Mobile Legends: Playing As The Assassin Benedetta

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Posted on March 17, 2021

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most fun and popular multiplayer online battle arena games. And one of the ways that Moonton keeps the game interesting is by constantly introducing new heroes. One of the newest assassins that you can play in the game is Benedetta the Shadow Ranger. She is the 100th hero of the game, which also made the developers decide to give her for free.

This means every MLBB gamer would have a Benedetta when she was released last November 2020. Despite everyone having access to her, being a good Benedetta user is not going to be easy. Moonton rated this assassin’s difficulty at 8/10, which means she is not the easiest hero to master. And when you start playing her, you will understand why. She has insane damage making it easy to get a “First Blood” kill with her even during the early game.

But her skill-set and passive will require practice and getting used to. To help you with that, this article will be your guide on how to properly play the assassin Shadow Ranger, Benedetta. First, let’s discuss Benedetta’s skills and passive ability. This will help you understand better how this hero works and have an idea of how to properly use her.

Elapsed Daytime Passive

Benedetta’s passive is unique since it’s an ability that you can actively use. To use it, you just need to hold down the Basic Attack button and the hero will enter a Swordout State. While in this state, Benedetta will gather Sword Intent which is the sword icon just above her. It will fill up and once it reaches red, you can release it and she will dash forward and slash enemies on her path, dealing 100 (+220% Total Physical Attack) physical damage.


Benedetta ML Guide


You can also charge your Sword Intent whenever you deal Basic Attack damage to enemies, creeps, jungle monsters, or towers. But unlike skills, you use the movement joystick to control the direction of this attack. The attack triggers Spell Vamp since it’s classified as Skill Damage.

Phantom Slash

This is Benedetta’s first skill. The hero would quickly withdraw but leaves a shadow in front that will slash forward in a fan-shaped area after a short delay and deal 300 (+60% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. After that, Benedetta will follow it up by slashing forward, dealing 180 (+70% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. If the target was hit by her shadow, Benedetta’s damage increases by 200%. The basic damage increases as the skill level increases. This skill also charges the Sword Intent, so you can follow up this attack with her passive.

An Eye For An Eye

Benedetta’s second skill is another dash skill. The hero would raise her sword to defend, which would grant her Control Immunity and block any damage for 0.8 seconds. After that, she will stab in the same direction, dealing 300 (+80% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. The basic damage increases as the skill level increases. The great thing about this skill is that if you were able to successfully defend a Crowd Control attack, the Sword Intent passive becomes fully charged. The target who cast the CC attack will be stunned for 1.5 seconds.


Benedetta skill set


Alecto: Final Blow

This is Benedetta’s Ultimate skill, which is also a dash skill. The hero would clench her sword Alecto and dashes forward in the direction you set after a short delay. She becomes invisible when she dashes and slows all targets caught up by it by 70% for 1 second. After she dashes, several Sword Intent slashes will be left behind the path for 2.5 seconds. She deals 80 (+50% Total Physical Attack) physical damage and slows them by 20% every 0.2 seconds.

This move has a low cooldown, so you can spam it to even clear minion waves quicker. You just need to properly time it, considering there will be a short delay before it’s activated.

Guide to Using Benedetta

When you first start using Benedetta, don’t be discouraged if you see yourself dying more often than getting kills. She is not an easy hero to use and will likely take some practice to get used to. You should play her first in custom mode against enemy computers or play the vs A.I. mode.

The first thing you need to do is to get used to using her passive attack. It can be used to initiate or escape fights, so getting used to it will be important. Remember to aim properly when using it, as this will be an important aspect when using her. If you use it for initiating, you can then follow it up with her first skill, Phantom Slash, and then use the dash again to deal damage or escape the clash.


ML Benedetta Guide


It’s important to remember that Benedetta is a squishy hero, so try not to soak too much damage. Timing will be key when using her, knowing when to attack enemies and when to escape. You can also use her ultimate to enter a fight and then follow it up with her first skill. When using her ultimate, keep in mind the short delay, as you don’t want to get caught by enemies’ attacks before you can even activate your Ult.

Her second skill is a great way to defend against CC attacks, similar to Chou’s second skill. But it will be much harder to time it than Chou’s second skill, so practice will be needed. You can use her second skill to escape fights, as its CC defense will allow you to still move out.

Final Thoughts on Benedetta

Benedetta is a fun hero to use, and also one of the most powerful ones in Mobile Legends right now. But she requires a lot of practice, especially if you consider that many of her skills are dash skills. You would need to get used to aiming them properly and using them during the right moments. But once you get used to her, it will be hard to kill her while also avoiding her deadly attacks. Try Benedetta out, and put these tips to good use by playing Mobile Legends on PC! You can download our version for free!

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