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Ocean Crash


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About this Game

If you love puzzle games, then you’ll love Ocean Crash! You can play it for free online right now!

Ocean Crash is a cube puzzle mini game that has you matching cute sea creatures within a canvas. All you have to do is to match 3 corresponding sea creatures and you get points! Think of this game as a sort of Tetris but in a more linear way where all patterns are 3 columns and the only way to change them is to swap the creatures inside the column.

Mix and match these adorable sea animals as they look at you with smiles while you solve the whole puzzle! It’s an endless puzzle game – how long can you hold up?


Ocean Crash Game Features:


Cute Underwater Theme

Ocean Crash is booming with sea creatures that you’re going to love without a doubt! You’ll see purple fishes, stout turtles, smiling starfishes, puffy pufferfishes, seemingly pettable sea urchins and baby-looking octopi!

The game is also brilliantly colored with lots of vibrant palettes that rest within the oceans of the deep. Young players, especially, will gaze into the beauty of the game if it’s not for the gameplay. The game’s music is also very cute as it suits the underwater theme while the creatures in mumbling in very cute ways like what you’d see in kids shows.


Ocean Crash


Unique Puzzle Gameplay

If you haven’t played cube puzzle games before, the premise goes like this:

You will always be given a column with 3 different patterns in it. You cannot change its shape angles just like Tetris but rather change the patterns inside. Everytime you get to match at 3 or more similar patterns in the canvas, whether horizontal, vertical, diagonal or even L-shape, these patterns will clear out, giving you a score. Do this as many as you can in order to earn points. The more patterns you clear at once, the better your score will be!

But be warned: the more patterns you clear and the longer the game, the more difficult the pacing will be: the columns will drop down faster and the patterns will be more randomized than it already is. Think you have what it takes to clear them out as much as you can?


Ocean Crash


Score Multipliers Everywhere

Scoring one time is good but earning scores more than once is really awesome! While it may be a struggle at the first few stages when you start off, you’ll naturally get used to the game’s system and before you know it, you’re one step closer to becoming a cube puzzle game master!

You get multipliers by either matching 4 or 5 patterns or matching different patterns in one drop. Doing so will reward you with double points up to as many as quadruple points! Make sure you analyze the puzzles well and before you know it, you’re on top of the leaderboard.


Ocean Crash


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