7 of the Best Pixel Gun 3D Guns To Use In The Game

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Posted on January 4, 2023

A fun and exciting action shooting game you can play is Pixel Gun 3D. It’s a game that features several exciting and competitive game modes you can play. One of the things that you’ll enjoy about this action shooting game is the many different guns you can use. These guns provide an added layer of excitement during gun fights, especially the powerful guns.

But which among these Pixel Gun 3D guns is the best to use? That can be a bit subjective because it will come down to preference. But there are guns in the game that stand out. And this is what we’ll discuss in this blog post. The 7 best Pixel Gun 3D guns you can use.

Best Available Pixel Gun 3D Guns

There are many different guns available to use in Pixel Gun 3D. But some stand out compared to the rest. We’ll discuss in this section the 7 best guns you can use in the action shooter game.

1. Psionic Sporethrower (Primary Weapon)

One of the best guns available in Pixel Gun 3D is Psionic Sporethrower. It’s a primary weapon with very high damage output. It’s a great weapon for casual players who want to get kills. Even if you’re not a skilled player in Pixel Gun 3D, you can still get kills just from the sheer damage this gun brings. It’s a great weapon to have and use in Pixel Gun 3D.

Psionic Sporethrower
Image Source: Pixelgun Fandom – Psionic Sporethrower


2. Ice Chaser (Primary Weapon)

Another good primary weapon to use in the game is Ice Chaser. It doesn’t have the high damage output of the Psionic Sporethrower. But it can slow down enemies, making it easier to catch up and go for the kill. The gun also increases the damage to the Curse attribute. So, cursed enemies will receive more damage if they get hit by the Ice Chaser. A great weapon, not for the damage, but for the crowd control ability.

Ice Chaser
Image Source: Pixel Gun – Ice Chaser


3. Poison Darts (Special)

If you’re looking for a special weapon, the best one available is Poison Darts. It’s a powerful weapon that provides a good rate of fire, is lightweight for more mobility, and has very good damage. It also deals poison damage to enemies unlucky enough to get hit. That continuous poison damage can be annoying to deal with for any enemy. It does require a bit of practice to get used to because of the small delay when you press fire, and the dart shoots out.

Poison Dart
Image Source: Pixel Gun – Poison Dart


4. Heart of Volcano (Heavy)

If you prefer using big guns, then the best heavy weapon you can use is the Heart of Volcano. It’s a gun that deals high AoE damage. Its projectile also travels fast, so it’s challenging to dodge its attack. The gun also deals burning damage, so the enemy’s health will continue to decrease even if they happen to survive the initial impact. It’s a great weapon for taking on large groups of enemies at once.

Heart of Volcano
Image Source:Pixel Gun – Heart of Volcano


5. Sniper Dude (Sniper)

For those who prefer to fight at a distance, the best sniper rifle in the game is Sniper Dude. You’ll love this weapon’s fast fire rate for a sniper rifle. It also features a piercing shot and high capacity, which will inflict bleeding on enemies who get hit. But since it’s a sniper rifle, don’t expect good mobility when using it. But it’s a good weapon for those who prefer shooting at a distance. A good weapon for both casuals and dedicated players.

Sniper Dude
Image Source: Pixel Gun – Sniper Dude


6. Cthulhu Legacy (Melee)

For players who prefer close combat, the best melee weapon is the Cthulhu Legacy. What’s great about this weapon is that it features consecutive explosions when you use it, and it also provides healing. This will make you hard to kill, even if you’re using a melee weapon. Lastly, this weapon can also provide poison damage. This can make it easy to kill enemies during combat.

But since this is a melee weapon, you need to be good at moving and closing distance, or else you might see yourself getting killed before you can come close to enemies.

Cthulhu Legacy
Image Source:Pixel Gun – Cthulhu Legacy


7. Sneaky Pistol (Backup)

The last good weapon in the game is the Sneaky Pistol. It’s a backup weapon you can use when you run out of ammo using your primary weapon during a gunfight. Though it’s a pistol, it surprisingly has high damage output, allowing you to kill enemies with just a few shots. It’s also a very accurate gun, can block the enemy’s use of the gadget, and temporarily disables their jump. It’s a great pistol that you can use as a primary weapon if you want.

Sneaky Pistol
Image Source:Pixel Gun – Sneaky Pistol


Try The Best Pixel Gun in the Game

There are many awesome and powerful guns available in Pixel Gun 3D. But if you want the best of the best weapons, you can start with the ones on this list. It’s the best weapon you can use in this action shooting game.


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