Tap Tap Abyssrium Hidden Fish Guide – Find the Hidden Fishes

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Posted on March 2, 2022

Idle or incremental games have evolved to become the most iconic simulation subgenre in freemium games market. if you are one of the millions of idle game fans across the globe then Tap Tap AbyssRium is no stranger to you. The accessibility and the user-friendly mechanics of incremental games are just part of what made the game rise above all the other genres in gaming.

Today, the idle game subgenre has infiltrated all the other genres, the fact is that you will find an idle version of RPGs, action, city-building, adventure, and much more. Not to mention that incremental games are some of the most rewarding in the gaming industry. Speaking of rewards, idle games often have secrets, and finding them makes the game even more immersive if not satisfying.

Going back to our topic, Tap Tap AbyssRium boasts a ton of secrets which in this case are fishes. With that said, if you need help finding or discovering these elusive marine creatures then our Tap Tap AbyssRium Hidden Fish Guide is perfect for you. So, feel free to browse through our hidden fish guide below.

Tap Tap Abyssrium Gameplay
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Tap Tap AbyssRium Hidden Fish Guide

Here is the list of fish, their uses, and how to acquire them;

  1. Snowflake Clownfish – You need to click the Twitter button ten times through the settings menu.
  2. Spotted Mandarin Dragonet – You need to open the app through a notification. Do take note that your chance of unlocking this fish is quite small using this method.
  3. Springer Dottyback – You need to share a photograph of the fish on Twitter three times.
  4. Striped Marlin – You need to take a snapshot of a marlin when it appears on your screen. You can spot this elusive fish chance once every half hour.
  5. Blue Clownfish – You need to take a snapshot of a clownfish three times.
  6. Whale Shark – Similar to the spotted boxfish, you need to click a notification to open the application.
  7. Cross Damsel – You need to take a snapshot of a damsel three times.French Angel – You need to save a snapshot of an angelfish three times.
  8. Hammerhead Shark – You need to save a photograph or snapshot of a shark three times.
  9. Jewel Damsel – You need to click the upper left corner of the interface a thousand times
  10. Juvenile Spotted Boxfish – You need to start the app by clicking on a notification, which means that you need to wait for a notification to pop up before playing. However, you will still have a ten percent chance of unlocking the fish if you stopped playing for two hours.


More Hidden Fish

  1. Leatherback Turtle – You need to open fifty Mystery Chests.
  2. Mahi Mahi – You need to play at midnight ten times.
  3. Manta Ray – You need to share a picture of a stingray on Twitter three times.
  4. Mauve Stinger – you need to take ten photographs of a jellyfish.
  5. Camel Cowfish – You need to share a photograph of a blowfish three times.
  6. Clown Tang – You need to take a photograph of a tang five times.
  7. Commerson Dolphin – You need to save a photograph of a Lonely Coralite three times which is what the game requires. However, To unlock the Commerson Dolphin, you should save a photograph of a dolphin three times.
  8. Convict Tang – You need to leave the app open without ending the game or activity. In addition, always remember not to touch the app or do anything for at least an hour.
  9. Moorish Idol – You need to take photographs of the mystery chest five times. Make sure to focus on the chest itself and not the Coralite.
  10. Scribbled Angelfish – You need to click the “see more” button on the photo screen ten times.
  11. Narwhal – You need to click the top-left corner on the interface five thousand times.
  12. Pajama Cardinal – You need to play 20 times in a single day.
  13. Potbelly Seahorse – You need to share a photograph of a seahorse three times.
  14. Pygmy Seahorse – You need to play at 4:00 am for five times.
  15. Randall Goby – You need to photograph a goby three times.


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Fishes Obtained Through Microtransactions

  1. Humpback Whale – You need to purchase the Master Package.
  2. Harp Seal – You need to purchase the Supreme Package.
  3. Lionfish – You need to purchase the Junior Package.
  4. Black & White Clownfish – You need to purchase the Beginner Package.

Play Tap Tap Fish AbyssRium on PC

Tap Tap AbyssRium is a unique and relaxing game perfect for those who are feeling stressed every day. Furthermore, the game aims to mimic the ASMR effect of a real-world aquarium. Moreover, if you want a wholesome game that you can play with your friends and family, this is the game for you.

With that said, now that you have the basic knowledge on how to find the elusive fishes in Tap Tap AbyssRium, your next mission is to play this highly relaxing game free on your computer. You can get it now for free only here at Games.lol!

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