Need for Speed Best Cars to Use per Brand Class

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Posted on November 1, 2020

Just like their previous titles, Need for Speed: No Limits showcases a ton of high-end cars from different brands. These mechanical marvels of speed and precision can be unlocked whenever you acquire blueprints from finishing a race.  That said, picking the fastest car can be overwhelming. Since many car brands offer top of the line vehicles for your racing needs. But do not fret – we have narrowed down all of the cars available in the game per brand and have come up with a veritable list of cars you would want to have in your garage.

There is a list of the fastest cars you can get in Need for Speed without further ado: No Limits!

List of Need for Speed: No Limits Fastest Cars

Most of the cars listed on the infographic require at least 60 Legendary Blueprints. We have listed down the best cars according to their Performance Rating, Acceleration, and Top Speed. After a series of thorough research, here are the best in-game cars each brand has to offer:

The cars on this list fall under the Hyper and Sportscar type. These vehicles spare no expense when it comes to blazing through the asphalt and leave other cars biting the dust. Suffice to say; these cars should be on your high-priority list whenever you have accumulated some Legendary Blueprints.


Need for Speed Best Cars to Use


Top HyperCars in Need for Speed: No Limits

Topping the list is Koenigsegg Regera. Sporting impressive Performance Ratings of Stock 873, Max 1094, and Tuned 1312, this hybrid electric car sports one of the best ratings for a vehicle that only has one Transmission. The 410 Top Speed is also nothing to scoff at, given that this car is an electric hybrid. If you manage to save up your Legendary Blueprints, investing in this bad boy is a good option.

Second, on the list is the Bugatti Chiron. Having the second-highest Performance Ratings relative to the Koenigsegg Regera, the Bugatti Chiron has a slight edge in the Top Speed at 420. Having a 7-Speed Automatic transmission allows its driver to control when they want to punch it during races. Whenever they do so, chances are they will see the finish line way faster than opposing cars. All thanks to that monstrous Top Speed and fastest Acceleration rating at 2.1 seconds.

Landing in third place is the McLaren P1, the heir apparent to the McLaren F1. Another hybrid hypercar, the Mclaren P1, edges out the other speedsters on this list under it by having consistent overall Performance Ratings with 781 Stock, 1063 Max, and 1256 Tuned numbers. This matter equates to a very reliable speedster that will net you wins.

The Pagani Huayra BC takes the fourth spot. A modified version of the Huyara, this speedster has an impressive Top Speed rating of 383, which is faster than the McLaren P1. However, the Pagani Huayra’s lower position is that its Performance Ratings are slightly lower than the McLaren P1. That said, the Huayra BC is still a beast of a car thanks to that Top Speed.

Fifth place goes to the Porsche 918 Spyder. One of the more iconic European sports cars, its sleek design and the silhouette is unmistakable. Performance-wise, the 918 Spyder slips into the top 5, thanks to its Max and Tuned Ratings at 1031 and 1215, respectively.

Top Supercars Need for Speed: No Limits

Since the list above covers the best cars per brand, some Supercars have managed to get in. Supercars are a tier below the Hypercars since their overall Performance Ratings range between 600 to just under 1170. Here are the top three Supercars that made a list:

The Bentley Continental GT gets to top honors for the best Supercar in the game. Sporting good Performance Ratings of 637 Stock, 962 Max, and 1166 Tuned, this dual-clutch vehicle has plenty to prove when facing other powerful cars.
At the second place, we have the Ford GT 2017. With a Top Speed of 348, the Ford GT outspeeds the Bentley Continental GT. And while it’s Stock 693 Rating also outscores the Bentley, its Max and Tuned Performance Ratings fall slightly short at 1010 and 1158. However, since it runs a 7-Speed Automatic Transmission, racers can use the Top Speed in key areas during a race to come out on top.

Finally, we have Honda’s NSX 2017. One of the Asian brands to top the list, the Honda NSX 2017, offers mid-level Performance Ratings with 644 Stock, 984 Max, and 1127 Tuned numbers. However, it holds the fastest Acceleration at 2.7, beating the Ford GT 2017 and Bentley Continental GT. While the NSX 2017 has the slowest Top Speed among the Supercars on the list, its 9-Speed Transmission allows its driver to reach peak speeds more reliably than other Supercars.

Top Sports Cars Need for Speed: No Limits

Rounding off the list are the Sports Cars. Vehicles classified under this category have Performance Ratings that range between 500 to 1130. Speed-wise, Sports Cars are on the lower tier compared to the Super and Hypercars. But some Sports Cars stand out in some cases. Five Sports Cars made it to the list – here’s a brief rundown for each of them if you’re looking to use your Blueprints on a good Sports Car:

The highest-ranking Sports Car goes to the Mazda MX-5. At the same time, its Stock and Max Performance Ratings and even its Transmission are lower than the second-best Sports Car. It makes up for having a high Tuned Performance Rating at 1122. The Mazda MX-5 is a car that drivers have a soft spot since it’s been one of the more recognizable sports car brands.

BMW’s M5 holds second place for the best Sports Car in the game. With an impressive Stock and Max Performance Rating of 620 and 971, alongside a respectable 249 Top Speed, The M5 only falls short on the Tuned Racing, having only 1091. That said, its Top Speed edges the MX-5, and when competing in Sports Car-themed races, if you don’t have the MX-5 yet, you can use the BMW M5 instead.

At third place, we have the Lotus Exige Cup 380. This vehicle has the lowest Stock Rating for a Sports Car on the list at 543, but it more than makes up for it when you see its Max and Tuned Ratings at 953 and 1084. The Lotus Exige Cup 380 also holds the third-fastest Top Speed for Sports Cars on 299.

Sitting at the fourth spot is the Chevrolet Corvette 206. It has the second Stock Rating at 611, as well as the second-fastest Top Speed at 299. One of the staple American-made cars, Chevrolet, often depicts muscle cars. Still, the Corvette 206 gives them a case to make stylish and fast Sports Cars.

Finally, the Mercedes Benz GT rounds up the best Sports Cars in Need for Speed: No Limits. Having the fastest Top Speed for Sports Cars in the game at 304, the Mercedes Benz GT also has decent overall Performance Ratings. It is scoring a respectable 593 Stock, 937 Max, and 1031 Tuned numbers. Given that the Mercedes brand is synonymous with elegance and style, its Sports Cars, such as the GT, also provide the much-needed speed to complement the brand’s reputation.

Wrapping Up

And there you have it – those are the best cars you can acquire in Need for Speed: No Limits. Apart from performance, each vehicle exudes the style their respective brands are known for. So save up on your Blueprints and purchase the cars that best tickles your fancy! You will indeed dominate the competition and look good while doing it!

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