Aegislash Pokémon UNITE Fantastic Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on July 1, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is a unique 5v5 multiplayer battle arena (MOBA) action game that has taken the world by storm since its release. Your favorite pocket monsters come alive in this popular MOBA. So if you want to strengthen your in-game squad, we have published Pokémon UNITE guides for you. However, the release of Aegislash Pokémon UNITE has gotten mixed reactions from game fans worldwide. This Royal Sword Pokémon is certainly strong but not overpowered; striking the perfect balance for a character in a MOBA.

Pokémon fans have been treated to seeing and playing with fan favorites like Pokémon UNITE Pikachu, Squirtle, Charmander, Azumarill, and more. The MOBA has released either broken or overpowered heroes in past releases. But right now, we’ll be talking about Aegislash and the best build, moveset, and items for this character. Read on below.

When Does Aegislash Come to Pokémon UNITE

This Royal Sword Pokémon was released last February 2022. With that said, you can just head to the Aeos emporium and purchase it in-game. Anyone can purchase its license for either 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems. Therefore, it’s considered one of the most expensive licenses in the game. So be sure to have enough coins or gems if you want to purchase Aegislash’s license.

Aegislash Pokemon unite build


How to Use Aegislash Pokémon UNITE

First off, Aegislash is a ghost and steel-type pocket monster that evolves from Honedge and Doublade. He hails from the Halos Region and is #681 in the Pokédex. Aegislash takes the Melee All-Rounder role in the famous MOBA. As such, he can perform very well in almost all kinds of situations; not stuck on a specific one. Below is our recommended Aegislash Pokémon UNITE moveset that you can play with.

Aegislash Pokémon UNITE Passive & Basic Skills

Honedge and Doublade have a different passive ability before evolving to Aegislash at level 7. Before this evolution, the No Guard passive takes effect. It increases damage dealt and received by Honedge or Doublade.

Unlike other characters, Aegislash has 2 unique passive skills under Stance Change. It changes between Blade Stance and Shield Forme depending on its previous moveset used. Using a blade skill switches to Blade Stance. So it increases its attack and movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 15%. otherwise, Aegislash switches to Shield Forme, increasing its basic and special defense while reducing its attack speed by 20%. However, note that when switching moves, it also increases basic attack and movement speed by 15%.

For Aegislash’s basic skill, it slashes toward the opponent, dealing damage. If its boost count is one or more, its basic attack gets boosted and changes depending on its current stance used. But if Aegislash Pokémon UNITE moveset Blade Forme was used, it swiftly pierces the enemy with more damage based on their max HP. When in Shield Stance, Aegislash rams the opponent and inflicts immobility while reducing the cooldown of Sacred Sword and Shadow Claw, and restoring its HP.

Aegislash Pokemon unite progression


Aegislash Pokémon UNITE Moveset Early to End Game

Starting a match as Honedge, Aegislash can choose between Shadow Sneak or Iron defense. The former casts a shadow and warps Honedge to deal damage to enemies on its location. The latter casts a protective shield that disappears after successfully blocking an attack. After evolving to Doublade at level 5, Shadow Sneak can be upgraded to Sacred Sword. Thus, creating a triangular zone, deals AOE damage, and throws enemies within it. A successful hit increases Aegislash’s boost count; partially ignoring the enemy’s defense and special defense for a short time.

By level 8, we recommend upgrading Iron Defense to Wide Guard as soon as possible. This buff grants Doublade a shield. Shove enemies in front and gain a maximum of 2 boost counts for every different Pokémon attack. At level 11, Sacred Sword can be upgraded to Shadow Claw. But for a balanced attacker build, we recommend staying with Sacred Sword. However, if you prefer critical attacks, opt for Shadow Claw instead. By level 13, we suggest upgrading Wide Guard to Iron Head for additional boost count and defense.

Aegislash Pokémon UNITE can learn its UNITE move called Coup de Grace, slashing enemies in a designated location. The lower their HP, the higher the damage dealt. Additionally, if Coup de Grace knocks out enemies, your boost count increases by 2.

Aegislash Pokemon unite coup de grace
Image Source: Aegislash Pokémon UNITE


Aegislash Build

For Aegislash Pokémon UNITE build, we recommend getting any 3 of the following Held Items:

  • Focus Band recovers HP by 8, 11, and 14% based on max HP lost.
  • Scope Lens boosts Aegislash’s boost attacks and deals critical hits to enemies.
  • Muscle Band increases its damage output and speed for basic attacks.
  • Razor Claw synergizes with Aegislash Pokémon UNITE’s unique moveset.
  • Weakness Policy increases damage output whenever Aegislash receives damage.

You can choose any 1 of the following Battle Items for Aegislash Pokémon UNITE build:

  • Full Heal protects Aegislash Pokémon UNITE from disabling effects.
  • Eject Button to reposition or escape sticky situations.
  • Slow Smoke works great with Coup de Grace as additional CC.
  • X Attack amplifies Aegislash Pokémon UNITE’s innate high damage.

Before ending this Pokémon UNITE Aegislash guide, it’s worth noting that Aegislash is best partnered with Blissey, Eldegoss, Wigglytuff, and Pokémon UNITE Snorlax. These Pokémon UNITE supporter-type monsters are ideal for Aegislash Pokémon UNITE’s offensive and defensive abilities.

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