Brawl Stars Guide – Siege Cheat Sheet

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Posted on December 6, 2021

Brawl Stars is one of the best action multiplayer games that you can play right now. It’s a 3-vs-3 multiplayer game where teams will duke it out inside a battle arena. The kind of battle that will happen inside the arena will depend on the game mode. This action game features many different game modes and one of them is Siege.

But what is this game mode and what makes its gameplay fun? Who are the best brawlers in Siege? Let’s answer all of these questions in this Brawl Stars guide where we provide a cheat sheet for the game mode Siege.

What is Siege in Brawl Stars?

The Siege game mode offers unique and exciting gameplay. Each team will have an IKE turret and their goal is to destroy the enemy’s IKE turret while defending their own. There will be bolts that will spawn in the middle of the map and if you hold a bolt for 3 seconds, it will transfer to your IKE turret. You need to get as many bolts as you possibly can. At certain intervals in the game, the team with the most bolts will build a Siege Bot that will attack the enemy’s IKE turret.

Brawl Stars Seige
Brawl Stars Seige Mode Infographics

The more bolt your IKE has, the better the robot it produces. The health will be the same, but the damage and speed will increase if you have more bolts. Attacking the IKE turret won’t be easy since it has a strong non-splash attack at an incredibly long range. So attacking it on your own could be difficult. This is why you’ll need the Siege Bot’s help.

The team that successfully destroys the opponent’s IKE turret will win. In case time runs out, the team that deals more damage to their opponent’s IKE turret will win the match.

The Best Brawler to Use in Siege Mode

In terms of brawlers to use, the best ones would be those who have good mobility and high attack. Mobility is needed to quickly move around the map to acquire and hold on to bolts. A high attack is needed to try and quickly destroy the IKE turret of your opponent. Let’s look at the best brawlers in Siege game mode.

The S-Tier Brawlers

These are the best Siege brawlers for this gameplay. They’re the overpowered characters and will likely help you dominate matches. They should be the priority when it comes to picking brawlers for this game mode. The S-tier brawlers are Pam, Sandy, Gene, Jacky, Barley, and Frank.

The A-Tier Brawlers

If ever you don’t have access to any S-tier brawlers yet, then the A-tiers are a great alternative. They are not overpowered brawlers, but they’re still powerful enough. You can still dominate almost all matches using just the A-tier brawlers, provided you know how to properly use them. For the A-tier brawlers, there’s Darryl, Sprout, Bibi, Penny, Mr. P, Emz, Brock, Tick, and Carl.

The B-Tier Brawlers

A good alternative to both S-tier and A-tier brawlers, in case you still don’t have them, are the B-tiers. They’re good brawlers, though not as powerful as the ones above them. They can still help you win and even dominate many matches. But there will also be certain matches where you need the right team composition for these brawlers to shine. The B-tier brawlers are 8-bit, Bull, Colt, Dynamike, Gale, and Max.

The C-Tier Brawlers

In case you still don’t have any of the B-tier brawlers, the C-tiers are very decent alternatives. They’re still viable in many matches, but most of them will likely require the right team composition if you want to do well. These are the brawlers that you just use if you don’t have any of the more powerful options listed above. The C-tier brawlers are Spike, Rosa, and El Primo.

The Siege game mode is very fun, competitive, and challenging to play. You’ll need to use the best brawler for siege if you want to do well playing this game mode.

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