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About this Game

Test your shooting skills in this incredible hunt and shoot game! In Hunter Willie on PC, you obviously play as Willie, a hunter who somehow found his way in a mysterious dungeon. This is where prehistoric monsters come to life and eat people who are unfortunately blocking their way! But since you are not like most people, you are armed with a rifle that can kill these prehistoric creatures with just 1 to 3 shots.


Kill dinosaurs, collect items along the way, and get achievements to celebrate your great skills on the game. Make sure to keep your rifle loaded and collect items before a dinosaur passes and gets it from you! Of course, make sure you deliver a fatal shot to every incoming dinosaur or else you will be eaten!

Hunter Willie Online Game Features:


Easy to Learn and Play

Hunter Willie is a shooting-survival game that will test your wit and reflex skills the whole time. With 5 lives and 30 pieces of ammo at the beginning of the game, let’s see how long will you survive in a dungeon that is full of monstrous creatures such as dinosaurs and big bats.


Just push the left, right, up, and down arrows to start moving in the dungeon and click on a creature to shoot at it. There are certain hits that will deliver an instant, fatal blow to an animal with just 1 bullet. For the common dinosaur, it will be the head. For bats, you can shoot it at any part of the body and it will immediately be defeated.


For Triceratops, however, you need to shoot it on the head three times before you can finally defeat it. You can also shoot a dinosaur on its body, but it will take more ammo before it could be defeated. It is important to aim at the most fatal parts so you won’t be wasting your ammo in the game.


Shoot at each creature quickly to avoid being eaten! Survive long enough in the game to finally reach the Shining Exit.


Hunter Willie


Collect Additional Ammo and Other Items on the Ground

Remember, you only get to start the game with just 5 lives and 30 rounds of ammo. These alone are not enough to ensure your survival. Luckily, you can collect additional ammo from the ground. You may also pick up an additional life (bottle) and extra points (eggs) during the game. But hurry! These items will be lost when a dinosaur passes through them, so make sure you get it before they do.


Hunter Willie


Reach Higher Points to Acquire Achievements

If you manage to come far in the game, you will be eligible for certain achievements. The achievements will be awarded through the number of points accumulated. For 300 points, you get the Cool Hunter award and if you raise it up to 600 points, you get the Super Hunter award. Keep on playing because the 900 points will get you the Great Hunter award!


Hunter Willie


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