Pokémon Quest – How To Get Legendary Pokemon

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Posted on March 11, 2021

When you play Pokemon games, it will always involve catching and collecting these cute pocket monsters and then use them in battle. This is usually the core objective in any Pokemon game, and this includes catching Legendary Pokemons which is not an easy task to do. This premise is no different in the role-playing action game, Pokemon Quest.

In this game, you go on adventures while also collecting Pokemons along the way. However, the way you catch and collect them here is way different than other Pokemon games. Instead of throwing Poke Balls, you need to lure these Pokemon to your base camp. That’s right, you lure these Pokemon to your base camp where you can befriend them and they become part of your team.

It’s a unique way of collecting Pokemons, which adds to the game’s fun and excitement. While it’s relatively easy to catch Pokemons in this game compared to other titles from the franchise, it’s still quite hard to collect Legendary Pokemons. Hence, this article will provide a guide on how to do that in the game.

Catching Legendary Pokemons in Pokemon Quest

To catch Pokemons in Pokemon Quest, you need to lure them to your base camp and befriend them. But to attract them, you need to cook specific meals. That’s right, you have to cook food to lure the right Pokemon to your base camp. But what kind of food should you cook? Well, that will depend on the Pokemon you are trying to lure. To get a Legendary Pokemon, and even Mythical Pokemons like Mew and Mewtwo, you need to cook a legendary meal.

The meal you need is the Ambrosia of Legends. This is the kind of meal that attracts Legendary and Mythical Pokemon. To do that, you need a pot and the right recipe. There are 4 pots: iron, bronze, silver, and gold. Iron is the lowest pot while gold is the highest, and the higher the pot, the higher the level of Pokemon you attract. You can acquire these pots by completing quests. Recipes can also be acquired by completing quests in the game.

Once you know the recipe, the next step is to gather ingredients. For the Ambrosia of Legends meal, you need Mystical Shells. That’s the main ingredient you need, and the rest can be anything else. When you cook a meal, you need to put in 5 ingredients.

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So, it can be 1 Mystical Shell and 4 other ingredients, or 2 Mystical Shells and 3 other ingredients. You can even put in 5 Mystical Shells if you can. The more Mystical Shells you put, the higher the level of the Legendary Pokemon you’ll attract. You can also increase the chances of attracting high-level Legendary and Mythical Pokemons if you use Rainbow Matter instead of just any other ingredient to go along with the Mystical Shell.

Where to Get the Mystical Shell Ingredient

To acquire the Mystical Shell ingredient in Pokemon Quest, you have to reach expedition 12-1 or higher first. This is because this ingredient will only be dropped after you defeat a Legendary Pokemon in battle, especially after encountering Legendary Bosses. Of course, reaching this level doesn’t mean you will immediately encounter a Legendary Pokemon as the boss, but these high expedition levels are where they usually appear.

When you do encounter a Legendary Pokemon, you need to defeat it. Now, it’s also important to note that a Legendary Pokemon won’t always result in a Mystical Shell. Since there’s only a chance that you’ll encounter a Legendary Pokemon and a chance to get a Mystical Shell, you have to repeat these expeditions. You will likely have to go on several expeditions first just to encounter a Legendary Pokemon and get a Mystical Shell.

Once you have them, you can start creating the Ambrosia of Legends to lure a Legendary Pokemon. This recipe can even lure Mystical Pokemons like Mew and Mewtwo. Once they’re inside your base, you can start befriending them and then add them to your party. You just have to repeat this process several times if you want to catch all of the Legendary and Mythical Pokemons. Getting them will be worth it since you will now have powerful allies on your team.

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