The 5 Best Games That Are Similar To Rune Factory

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Posted on July 4, 2021

Action RPGs are always fun to play because of their awesome and action-packed gameplay, as well as compelling storylines. One of the best action RPGs that you can play right now is Rune Factory. Developed by Neverland, it’s an RPG simulation that also involves a bit of farming. Players in this game get to plant different crops, grow them, and then harvest them. You can also upgrade your equipment and tools to make farming easier.

And since it’s still an RPG, there will also be battles. You will battle against various monsters that you can defeat and befriend so they can help you out. These monsters can be used to help you in farming, as well as in battle. Rune Factory is indeed a fun and interesting action RPG where you also get to do some farming. Unfortunately, it’s a game that’s not available on all platforms. But the good news is that there are also many other games that you can play that are similar to Rune Factory.

In this blog post, we’ll list down the 5 best games that are similar to Rune Factory that you can play. These games might not necessarily have 100% similar gameplay, but they’re close enough that you’ll be reminded of Rune Factory.

Fairy Farm

The first game on the list is Fairy Farm, a farming simulation game that’s published by Game Garden. It’s a game where you get to simulate planting different crops, growing them, and then harvesting them. There are over 150 different magical trees and plant species to plant and harvest in this game. but what makes this game similar to Rune Factory is the fact that you also get to deal with more than 100 different types of mythical enemies.

You can also capture, tame, and then train them to help you out. It’s one of the closest games to Rune Factory that you can play on PC or mobile.


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Klondike Adventures

Another great farming game that’s similar to Rune Factory is Klondike Adventures. What makes this game similar to Rune Factory is the farming aspect, as well as the adventure element. It’s set in the age of the Gold Rush and you’ll have to navigate around various territories going on expeditions and completing challenging quests. You start the game by building your farm where you can plant various crops and also raise animals.

The produce that they make can be used to craft other materials like food and clothes that you can use or sell. It’s an awesome farming simulation that you will definitely enjoy playing. It’s a game that will definitely remind you of Rune Factory.


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Stella Arcana

If you’re more attracted to the action RPG element of Rune Factory, then one similar game you will like is Stella Arcana. It’s an action-adventure RPG where you get to battle against various monsters. But like Rune Factory, you also have the option to befriend and tame these monsters so they will also fight alongside you. You also get to go on adventures in this MMORPG, complete challenging quests, and so on.

It’s a great alternative in case you can’t play the popular action RPG. It might not be fully similar, but it still provides similar elements that you will definitely enjoy.


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Zombie Castaway

Another game that’s a bit similar to Rune Factory that you can enjoy playing is Zombie Castaway. It’s an adventure simulation game that’s published by Vizor Apps Ltd. In this game, you get to plant and harvest various crops while also constructing different buildings to help you survive. But you won’t do it on your own, as you can collect and befriend zombies to help you in your quest.

The game features many different friendly zombies that are more than willing to help you out. You get to explore the island, go on adventures and try to solve the mysteries of the zombies. You plant different crops, including flowers and various fruits. To make sure the zombies don’t attack you, you use the fruits to cook Zombium.


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Hay Day

The last, but certainly not the last on this list is Hay Day, a strategy simulation game published by Supercell. Though the game is simulating what it’s like to have a farm, the way the gameplay is played makes it more of a strategy game. It has that open-world adventure feel, which makes this more than just a farming game. It also comes with a compelling storyline, which adds to the RPG feel of the game. In this game, you get to build and develop a farm that your uncle used to own.

But since he can’t manage it anymore, the responsibility of restoring and developing it falls on you. It’s a fun game where you get to plant various crops, take care of animals, and then sell the produce for coins to the game’s NPCs or to other players.

There are many more games that are similar to Rune Factory. But the ones on this list are the best that you can find right now. Aside from that, you can download and play these games for free on a PC!



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