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About this Game

You know how legends spoke about monsters lying under our bed or lurking in the closet at night to come and eat you when the lights are off and the grown-ups are sleeping? Turns out they were just looking for sweet candy.

At least that’s what Sweet Monsters want us to think. Sweet Monsters is a cutesy side-scroller endless runner 2D game that lets you take on a role of a one-eyed monster who has crept out of the closet and into an infinite road that lays nothing but fine dandy candy everywhere.

Your job is to make sure you feed this monster with all-you-can-eat candy until he bumps his head on a pumpkin or trip over a spooky scary skeleton that shivers down our spine! Click and play Sweet Monsters now for free!


Sweet Monsters Game Features:


Side-Scrolling Endless Runner Fun!

Who hates endless runner here? Raise your hand. You don’t? Okay good because if you didn’t, this particular monster will see you like a candy treat and eat you like you’re made of strawberries.

Kidding aside, Sweet Monsters takes all the pages of everything good about endless runner games and even 2D games too. What we do love the most about Sweet Monsters are the highly-responsive controls that let you do a lot of free-form moves that have you running, sliding, jumping, double jumping, triple jumping and floating along the stage.


Sweet Monsters


Just like other endless runner games, you only have three lives to make every match count! The monster you play as would rather die in diabetes from excessive consumption of sweets rather than tripping on a porcupine. Nobody likes to be tripped by a porcupine.


High-Quality Animations and Music

 Seriously though, this game feels like watching a cartoon show from a famous cartoon channel. It’s wonderfully made in flash animation but the flash part itself feels less than obvious as you’d think the animations have been hand-drawn and doing the movement for 60 fps! It’s smooth, it’s great and it’s really pleasing to look at.

Even the background of the game looks so rich and delightful that you’d think it was from a high-profile animation studio who were behind big-name movies such as that one movie where monsters have a job scaring kids in their sleep. Or, that one movie with a quadrilogy where there’s this group of toys being alive and pretends to be stationary when humans are around.


Sweet Monsters


Multipliers and Neat Tricks to Do

If Subway Surfer had an animated side-scroller version, this is it Chief. Except this one has you bouncing over obstacles that turn double jumps into triple jumps, and doing fast-acting prompts like jump-slides.


Sweet Monsters


It also has a neat way of getting multipliers in the game too – the more candy you collect and the longer you stay in the game, the higher your multiplier will become, so make sure you stay ahead of the game and don’t let a measly mushroom hit you while collecting candy. For more exciting arcade games like this one, check out Foot Chinko World Cup and Arctic Pong!

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