Granny 3: In-Game Secrets & Tips for New Players

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Posted on July 4, 2021

Just when you thought that the nightmare was over, DVloper unleashed the third installment for their iconic Granny series. Granny 3 combines three of DVloper’s most iconic antagonists Granny, Grandpa, and Slendrina. It starts with a short introduction showing the protagonist entering the gates of the mansion but was shot by Grandpa. Players have 5-days to collect all keys and escape the mansion. In short, players have five lives to spare in the game. The game resets and proceeds to the next day every time the player gets caught or killed.

Granny boasts many improvements in terms of audio and visual presentation. Despite having the same gameplay mechanics seen from its predecessors, the overhauled graphics and reworked audio are more than enough to scare the living daylights out of the player. This title is also more challenging than its predecessors. It boasts new monsters, secrets, and surprises that may give you nightmares.

So it can be a pretty horrifying game to play. If you are one of the new players who is having a hard time escaping the confines of the mansion, then, consider checking out our list of tips and secrets below.

The Secrets Tucked Away In Granny 3

Similar to its predecessors, Granny 3 comes with cool secrets concealed within its spooky gameplay. Some of these secrets are helpful while others are just for aesthetic purposes. We managed to compile some of the unique details/elements in Granny 3 that pass off as an in-game secret.

Granny 3 Gameplay


Getting Rid of The Infamous Slendrina

As a parting gift, Granny 3 will provide you with a list of tips before you jump into the game. One of the tips states that “Teddy is Pretty Important.” Teddy refers to a teddy bear concealed somewhere in the mansion. For those new to the Granny series, take note that all the items and keys are randomly generated. This means that placement item/key in the game is randomized making each run different from the previous. With that said, Teddy is the one who can eliminate Slendrina.

Once you find Teddy, you need to ride the dumbwaiter located in the kitchen to reach the uppermost room. Once you reach the room, you must look for the crib and place the teddy. Doing this will make Slendrina appear and eventually vanish. Slendrina will drop an item or a key after vanishing followed by the phrase “Slendrina is now Gone.’

Getting rid of Slendrina is one of the many achievements you can get in Granny 3. It also doesn’t mean that she’s the only monster hanging around. It’ll be wise to read more secrets and tips below as you’ll never know what’s hiding underneath the shadows.

The Unnerving Secret of The Moat

One of the reasons why you cannot go out of the mansion is the presence of the moat. From a third-person perspective, the moat is shallow enough to cross making the presence of a huge drawbridge unnecessary. Nevertheless, it’s not the water in the moat that you should be afraid of but the beast residing on it. You can jump into the moat but do not stay too long if you do not want to lure its resident beast.

Granny 3 PC Game

In addition, the moat also returns all items thrown into its waters. Any of the items or weapons you possess when thrown into the moat and will spawn just meters away. It’s not that helpful, however, knowing this phenomenon or glitch is pretty cool to say nonetheless.

Getting Your First Weapon Against The Horrors

There are two weapons available in Granny 3. The first one is Grandpa’s shotgun and the other is a Slingshot. Between the two weapons, the most challenging to acquire is Grandpa’s shotgun. The Slingshot, on the other hand, is stored safely on a weapon cabinet that requires a key. The good news is that the key is inside a coconut. That’s right! To gain access to the Slingshot, you must first look for the coconut. Once you locate the item, go outside and put the coconut in the guillotine to get the key inside.

Having a slingshot will make the task of getting Grandpa’s shotgun a piece of cake. All you need to do is stun Grandpa with your slingshot while he’s carrying the weapon. Hitting the antagonist will allow you to grab the shotgun from Grandpas’ hand. It’s like taking candy from a baby or in this case a very naughty senior citizen.

Start Your Journey By Playing It on PC

Now that you know some of the basic secrets in Granny 3, the next thing you need to do is download and play the game on your PC. Head on over to our Games page, and experience the best PC gaming has to offer. Enjoy seamless gameplay available only through our launcher!

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