Pocket Mortys Game Features – What to Expect in the Game?

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Posted on August 22, 2021

There’s no doubt, Pocket Mortys game has already invaded the multiverse! If you are an avid fan of the famous Rick and Morty TV series, then this game will definitely rock your gaming routine with its wacky and thrilling adventures. However, if you are new to the game, it is not yet too late. You will especially like this game if you prefer casual or simulation type of gameplay.

Story Behind Pocket Mortys

Generally, the game Pocket Mortys is based on the “Rick and Morty” show. If you haven’t watched the TV show, this part will give you a quick eye view of the storyline. The series as well as the game’s story circulates mainly about the grandfather and grandson tandem.

You will follow the story of Rick Sanchez, Morty’s grandfather, and his misadventures in the multiverse. He is known as the most clever person in the universe along with his timid grandson, Morty Smith. When you play the Pocket Mortys game, you will find out more about these two main characters and their many interdimensional exploits similar to the series.

Pocket Mortys gameslol
In-game screenshot: Pocket Mortys Games.lol

However, even if you do not know about the Rick and Morty sitcom, you will still understand the story behind this tandem when you play the game itself. Pocket Mortys will definitely take you to a world full of exhilarating monster collections and sci-fi adventures around the interdimensional universe.


Once you’re done downloading Pocket Mortys on your PC, it will start like other story-based games that introduce the back story. In the beginning, Rick and Morty are at their garage/lab talking about what will be their next adventure. Then, surprisingly, a portal opens and releases an identical duo, the Evil Rick and Stray Cat Morty.

Pocket Mortys garage
Image Source: Pocket Mortys – Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1

These arrivals will challenge you in a battle. The next thing you know, you will be in front of the Council of Ricks where they will vigorously confiscate your portal gun. As you play the role of Rick, you need to travel beyond different universes and defeat the evil Ricks by utilizing your trained Mortys. You can collect various types of Mortys along your journey.

Morty-Collecting Game

Apart from weird adventures, collecting and evolving Mortys will be your greatest advantage to be successful in your battles. As you travel the multiverse, you can obtain different types of Mortys who can help you build an excellent army. Each Morty collected is equipped with its abilities, strengths, and weaknesses as well. Here are some of the hundreds of Mortys you might encounter along your adventure.

1. Morty

As you start the game, you will use this type along with Morticia, Cronenberg Morty, and Space Suit Mortys. Morty is different from the others as it has no class (Rock, Paper, or Scissors). It has no substantial advantage or disadvantage. He is the only Morty that you can’t release.

Pocket Mortys original morty
Image Source: Pocket Mortys Review


2. Wizard Morty

He is the final evolution of the Magic Morty from the Rock class and powerful enough for battles.

3. Mustache Morty

From Scissors class, Mustache Morty got some great facial hair and won awards for it.

Pocket Mortys Mustache
Image Source: Pocket Mortys Review


4. Cronenberg Morty

Similar to the original Morty, this Morty monster doesn’t belong to any class. He is always seen wearing ripped clothes.

5. Morticia Morty

She is the only female Morty and renowned for being a gender-swapped version of Morty Smith.

Pocket Mortys morticia
Image Source: Pocket Mortys Review

Pocket Mortys can give you hundreds of unique yet weird versions of Mortys. However, it is still up to you who you think will be the best addition to your great team to defeat the evil Ricks. Best, you can upgrade these Mortys by combining or evolving them together to catch the best Morty that can stand up against other Ricks.

Investing in Pocket Mortys

In addition to the exciting adventures, this simulation game enables players to invest. Your hard-earned money can be invested in “Investment Rick”. This feature can be found across the portal of Citadel.

In this part, there is a huge return on investment the longer time you leave your money. So, if you want to grow your money, you can visit this feature every time you come back to the Citadel and invest!

Solo Campaign or PVP?

In Pocket Mortys, you have two options to play – solo or multiplayer. These two modes do not affect each other–meaning, what you have achieved on the solo campaign will not affect your progress in PVP mode. However, once you unlock some features in the solo campaign mode, they will appear on the multiplayer mode as well.

Pocket Mortys Modes
Image Source: Pocket Mortys Modes

Also, you need to keep in mind that the “Day Care” in the multiplayer setup has no combine or PVP option. Meaning, you have to develop and collect your Mortys for your multiplayer battles exclusively. The same rules apply to your power-ups and items. This means you can’t use your Mortys, upgrades, and more on campaign mode to PVP, vice versa.

Pocket Mortys Game Features

To sum up the features, here are some important things you will encounter and follow along the way.

  • Unlock and discover different types of Mortys while traveling the multiverse.
  • Collect and train your accumulated Mortys to upgrade them into a stronger variety to fight against Ricks.
  • Battle with different kinds of evil Ricks over the multiverse.
  • Obtain some of your favorite characters like Bird Person, Mr. Meeseks, and other Mortys.
  • Successfully engage in various side quests to craft items.
  • Win amazing prizes from the space arcade blips and Chitz.
  • The game is developed in an auto-saved manner.

Final Overview

Overall, the game Pocket Mortys is very simple and delightful to play. From its gameplay mechanics, functionality, to the maps, everything will surely get your attention. Most importantly, f you want to enjoy better graphics and overall gameplay, this game is best played on your PC.

So, what are you waiting for? Hit the download button, and start collecting your Mortys now!

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