Genshin Impact: Using Condensed & Fragile Resins the Best Way

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Posted on April 14, 2021

Genshin Impact has loads of activities for you to do. Mostly, you need to spend so-called Original Resins to obtain farming materials for your characters. Unfortunately, they get depleted so fast, you might cry more on having to wait for Resins to stack up completely than missing out on farming days. Fortunately, there are two remedies for that situation: Condensed Resins and Fragile Resins. However, even these are low in quantity and are best used for certain situations. So, when is the best time to use them? Allow us to help you with that decision.

About Original Resins

In layman’s terms, Original Resins are the equivalent of an energy system of a gacha game. This is similar to Azur Lane’s Oil, Honkai Impact 3’s Energy, and Arknights’ Sanity.

These only get consumed whenever you complete a domain, a Ley Line Outcrop, or boss battles. However, roaming around the map and completing missions do not consume them. So, you might be thinking, “Oh okay, maybe it isn’t so bad after all.” Well, technically, you’re not wrong. But, as the game keeps going, you will eventually need to power up your characters. They will not get stronger unless you consume your Original Resins on farming missions in exchange for materials.

Sadly, these things get swallowed so fast, you might just finish all you need to farm in less than 15 minutes. So, what’s the remedy? Condensed Resins and Fragile Resins. Collecting these may be a bit of a hassle, but it’s always worth having them in your pocket in case you get serious about leveling up the Traveler’s companions quicker than other Genshin Impact players.

Genshin Impact Craft Condensed Resin


How to Collect Condensed Resins in Genshin Impact

Condensed Resins need a bit of work before you can even get them. First of all, you must get to level 3 in your Liyue Reputation. Increasing your reputation includes completing the main Liyue quests, constantly finishing commissions, and fulfilling requests.

If you finally get to Level 3, you have the option to craft Condensed Resins at the crafting table. The ingredients include 1 Crystal Core, 40 Original Resins, and 100 Mora to make one Condensed Resin. You can only store 5 Condensed Resins at a time (which is an odd decision since that just makes it more convenient for players).

Purpose of Condensed Resins

Unlike Original Resins, Condensed Resins will eventually give you higher chances of better loot in domains and Ley Line Outcrops. It also doubles just about everything from XP to drop rates of rare farm items and better quantity of Ley Line Outcrop loot.

It also doesn’t consume extra Original Resins if you ever use it to clear a farm level.

When to Use Condensed Resins

Condensed Resins are the best materials to consume if you finally get to level 34 and above in Genshin Impact. That’s because materials get rarer and your characters need more stuff than ever before to level them up. Anything from blue to orange tier items gets higher drop chances, especially if you enter high-leveled domains.

Remember, you only have five of these in your inventory, so make sure to use them in the right situations.

Reminder, you CANNOT use Condensed Resins for open-world boss battles. It only works whenever you need to go to another realm or level to raid a boss or complete domain challenges. In other words, you cannot use it on Hypostases, Lupus Boreas, Oceanid, Geovishap, or Regisvines. Although, miHoYo may decide to allow players to use the Condensed ones in the future. Who knows?

Recommended Areas

We highly recommend using the Condensed Resin on Stormterror, Golden House, Hidden Place of Lianshan, and Cecilia Garden. These places always hold the rarest items, especially for both weapons and character ascensions.

But, should you even use these resins on Ley Line Outcrops? If you still have a low level, yes you can. But, if your level is already higher than average enemies, it’s a big waste of material.

Genshin Impact Fragile Resin


How to Collect Fragile Resins in Genshin Impact

Fragile Resins are a different story. Basically, they refill your Original Resin quantity, and that’s it. However, saying it is easier said than done because they’re even rarer to find than having to craft Condensed Resins.

The only ways you can get them is through story quests, events, or the battle pass. Additionally, you can even earn three times more Fragile Resins than the usual if you purchase the premium battle pass.

When to Use Fragile Resins

Only consume them if you are ever doing a rush for ascending your characters or weapons. There’s really no point in consuming them if you just stack them up and not do farming quests at least on a daily basis. Take note, you get back 60 Original Resins whenever you use one Fragile Resin.

Should You Use Primogems for Resins?

Never. That’s all we can say about it. Use those to pull for your favorite husbando or waifu.


Resins are a hard commodity in the Genshin Impact economy, and you can only earn the Condensed and Fragile Resins if you care enough for its stories and side quests. For casual players, it’s no big deal. But, for players who have invested hours of Genshin, these are important.

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