Kaja Mobile Legends Guide – The Ultimate Build, Tips & Strategies

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Posted on July 16, 2022

Kaja is one of those unique fighters in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Though he is categorized as a fighter in this action game, he’s best used in a supporting role. The skills that he has, though powerful and deadly, are best used to set up enemies to be ganked or killed by your DPS. It’s why he’s also a bit tricky to play because of how he should be played. Fortunately, this blog post will help you with that, as it’s a Kaja Mobile Legends guide.

We’ll discuss how the Nazar King should be played as well as the best Kaja Mobile Legends Build. We’ll also provide tips to help your gameplay of this hero.

Kaja Mobile Legends Guide – Kaja’s Skills

As a fighter/support hero, Kaja can be used on the Experience Lane or as a Roamer. Players should follow the Tank in providing support to the different lanes. Additionally, he’s a hero that should not be played aggressively, at least before reaching level 4. Let’s talk about this hero’s skills.

mobile legends bang bang kaja the nazar king


1st Skill Ring of Order

Kaja’s first skill is the Ring of Order where he will release a ring of lightning that deals magic damage to all enemies that are hit by it. The great thing about this skill is that it also reveals any enemies hiding in the bush while also slowing down their movement speed by 30%. Therefore, it’s Kaja’s priority skill and is what you’ll use the most in checking enemies and dealing damage.

kaja 1st skill mlbb
Image Source: Kaja 1st Skill


2nd Skill Lightning Bomb

The second skill of Kaja is the Lightning Bomb, where he will dash in the designated direction. In addition, he will leave behind three bombs of lighting that deals magic damage to all enemies that are hit by it. It’s Kaja’s least important skill, which is why it’s last on the priority list. But it can still be helpful as you’re trying to run away from enemies.

Ultimate Skill Divine Judgement

Kaja’s Ultimate Skill is the Divine Judgement, and it’s the skill that makes him one of the deadly supports in the game. The hero will use his power of lightning to trap an enemy and restrict their movements, as well as use their skills. Afterwards, Kaja can drag the enemy anywhere he wants. The skill will also deal magic damage to enemies, and it can’t be removed using Purify or skills similar to Purify. Furthermore, Kaja can still use skills 1 and 2 while this skill is active.

Passive Skill Wrath Sanction

For his passive, the Wrath Sanction allows Kaja to deal extra magic damage on his basic attack every six seconds. The magic damage can also spread up to three enemies, allowing Kaja to target multiple enemies with just his basic attack. You can see how unique Kaja’s skill is, allowing him to be a support hero while also dealing a good amount of magic damage to enemies.

Let’s now look at the proper build for Kaja. It will help you determine his core items in the game.

Best Kaja Mobile Legends Builds

Kaja has two roles that players can fulfill, the fighter role and the support role. Regardless of the role you choose, his core items will remain the same. He has two core items, Calamity Reaper and Shadow Twinblades. Calamity Reaper provides him with Cooldown Reduction, True Damage, and Mana Regeneration. On the other hand, Shadow Twinblades provides Life Steal, extra Magic Damage, and increases Movement Speed.

Both items work well with Kaja’s skills and passive. After getting those two items, you can start building his other magic damage items. Fleeting Time is a must item for Kaja since it shortens the cooldown of his ultimate skill, which is what makes him a special hero. Then you can just add Holy Crystal for additional Magic Damage, Genius Wand for Magic Damage and Penetration, and Arcane Boots for Magic Penetration. The last item will depend on the situation.

kaja build mlbb

If your opponents are mostly Physical Damage dealers, Antique Cuirass or Dominance Ice is a good option. The latter item is good for dealing against opponents with Life Steal. Athena’s Shield is your go-to item if your opponents are mostly Magic Damage dealers. But otherwise, just go for another offensive item. Blood Wings is good for increased Attack Speed while providing some sustain with its shield. Concentrated Energy is another with Magic Damage with Life Steal. Lastly, use Necklace of Durance if your opponents have a lot of healing or Life Regeneration.

Tips For Playing as Kaja Mobile Legends

If you’re playing as support, you can be a bit aggressive in harassing lanes to help your teammates. Constantly use your skill one and passive to harass enemies and help your teammates. But be careful of enemy ganks as well, as Kaja is very squishy. As a fighter, be more defensive and just wait until you have your ultimate skill. Once that’s unlocked, you can be a bit more aggressive, especially in baiting enemies to move away from their tower.

Make use of the bush as well to set up ganks. Once an enemy is out of position, you can quickly rush in and use your ultimate skill. You then drag them towards your team. Kaja is strong against almost all other heroes. But he does have trouble against Zilong, Jawhead, Helcurt, and Gusion.

The Verdict – Kaja Mobile Legends

Employ all builds and items listed above, and you can utilize Kaja the best way possible. These will help you become better support or hero. Also, make sure to stay tuned here in Games.lol if you want to know more about Mobile Legends Bang Bang and the heroes you can use.

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