to equip it with your avatar, so you can use it right away. Ride it while delivering so you don’t waste time!
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Reach Crown Milestones to Obtain Bigger Rewards

Every mission and quest you finish means you will receive crowns as a reward. You will get these from daily tasks and game parties (mini-games). If you collect a certain number of crowns, you will be able to unlock rewards by reaching milestones. Some of the awards you will receive are stars, diamonds, and gift boxes.

Once you reach a crown level, you will obtain a “Free Pass.” Aside from daily missions and mini-games, you can also get crowns by watching video ads. Unfortunately, you can only watch up to three video ads to get free crowns. But as long as you watch ads daily, you can rack up a lot of crowns in no time!

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