Kaja! The Nazar King Comes to Mobile Legends

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Posted on June 21, 2018

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is releasing a brand-new hero! With the release of the latest trailer on Mobile Legends’ Facebook page and various discussions in forums, the hype is up! Will this be the next best hero in Mobile Legends? Play Mobile Legends: Bang Bang now and give this new hero a try! Read on as we give you some basic features of this latest addition, Kaja, the Nazar King.

Kaja, The Nazar King’s Basic Features

  • Role: Support / Tank
  • Specialty: Initiator / Charge
  • Durability: 4/5
  • Offense: 3/5
  • Ability Effects: 4/5
  • Difficulty: 3/5

Kaja, the Nazar King, is the latest hero that is released by Mobile Legends on 19th June 2018 (server time). Kaja was once a noble guardian of the Celestial Palace. He harnesses the lightning and transforms it into pure energy that surges throughout his body, dealing damage to any opponents that dare come close to him. This makes Kaja highly adept at crowd control. Once an enemy falls into Kaja’s reach his attempts of escape will be rather futile.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero

Kaja is also a trusty ally who has the ability to grant shield-protection to his teammates during attacks, making him a super support hero. Sounds awesome? Let us look at some of the skills and abilities of Kaja.

Kaja’s Skills & Abilities

Take note the Nazar King’s skills and abilities below.

First Skill: Ring of Order

When triggered, Kaja releases a ring of blade that quickly expands and contracts. Any enemy in the range will receive magic damage and have their speed temporarily reduced. When the ring hits an enemy hero, Kaja fires a lightning bolt and deals magic damage to the nearest enemy target. As this damage gradually increases over time, it is advisable for Kaja to be as close to his enemy target as possible when using this skill. This skill has the ability to overpower the enemy team in the early stage of the game. So, be sure to get a headstart by using this hero.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Ring of Order
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Ring of Order


Second Skill: Gale Force

When triggered, Kaja charges to the front in a specific direction and inflicts magic damage to enemies in his path. If his teammate is in the path of his movement, this charge will be interrupted and the teammate whom he collides into will be granted a shield. This skill is great when used as a combo together with Ring of Order.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Gale Force
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Gale Force


Third Skill: Divine Judgement

Kaja disables and pulls in an enemy hero away from the main battlefield for 2 seconds, dealing magic damage to his opponent. The Magic Resistance of the enemy hero is also greatly reduced and transferred to Kaja during this time and Kaja would be able to inflict damage to the enemy hero. For beginner players, it is advisable to activate the Battle Spell, Flicker, before triggering the Divine Judgement skill.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Divine Judgement
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Divine Judgement


Passive Skill: Eye of the Storm

Kaja’s passive skill, the Eye of the Storm, allows Kaja to increase his speed by 40% after he has received damage. This effect can be triggered once every 5 seconds.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Eye of the Storm
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Kaja Hero Eye of the Storm

Cannot wait to give this hero a try in your next 5v5 battle? You can purchase this new hero from the in-game store for 32,000 battle points or 599 diamonds.

Note that there is an in-store promotion of 30% off during the first week of release of this hero. Purchase Kaja and his skin, Commandment, at a bundle rate of 608 diamonds. You can also get Kaja for only 419 diamonds during this limited time period. Download and play Mobile Legends Bang Bang on PC now!

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