Township Guide: How To Level Up Fast In Township

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Posted on October 10, 2021

Are you ready to become the mayor of a city that’s rich in farming and factories? In Township, you can start cultivating plants, raise livestock, and deliver goodies to customers and increase your livelihood. Then, expand your town by unlocking more land, building more houses, and increasing the town’s population. If you want to become a prosperous player in Township, you have to know what activities to prioritize. Below is a Township guide for beginners that can help you level up fast.

Keep Producing Goods

Like any other city-building and farming game, you will start with a plot of land to grow your crops. Then, as you slowly gather more resources, you can start building houses and develop your town’s population. As you level up, you’ll unlock more lands where you can grow more plants and raise more livestock. So, you need to maintain a steady production of goods by having all the raw materials required to produce additional commodities. And if you want to level up, you’ll need a constant output of goods.

Leveling up means you need to earn a certain amount of XP. And when you level up, you will have the chance to unlock more buildings, crops, and animal houses.

Collect More Coins

Your customers will be making orders all the time, which will help you earn gold coins. So, you need to fulfill all of their demands to earn a way of living. Some will ask for only one item, while others will order multiple items. Multiple orders usually take time to complete, but you can prepare for them early on to avoid delays. You need gold coins you earn to expand your city, so you need to earn as much as you can.

There are other ways to collect coins, such as clicking hot air balloons floating around your city. These sometimes have chests that contain gold coins. The Daily Bonus is another way to earn gold coins, so make sure to log in every day to reap your rewards.

Keep Building Structures In Your Town

In Township, one way to attract more citizens to your city is by building new structures all the time. It will help expand your city while increasing population at the same time. Aside from homes, you need to build factories where goods will be manufactured. Without factories, you won’t be able to fulfill the demands of your existing citizens, and you won’t earn gold to build new facilities and factories.


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Therefore, you need to increase your population first by building houses and residences such as cottages and apartments. It’s also wise to invest in community buildings such as movie theatres, pizza parlours, or a post office to help increase the cap of your population. These are some of the amenities that your citizens will enjoy.

Check The Train & Send Orders Through Airplane

The helipad area isn’t the only place where customers will place their goods. You should also check the train station where they will bring you back with different goodies as a payment. For example, the train station will bring you the materials needed to complete building projects instead of earning coins and XP.

So, if you want to build new projects, fill out the orders coming from the train station as soon as possible and get building materials or resources. The airport is another place for customers to place their orders. You’ll need to fill larger orders here, and the waiting time is larger than the helicopter and train. But the rewards are worth it.

Upgrade The Barn As Soon As You Can

Everything you create in Township is sent directly to the barn, so you must upgrade its capacity as frequently as possible to avoid getting it filled up. If it accumulates too many items, you won’t be able to accept new things to produce.

You can upgrade it using building materials coming from the train, so it’s essential to fill out these orders as soon as you can. T-cash can be used to make the trains return right away if you badly need construction materials. You can also sell some of the items in your barn if you need to use the space. It’s recommended to sell stored crops since they are the easiest to produce.

Now that you know how to get a good headstart on Township, the next logical thing to do is to download and play it on your PC! Click here to go to our Township page and download the game from there. Don’t worry, it’s safe and free!

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