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3 2 1 Spell

Octeto Studios

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About this Game

Fans of sorcery and magic, rejoice! As Octeto Studios offers a free-to-play spellcasting game you can play on your PC during your free time. 3 2 1 Spell is one of those free magical games online that will surely excite the wizard in you. In this magical game, your goal is to defeat your opponent in a fast-paced magical duel. With quick eyes and fast fingers, click your mouse and plunge into this magical adventure. No download required, just click the link and play anytime on your computer. With the aid of your skill and dexterity do you think you can be the most powerful wizard in this game? Play the game now to find out! Ready in 3 2 1! Game!


3 2 1 Spell


3 2 1 Spell Game Features:

Wizard games for PC may be a few but don’t be fooled by 3 2 1 Spell’s simple gameplay. It has several levels that will challenge your quickness and wit. Aside from that, 3 2 1’s graphics and music will surely put in the magical-dueling mood as you battle several creatures of magic. Read on to find out more features about the game:


Complete Several Challenging Levels and Become the Ultimate Wiz Kid

Bring out your expertise in formulating magic spells and defeat the evil Magus in several challenging levels. You should be quick to think what kind of spell to throw at the enemy once he attacks you with his spell. You must not be distracted by their cute appearance, even a small fairy can be deadly sometimes and if you are not quick enough to fight back, you might end up getting fried in this game.


3 2 1 Spell


Select From 3 Levels Of Difficulty

Do you find the game easy? Maybe the game is too casual for you and you want to just git gud even more? Well, there are other levels of difficulty that will challenge your clairvoyant nature. In the main menu, you can select from easy, normal and hard and test your skill of going up against different magical creatures. Be quick in choosing the right element for your opponent if you really want to defeat him.


3 2 1 Spell


Magical Graphics and Music

Fall in love with the spellbinding graphics and music of this free magic game. Get ready to face enchanting opponents and battle with a fairy, a witch, a sorcerer and other creatures of magic. Combat will take place in the sky where stars are floating by. Your character and its opponent will be standing on a floating island and if that is not magical enough, turn the volume on max and appreciate the exquisite background music perfect for the magic duel.


3 2 1 Spell


Simple Dueling Gameplay Mechanics

The objective of the game is very simple, defeat the enemy using your magic spell. Using your mouse or your touchpad, you just have to select the element that you think will overpower the enemy’s magic spell. Three elements await for you to beat and each element provides both strengths and weaknesses. Water can beat fire, fire can be tamed down by poison and poison is no match to water. Every element has their own icon so it is very easy to know which is which. There is no sorcery needed to win this game, just be quick in thinking and fight back with the right spell and you will definitely master this game in no time. Are you ready to be the most powerful wizard? Play 3 2 1 Spell on your PC now!

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