Arknights: Guide to the Advanced Annihilation 3

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Posted on April 30, 2021

Arknights can be quite notorious and oftentimes challenging especially when it comes to its later levels. But if you are a faithful player who feels like it’s your duty to complete all Annihilation missions, then you know how tough Anni 3 is. Without proper maxed-out Operators, perfecting the mission in auto mode is impossible. Fortunately, we have the right guide to help you conquer that problem. Read more below for the full Anni 3 details.

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Map Layout

Anni 3 has the largest map layout with over SEVEN enemy entrances and THREE allied exits. That’s seven layers of nightmare. But in general, the design is quite plain yet deceivingly simple. In fact, there’s more ground to cover than there are enough Operators to deploy in. That is why the key in this Annihilation is timing and positioning. If you notice, the lower right area has three holes. This is the perfect opportunity to bring in a push-type Specialist.

We should also tell you in advance that there will be indestructible crossbows from the enemy entrances as well. So, better have viable Medics dispersed around the map to preserve your damage Operators.


There are too many enemies to cover so we’ll just generalize them based on their types. On the first wave, you’ll have Hounds, Soldiers, and Crossbowmen charging in at the very middle of the map; specifically the fourth row. At around wave 50, Airborne Soldiers will drop down from the right (with one guy foolishly dropping into the bottom hole). Generally, they’re easy to pick off as long as you already have deployed Operators from the second to fourth rows.

At wave 150, say hello to the Spec Ops edition of the Soldier and Caster. The Breaker will show up as well, which makes it the perfect moment to deploy a Sniper at the frontline of the sixth row. At around wave 200, the Lurkers will also show up which is just nothing but annoying.

At around wave 220, the Bombtail drones and Arts drones will try to ruin your life. At wave 300 and above, abandon all hope as the Invisible Casters, Possessed Junkmen, Veteran Butchers and Defense Crushers will make you uninstall the game.

Top Operator Picks

We hate to break it to you but you have two options: maxed out 5* E2 Operators with full level Skills or at least three 6* Operators at E2 with at least level 35 and a level 5 Skill. Since you’re playing in Anni 3, we assume you’ve acquired at least six 5* Operators or three 6* operators since Anni 3 is tailored for long-time players and late-gamers.

Above all, Crowd Control is your best friend. Whether that means Eyja’s burst skill, SilverAsh’s wave clearing, or Saria’s fan-favorite slow debuff, having the most powerful Operators is essential to help you play the game next time in auto mode with full 400 waves.
Arknights Best Operators

Here is a recommended outline from Matoy#9855’s roster: 1 ranged Guard, 1 push Specialist, 2 Defenders (1 ATK, 1 healer), 1 2-block Vanguard with passive DP-generation, 2 Medics (1 AoE, 1 single target), 1 DPS Sniper, 1 AoE Sniper, and 2 Casters (1 single target, 1 AoE). You can replace one Caster or AoE Sniper with a slow-type Support (Angelina recommended).


As usual, Texas is the most ideal Vanguard here. But, to lessen the multitasking, you should be okay with her passive first skill so you can focus on your other Operator’s skill activations. Having a Vanguard at the top second row is very crucial since he or she is the only one to generate DP. For alternatives, it can be anybody else as long as the Skill includes automatically generating at least 10 Deployment Points.


SilverAsh plays a vital role in this Annihilation since his Truesilver Slash will vaporize all incoming waves as long as you know when to activate it. As for recommended times, use his activation at around level 250 and above as long as there is a group charging in. His Truesilver Slash is a must especially if you need to complete Anni 3 with perfect 400 at autoplay since this skill can reach up to five rows of enemies.

Lappland makes a great alternative as well, but her random skill activation may make it a hindrance against late-game hostiles.


Pick anyone that can do a big active push to the bottom hole. It can be Feater, Shaw, or Weedy.


Place a Defender under SilverAsh or any guard (5th row). A healer is very beneficial here especially if it is Saria, Blemishine, Nearl, or Gummy. An attack-based Defender like Hoshiguma is also important here especially if you need to deploy a blocker on the second row once hell starts taking over the map at 300.


This can be anyone in the roster as long as you have a single target one at the 3rd row at the leftmost tile and another at the sixth looking right.


You can place them anywhere but the most ideal is the last ranged tile on the sixth row facing right. This is to clear out any incoming drones.


Eyja also plays a pivotal role here since she’s needed as a frontline caster on the third row tile. Make sure to have her 3rd skill equipped to vaporize tougher enemies in seconds. A second caster behind her is for support purposes. You can replace the second caster with a Slow-type Support like Angelina.

All of this is easier said than done and none of the crew has yet to complete this in autoplay. But, perhaps you can. Happy hunting, Doctor.

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