Puzzles & Survival Hero Guide – The Best Hero Available In The Game

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Posted on January 7, 2023

Puzzle RPGs are becoming a thing, and one of the best ones you can play is Puzzles & Survival. It’s a strategy RPG that also features puzzle gameplay. The game’s goal is to establish a base and build an army you’ll use for battle. One of the important aspects of Puzzles & Survival, especially in battle, is the heroes. They’re the ones that will lead your army and the ones you’ll use when you’re playing puzzle RPG mode.

The heroes can also dictate how well you’ll do when battling other players. This is why it’s important to have good heroes to help you in the game. And this blog post will help you with that. It will be a Puzzles & Survival hero guide where we’ll list the best heroes to use and why they’re good.

Who Are the Best Heroes To Use in Puzzles & Survival?

As mentioned above, the heroes are used to lead your troops and in playing the RPG puzzle. But leading the troops is more important since this is where you’ll need good heroes.

When it comes to leading the troops, you’ll have four troops available the Fighters, Shooters, Riders, and Vehicles. In this section, we’ll look at the best heroes available in each type of troop you have. We will also discuss why they’re the best.

The Best Heroes To Have For Fighters

The fighters are the melee troops in the game with high defense and health. But they have the lowest attack unless you’re against Shooters, which they counter. They’re mostly used to defend your base from other players’ attacks and placed in the front.

The best heroes you can use to lead your fighters are Hanyu Ichiro (Blue), Wali (Purple), Dara (Red), and Nataly (Green). They’re the best because they can provide the highest boost to fighters, providing a 350% boost to both attack and defense.

Puzzles & Survival Wali
Image Source: Puzzles & Survival Wali

This will make your fighters tanker and increase their attack a bit. Good alternatives are Ulrik (Green) and Zephyr (Blue); both provide only a 250% increase in attack and defense. However, they do provide a 250% increase in HP as well. These are all 5-star heroes, and for 4-stars, the best one available is Seo-Yun (Red), which provides a 50% boost each on the attack, defense, and HP.

They’re the heroes you want to have to lead your Fighter troops. With these heroes, you are safe that your Fighters will have the maximum boost possible.

The Best Heroes To Use for Shooters

Shooters are long-range troops and are usually placed at the backline. Players also use troops for attacking bases since they have the highest attack power and longest range. They have the lowest health and defense, so don’t be surprised if an attack results in many dead Shooters on your part.

For the best heroes for Shooters, you have Dara, Lora & Jessie (Yellow), Angelo (Green), and Nataly. Dara and Nataly also provide a 350% attack and defense boost to Shooters. Angelo and Lora & Jessie join them.

Puzzles & Survival Phoenix
Image Source: Puzzles & Survival Phoenix

They’re the 5-star heroes you want to have to lead your shooter troops when attacking. Phoenix (Red) and Ephraim (Blue) are good alternatives, which both have a 250% boost to HP, attack, and defense. Hartwell (Green) is the best 4-star hero to use for Shooters because of the 50% boost to each stat.

The Best Heroes Available for Riders

The Riders are the most balanced troop in the game, with good defense, HP, and good attack. They’re usually in the middle because of their balance. They can be used as both attack and defense support.

The heroes you’d want to lead Riders would be Hanya Ichiro, Wali, Angelo, and Lora & Jessie. These are the heroes that provide a boost of 350% on both attack and defense to riders.

Puzzles & Survival Fox
Image Source: Puzzles & Survival Fox

You can also choose Obsidian (Green) or Fox (Blue) as alternatives. They both provide 250% boosts to all your troops’ stats. Reyn (Red) is your choice for a 4-star hero in case you don’t have a 5-star. The hero provides a 50% boost across all troop stats.

Best Heroes for All Troop Types

If you plan to have a mixed army of troops instead of just focusing on one, these are the heroes you want. They can boost all types of troops in the game, including the weaker vehicle troops. The only catch is that their boost is relatively lower, unlike heroes, who only have 1-2 troop type focus. The heroes you can use are Requiem (Red), Nam Hayul (Green), Mars (Green), Tomoyo (Purple), Marlowe (Purple), and Meyers (Yellow).

All these heroes provide a 125% boost to all troop stats (HP, attack, and defense). They’re your best option if you want mixed armies, to use. These heroes are also good to be in Wall Defense because of their ability to boost all troops.

Other Good Heroes to Have in Puzzles & Survival

Aside from battles, other things in Puzzles & Survival will need good heroes to lead them. We’ll identify the best heroes you can use for them.

Puzzles & Survival McCarty
Image Source: Puzzles & Survival McCarty


  • McCarty (Red) – provides a 100% boost on training and lessens by 28% Stamina Cost and Training Cost
  • Eve (Purple) – provides a 100% boost on Gathering Speed and Healing Speed
  • Otto (Blue) – provides a 30% boost to Commander Experience and a 20% boost to Healing Speed (4-star Hero)
  • Ironclaw (Yellow) – provides 100% boost Research Speed and 100% boost in Training Speed
  • Levina (Blue) – provides a 200% boost to attack of Fighters, Shooters, and Riders (doesn’t require to march with troops to get a boost.

Important Heroes You Need in The Game

There are still many more good heroes available in Puzzles & Survival. But the above-mentioned are the important ones you need in the game. Having other heroes is also good because of the boosts that they can provide. But the ones we listed above will make a difference in the game.

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