Snorlax Pokémon UNITE – The Best Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on July 17, 2022

Pokémon UNITE is a 5v5 free MOBA action game that was released in July 2021. Garnering a massive player base, the MOBA has become one of the most sought-after games to date. With that said, t’s noteworthy to know that Pokémon UNITE characters are divided into five roles. Namely, Defender, Attacker, All-Rounder, Supporter, and Speedster. Under each role lies a roster of pocket monsters with their unique stats and moveset. We’ll be putting Snorlax Pokémon UNITE, a Defender type in the limelight. So let us start talking about the best Snorlax build Pokémon UNITE and how to play Snorlax.

In previous articles, we have tackled different Pokémon pocket monsters, such as Blissey, which is a Supporter type. Additionally, we have also talked about Aesgislash, which is an Attacker type. Now, this Sleeping Pokémon will make your gameplay more interesting since Snorlax is a Defender type. Let’s get to know more about him below.

What You Need To Know About Snorlax Pokémon UNITE

Let us start with how to get Snorlax in Pokémon UNITE. The Sleeping Pokémon is one of the initial 20 pocket monster licenses you can obtain after completing the tutorial. Otherwise, you can purchase its license from the UNITE Battle Committee (UBC) shop for 6000 Aeos Coins or 345 Aeos Gems. Alternatively, you can purchase any of the 9 Snorlax skin Pokémon UNITE currently available to style him up. Namely, the Beach Style, Berry, Purple and Orange UNITE Styles, Cook, Concert, Bedtime, Sunshine, and Martial Arts Styles.

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Pokémon UNITE Snorlax Moveset – Early to Mid-Game

This Sleeping Pokémon works best as a semi-support to your team’s carry or main Attackers. Hence, it’s best played on either the top or bottom lanes. So when an ally Attacker gets hit by enemies, Snorlax will jump in-between the fight to act as a shield for its teammates. Interestingly, most of the Snorlax moveset consists of disables and secondary firepower. However, one should keep in mind that Snorlax lacks superior damage output; thus, making it difficult to kill opponents alone. So work harmoniously with your team to defeat enemies!

Since Snorlax has no executable offensive skills before reaching Level 5, it’s vital to hunt neutral creeps to level up. Its passive ability, Gluttony, increases all stat effects of any berries it binge eats. We recommend picking Tackle first to knockback opponents and briefly stun them. It’s also helpful to close gaps when enemies come at your team or as an escape route if executed well. Consequently, get the Pokémon UNITE Snorlax moveset Rest at Level 3. Albeit it restores a bit of HP, Rest is better used to block enemies.

You will only start seeing improvement in Snorlax Pokémon UNITE’s offensive abilities upon reaching Level 6. Around this time, your skill choice is situational. However, Heavy Slam is oftentimes the go-to skill if your team is not struggling. It’s a strong offensive moveset that lets Snorlax secure some KOs by slamming enemies in its area of effect and throwing them backward. Flail provides a Basic Attack boost that increases the lower Snorlax’s HP is.

Ultimate Pokémon UNITE Snorlax Moveset

By Level 8, your Pokémon UNITE Snorlax moveset of choice either makes or breaks a strong combo. Choosing Block provides a shield that also pushes enemies back. With Block on hand, you can go with a Heavy Slam > Block combo for offensive or defensive stances. Yawn, otherwise, synergizes well with Flail as it puts enemies to sleep while you deal nasty damage.

snorlax pokemon unite gameplay

Snorlax is not called The Sleeping Pokémon without a reason. Hence its UNITE move, Power Nap, puts it to sleep. Its AOE effect is very useful at defending goals by throwing enemies backward. While Power Nap is activated, Snorlax not only restores a good chunk of HP but is also immune to any CC effects. Note that this UNITE move does not have sufficient damage output to kill full-health enemies.

Best Items for Snorlax

Before concluding our best Snorlax build Pokémon UNITE, let’s go over the best items for Snorlax Pokémon UNITE first. If you go with the Heavy Slam-Block combo, we recommend getting Buddy Barrier, Focus Band, and Score Shield as Held Items. Choose either X Speed or Eject Button for the Battle Item. For the Flail-Yawn build, the best items for Snorlax are Weakness Policy, Focus Band, and Aeos Cookie for the Held Items. Again, either X Speed or Potion is ideal as a Battle Item for Snorlax.

snorlax pokemon unite build
Image Source: Snorlax Pokémon UNITE Guide


Use this Sleeping Pokémon on the Battlefield

So this concludes our best Snorlax build Pokémon UNITE guide! Check back here in for more Pokémon UNITE guides. There are tons of Pokémon heroes you can check here that will help enhance and improve your overall gameplay.

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