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Looking for fun games for your kids? Are you in search of kids games that are not just fun, but are educational at the same time? Then you have come to the right page. Here at, we have a selection of free online games for kids that are not just safe and content appropriate, but are fun and educational too! Children would love these games—and parents could join in too.

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8 Educational Kids Games That Help With Online Classes

One of the challenging changes that happened during this pandemic is that a lot of pupils and students need to cope with attending online classes instead of going to traditional classrooms to study. Although safe from harm, parents and teachers are having a hard time getting their students to focus on class, especially when virtual […]

If you want your kids to enjoy a calming and aesthetically pleasing game with a rich storyline, A Girl Adrift is a great choice! In this game, you play a cute anime-like character who was left drifting in the wide-open ocean. All you have to do is help her survive the harsh marine life by catching different types of fish.

We still have other free online games for kids. Specifically, we have puzzles, bedtime stories, match-3 games, dress-up games, and more. There are also a variety of kids’ games where children can cook, play musical instruments, and drive cars or trucks. All these are free to play and are ready to download on PC!

Go ahead and browse through our catalog of kids’ games here on If you find an interesting game title, just click it to be directed to a download page. Then just locate the “Play Now” button to save the game on PC! Don’t worry, it’s totally free.

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