Smash Hit Game Play Nifty Tips & Tricks to Always Ace Your Game

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Posted on June 21, 2022

Smash Hit is an addictive arcade game developed and published by Swedish game company, Mediocre. From the name itself, Smash Hit takes you on a surreal adventure to an otherworldly dimension where you “smash” and “hit” objects along the way. The excitement intensifies as you go deeper into each room and break down obstacles. There are at least 50 levels to explore, each boasting sensationally stunning graphic design and realistic glass-busting Smash Hit gameplay.

It does not matter if you are a newbie or an adept gamer. You can check out and familiarize our recommended Smash Hit gameplay tips and tricks. Practice continuously to master each trick. In no time, you will be on your way to having the longest distance and highest score on the leaderboard.

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Make Crystals Your Top Priority

Running out of balls while playing Smash Hit automatically ends the game. Crystals can be found as you go further in each level. Additionally, they help you replenish your ball stash, so making them your number one priority is ideal. For every regular crystal that you successfully hit, you get three extra balls.

Consequently, you will gain five balls for breaking pyramid crystals. Continuously breaking 10 crystals, regular or pyramid, in a row will activate the multi-ball mode. This automatically shoots out two extra balls at once, but you only need to dock one at a time.

Deploy a Maximum of Two Balls At a Time

Single glass panes almost always can be destroyed with one ball passing through. Larger panels, however, require two balls to create an opening where you can fit through and pass by. As a rule of thumb, only deploy a maximum of two balls per larger block. It is imperative to conserve balls as much as you can or risk consuming them all and ending your current run.

Leave Certain Moving Objects Alone

As you move along each room, you will notice sliding objects from time to time. Some of these objects moving back and forth or rotating are not blocking your way. So, it is better to leave them alone. Continue with your Smash Hit gameplay by passing by these objects, unscathed. Otherwise, you will only be wasting balls on panels that will not even break.

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Aim for the Strings

Now and then, you will notice glass blocks dangling from strings. Do not waste throwing your balls on these glass blocks as much as possible. They will never break. Instead, focus your aim on the strings attached to these glasses. Hit those strings, and the glass blocks will instantly fall.

Use Infinite Ball Mode Only When Needed

You can activate an infinite ball mode at some point in your Smash Hit gameplay. This mode, as the name implies, throws an infinite number of balls in whichever direction you want. Infinite ball mode is extremely useful when you are running low on balls. Activate this power-up if you run into obstacles, like lasers, where you take a hit and lose 10 balls. Use this booster wisely to avoid the risk of getting a game over.

Timing Is Everything

After playing Smash Hit a couple of times, you will realize that your balls are everything. You need not fire on obstacles at will and waste your balls. When trying to go over the windmills or taking out hanging glasses, for example, try to time your fire. This way, you can still go through the obstacle while only using lesser balls and power-ups.

Practice Shooting Balls At Close Range

In line with the previous tip and trick, sometimes you need to be pretty close to your target before aiming. In doing so, you are hitting two birds with one stone. First, you are not wasting as many balls and risk ending the level abruptly. Second, you pretty much have power behind your shot to throw your obstacles off their course and give you enough leeway to pass through.

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Propel Balls and Target from Afar

Many players may be unaware of this nifty Smash Hit gameplay, but you can loft balls during your run. Typically, the maximum height of your throw will be where you clicked on the screen. If you sighted crystals bundled together, try lofting and aiming early. This may be cumbersome since it will take some practice to get used to. But doing so can rack up balls much faster and lessens the risk of getting a game over.

Restart Levels As Needed

If you believe you are underperforming or your run is as bad as it gets, there is no sense in continuing the level. Pause the game and start from the last checkpoint. This gives you a breather and helps you put your mind together for a better run.

Improve Checkpoint Scores

Checkpoints act like auto-save features in the game. For instances where you want to stop your game, you will start at the nearest checkpoint you passed through. With this, you will have the same number of balls as before. If you ever have any problems moving to the next checkpoint, try retracing your steps. Go back to the nearest one and rack as many balls as possible. This way, you have enough to pass through the next obstacle.

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This is the end of our Smash Hit gameplay tips and tricks. Be sure to drop by now and then for more gaming guides and tricks. Check our State of Survival cheats and Adventure Capitalist guide while you’re at it.

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