Arknights: A Guide to Leveling Up Operators the Fastest Way

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Posted on May 15, 2021

Arknights is such a stylish game complete with clean and crisp vibes complemented with deep story writing and a very dark tone. The Operators bring life to the game, each with their own unique skills. All of us have our favorites but sometimes, things can get quite overwhelming—especially if you whale for the SSR types. Whether you need to speed promote your Operators or do bulk leveling, we got the most accurate and realistic guide just for you.

Knowing the Leveling System

Before we go into the nitty-gritty, we need to know how Arknights let you level up Operators.

Much like Fate Grand Order, leveling up your characters require a specific card to do so. Besides the cards, you also need to stack up on LMDs: the currency in Arknights. Think of it as the in-game gold or dimes in the game. Without them, all your resources are pretty much useless.

These cards—aka Battle Records—come in 4 tiers: common, uncommon, rare, and super rare. Of course, Super Rare is hard to come by (hence the name) but will do the biggest leveling. Obviously, Common can be found anywhere in the game but has the lowest level boosting. Additionally, the Operators come in 3 stages: Elite 1, Elite 2, and 3. Basically, Elite 1 is the second form of your Operator also known as the standard form.

Elite 1 Level

At Elite 1, your Operator can have 2 skills but you can only have one during combat. To get an Operator to Elite 1, you will need a handful of LMD, some Class Chips (depending on your character’s class), and specific resources such as Orirock and Device.

Elite 2 Level

Elite 2 is the pinnacle form of your Operator. Aiming for Elite 2 is when the game starts becoming grindy. Also, this is when you can finally unlock the 3rd and most powerful skill of an SSR. For SR and below, a 3rd skill does not exist although their passive Talents significantly improves.

Elite 3 Level

This one is highly optional and is only recommended if you have more than enough resources to do so. Elite 3 Level does not really add anything to your Operator except much better stats. There are no new Skills or even a splash art for this one. Only do so if you want to get even more competitive in Arknights. The Elite 2 Level alone is good enough.
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Is Arknights Grindy?

Much like any other gacha game, Arknights can be quite a grindy game. Although, based on our personal preferences, AK is more laid back compared to other games like Azur Lane and Fate Grand Order. It does plenty of more convenient stuff than other gachas including automatically liquidating all duplicates and having much fewer repetitions for its events. Its autoplay system makes farming all the more convenient as well. That means you can do work while gathering resources for your specific Operators. In short, yes, Arknights is grindy, but not as hectic as other gacha games.

Alas, here are some of the best tips we can give you regarding level farming;

Keep on Doing Specific Chip & LMD Stage Farms

Whether you need to earn more LMD, more level cards, or more class chips, participating in the stage farms will help you boost those. Remember that Chip and Currency stages cycle every other day so make sure to familiarize yourself on which operator you want to promote first. If you will need to farm for the E2 chips, you will need to spend 30 sanity. For the 7K worth of LMD (5th stage), you also need 30 sanity. Make sure you have sanity in store so you can keep on farming for these resources.

Better to Farm on SR Resources than SSR Resources

We’ve all had that pain of having to go through the grind just to promote any Rhine Lab Operator with Orirock Concentrations. But what if we told you that it’s better to farm the SR version of that resource than having to pray to the RNGods who will give you that SSR resource on Stage 3-6? Seriously though, it’s much better to dig through Orirock Cube stages multiple times than wasting more Insanity on Concentration stages.

Always Save Up for Sanity

Sanity is the most precious commodity in Arknights. Without it, you can’t do anything in the game. It counts as your energy meter. But if you happen to be lucky and have the backup Sanity packs, you should be able to extend your hours in the game.

Participate in Events

Events are always generous in resources and LMDs. Enough said.

Keep Finishing Daily & Weekly Missions

Both types of missions will reward you with fat cases of resources to keep your Operators healthy and happy. That’s pretty much all we can say on this one.


Overall, you need a form of discipline when playing Arknights since Operators eat a lot of resources. Fortunately, farming in this game is not as much of a hassle as, let’s say, Fate Grand Order.

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