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Are you a competitive player? Do you love fighting games? Do you like playing competitive fighting games with your friends on PC? If yes, then you are in for a treat as you are about to explore one of the most significant fighting game categories you can browse free on PC. Say goodbye to those boring puzzle games and engage in some of the most iconic free-to-play fighting game titles in the video game industry. What are the fighting games? This match is video game titles that often feature hand to hand or weapons combat. These titles are highly competitive and are usually playable by 1-2 players. Also, this kind of gameplay requires a specific set of skills to master; some of these skills include reaction time, real-time strategy, and tactical approach. In other words, fighting games focus more on the hand-eye coordination of the player. Expect some of the most iconic fighting game titles in this category similar to the ones below.

10 most popular fighting games to play
10 Most Popular Fighting Games That’s Best To Play

Punching, kicking, cool martial arts move, and lots of blood. These are some of the elements that make fighting games very fun and exciting to play.

All you need to do is click on the title of the game you chose, hit the download button, follow the simple instructions, and enjoy hours of pure fighting game fun. Try it now and do not forget to share this fighting game collection with your friends and family.

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