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About this Game

Alienanza is available now on PC! If you’re looking for a fun way to entertain your kids but you also want to give them a mental exercise, Alienanza dexterity game is your go-to game!


Alienanza memory game challenges you to play fast and think fast! Now, you can also join the online community and get the chance to be a top-notcher! Where else can you find a game that’s so simple yet twice the fun and triple the intensity? Now, you don’t have to expose your kids to violent shooting games and you can finally give them this funky gaming experience on your desktop! With tons of games at, this is one game you’ll surely enjoy with your kids.




Alienanza Mini Game Features:


Fun Graphics

One of the things we love about this game is the cute animation. The game itself is pretty simple but it has a lot to offer both for you and your kids. The graphics are meant to entertain and the characters are undeniably cute too!


If this were a collectible item, we’re pretty sure your kids are going to love collecting the cute characters in the game. The game features are in 2D and on the plus side, the quirky sound effects will keep your kids entertained and might just get them hooked on the game!


Easy Gameplay

As we said, the game is very simple and is very easy to play. The game opens with the first alien creature and you just have to tap to begin. You’re required to remember the first image and compare it to the next image that pops up. If the images are the same, all you have to do is tap YES and if the previous and recent aliens you are looking at are different, just tap NO. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, not really. Once you’ve gone through a dozen different alien races, you might start getting confused and you might easily make a mishap too, causing you to finish the game just as soon as you started.




Alienanza is a pretty cool game and it’s a totally epic way to kill time. It’s the type of game you would allow your kids to play, and on the plus side, it’s a great mini-game for girls and boys alike.




Fast-Paced Alienanza Mini-Game

If you can’t keep up with the pace of the game; you’re going to simply lose it all just as quickly as you started. With easy game controls, this is definitely a perfect mini-game for kids. You can even play it with your family while challenging each other in beating the highest score. Since it’s a fast-paced game, taking turns or even playing it on PC simultaneously is a sure treat for everyone!




Perfect Memory Game for Kids

You can now enjoy Alienanza memory game here on This is an ability game that tests both your memory and your dexterity; so technically, it’s an educational game for kids to play. They will not only learn but will have lots of fun too! Looking for more memory games and Brain Teaser Mini-Games? You might just love playing Aquablitz with your kids too!

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