PUBG Parachute Guide – How to Parachute for Newbies

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Posted on July 26, 2022

In PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, mastering skydiving and parachuting is crucial for getting off to a strong start. You must be aware of where to land and how to skydive or use a parachute to get there. At the beginning of every game, players are given the Parachute as a default item. It is utilized to float from the plane to the play area and vanishes right away after touching down. With that said, today, we will be taking a quick overview of the PUBG parachute guide, so you can learn how to parachute in PUBG.

If you play this action game casually or are just getting started, you may not be aware that the first few seconds of the game determine half of the outcomes of matches. It’s because players who are more experienced than others start the game and gather the necessary weapons and kits earlier than others and dispatch them before they have a chance to do so. So learning how to parachute is crucial in every match.

PUBG parachute
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PUBG Parachute Guide to Remember

Below is a simple parachute guide you should follow in PUBG to get ahead of other players;

Before You Jump off the Plane

It’s generally a good idea to plan where you want to land before you even decide to jump out of the plane. If you’re playing with teammates, you may designate the location on the map where you want to begin, so it’s much simpler to reassemble and form a team early on. One more piece of advice is to activate the first-person view while still in the air. In this manner, you can search for any players who are landing near the current flight path of your aircraft and initiate or avoid a confrontation.

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Picking a Spot in the Map

For each map, the majority of players and professional teams choose three to four drop sites. They decide where to drop off their players based on their game plan. Consider carefully where you drop off because it will greatly affect how quickly you land. Before you jump out of the plane, mark the location once you’ve made your selection. Keep in mind that your drop location and the drop locations of the other teams will have an impact on your game strategy. Directly along the flight route, high treasure zones are likely to contain more adversaries.

In addition, remember that while in the pre-game spawning phase, the flight path can be viewed on the mini-map. Utilize the spawn time to choose your drop site and modify your strategy based on the flight path.

Landing Zone Estimate

Before jumping off the plane, you must first decide where you want to land because you cannot descend vertically at your desired landing location. It’s due to the air resistance, which will cause you to land more slowly than you anticipated. So it’s recommended to land at an incline and allow the wind currents to carry you at a pace somewhere between 200 and 220 kilometers to where you want to go.

The reference point for departing the aircraft should be 750 m to 850 m from the point of descent. In the final seconds before hitting the ground, you can even reach greater speeds by switching to a vertical angle and falling like a rocket because the air resistance will be lesser the closer you are to the ground. If you get off the plane too soon, change your angle and hover in the air for a while until you’re at the required distance from the location you desire, at which point you should start the plan we previously mentioned.

If you get off the plane much later, change your angle to a more vertical one until you reach a point in the air where you can dive at 200Km per hour. Overall, taking advantage of PUBG Mobile’s realistic physics will play to your advantage.
PUBG Landing approach


Faster Landing Approach

Knowing how to land faster is crucial for a hot drop or when you’re stuck challenging your opponents for control of your house. The more quickly you descend, the greater chance you’ll have to acquire treasure chests and other loots first. When you jump off, focus your camera straight down toward the ground. It’s important if you want to land as soon as possible. Then, raise your movement button until you’re falling at the fastest possible rate – 230 km/h.

Sooner or later, your parachute will open, so make your way to the land. You can manually deploy your parachute to cut your flying time even more. If you want to arrive on the battlefield before anyone else, use this method.


As soon as you take off, open your parachute, then position your camera almost horizontally to travel the most distance while still in the air. Additionally, it means that you will descend with the greatest amount of delay, making you a target for other players to shoot at while you’re still in the air. The default speed is 116 km/h. But that does not imply that you cannot ascend further. You must keep your speed at 126 km/h in order to stay in the air for a longer period of time.

You must also make sure that your character is continually moving forward. Otherwise, you will simply hover in place. As a final piece of advice, attempt to land on building roofs. The reasoning for this is that a higher height will put you on stable terrain right away, giving you the advantage of seeing your starting location more clearly and enabling you to move a little bit earlier than if you had landed on the actual ground.

Use These PUBG Parachute Guide Tips Now

Now that you know the basic parachuting methods in PUBG Mobile, it’s time to test it out in the game. Speaking of testing, what better way to do it than on your PC. After downloading the game, make sure to stay tuned for more tips about PUBG.

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