10 Free Trivia Games that Brainiacs Should Play on PC

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Posted on July 20, 2022

If you think you have a robust knowledge base when it comes to general knowledge, then you are in luck, as today we will be taking a quick look at the best trivia games that you can download and play free of charge. Choose from ten of the best trivia games and compete against your friends, family, or random players across the globe. So without further ado, let’s check out ten of the best trivia games you can play on PC for free.

10 Mind-Bending Trivia Games You Can Play for Free on PC

We have listed ten of the best trivia games, which you will enjoy for free!

1. Trivia Crack

Modeled after the popular board game Trivial Pursuit, Trivia Crack is one of the most iconic trivia games in the freemium market. Developed and published by Etermax in 2013, Trivia Crack is a straightforward game focused on competitive online multiplayer. Players can compete with others in six categories (history, sports, science, art, entertainment, and geography). Additionally, it features a color wheel with the six categories featured. Each player must spin the wheel to choose the category of their question.

Part of what makes Trivia Crack unique is the Question Factory, which allows players to create and submit questions in the game. Furthermore, the simple design and gameplay mechanics of Trivia Crack are famous within the gaming community, resulting in hundreds of millions of downloads across various platforms.


trivia crack gameplay on pc


2.  Brain Games: Puzzle for Adults

Brain Games: Puzzle for Adults, a fun brain training game made by Brainix, is one of the first puzzle games ever made. This game has a lot of different problems that are meant to keep your mind sharp and improve your cognitive skills. It works your brain in many ways, from memory games that test your ability to remember things to logic puzzles that test your ability to solve problems.

For math fans, the addition of physics equations makes the game even more interesting. The game doesn’t just test you; it also keeps track of your progress so you can see how much you’ve improved over time. This is all presented in an aesthetically pleasing and easy-to-use interface, which makes Brain Games: Puzzle for Adults a real treat for players looking for a fun and intellectually stimulating experience.


brain games pc download


3. Trivia 360

Published in 2016 by Smart Owl Apps, Trivia 360 is a highly downloaded trivia game in the freemium market. Like the other games on this list, Trivia 360 comes with a straightforward design and mechanics. Some of the features that make this game unique and popular are the user-friendly interface, single-player or multiplayer mode, and diverse topic categories. Additionally, Trivia 360 features unlimited gameplay and multiple quiz formats. With tons of accolades and millions of downloads, the game’s modesty in its overall design is well-liked.


trivia 360 pc download


4. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

Kahoot! is an interactive quiz game that takes your quizzing experience to the next level. Designed and published by Kahoot! itself, this engaging game is tailor-made for students and professionals seeking a mental workout. Explore a diverse range of kahoots covering various topics suitable for all ages.

Whether you’re in a classroom or participating virtually, Kahoot! lets you join live quizzes and submit answers in real time through its user-friendly app. Beyond traditional quizzes, take on self-paced challenges, engage in friendly competition with friends in study leagues, and even challenge your family and friends with Kahoot! challenges.

A valuable resource for brain exercise, Kahoot! is free for teachers and their students. It provides an accessible and enjoyable platform to enhance knowledge and skills, making learning an interactive and entertaining experience for all.


kahoot play for pc


5. League of Quiz

League of Quiz is a competitive trivia board game published by Trivial & Quiz – DiabloApps in 2016. The game is designed to make online trivia competitions as immersive and exciting as possible. To do this, the developers integrated multiple features focused on social interaction and gameplay. For example, the ELO League allows players to compete against others in a series of trivia and board games. Players can create private tournaments of their design which is perfect for parties and sleepovers.


league of quiz free download


6. Wild Cash | Quiz to Earn

Hooked Technology’s Wild Cash is a simple but fun game where users can take quizzes and win prizes. The prize system in this game is what makes it stand out. Users can easily earn 10,000 GOLDs every day with just one click, so they can keep getting benefits without having to go through complicated or time-consuming steps. If you want to make extra money or get extra benefits for your game addiction, Wild Cash is a great way to do it.

This game encourages people to communicate with each other and work together by letting you play with friends and earn extra prizes. With the app’s promotion program, you can make it even more social by inviting your friends to join Wild Cash. Both you and your friends will benefit. Enjoy a simple but fun game experience with Wild Cash. It will keep you entertained and give you chances to win money.


wild cash quiz to earn gameplay on pc


7. Countries Capitals Quiz

Published by Paridae in 2012, Countries Capitals Quiz is a trivia game focused on geography. This fun and competitive game comes with 10 levels of difficulty, global rankings, a learning mode without time pressure, tons of achievements, and much more. As implied in the title, this game covers all countries and capitals of the globe. So get this game if you are looking for a fun way to brush up on your geography.


countries capitals quiz download free


8. 100 Pics Quiz – Logo and Trivia

100 Pics Quiz – Logo and Trivia is a 2014 trivia game published by Poptacular. This trivia game is a combination of trivia, logo, puzzles, and brain teaser and is one of the most popular trivia apps in the freemium market. Additionally, some of the games’ most iconic features include over 10,000 images for guessing, hundreds of quiz topics, a rich category to explore, seasonal events, and online and offline gameplay.


100 pics quiz download PC free


9. Psych! Outwit your friends

Enter the world of strategic deception with Psych! Outwit your friends, where knowledge takes a back seat to clever trickery. In this online game, your objective isn’t to know the right answer; instead, it’s about convincing your friends that your fabricated responses are genuine ones. It’s a game that crowns the best bluffer, ensuring continuous laughter throughout the gameplay. Whether you gather your friends and family in person or connect for a virtual game night, get ready for an experience like no other.

This game lets you trick your friends with Psych! Very easy! You can pick from fun categories like “Word Up” and “Movie Bluff,” where players make up answers to real questions. The hard part is figuring out which of your friends’ made-up answers is the craziest. You will get points for choosing the right answer and for tricking other people into choosing your answer. With each trick that works, you get one step closer to becoming the ultimate quiz game-winner. Plan to laugh, use your brain, and enjoy the thrill of beating your friends at this game!



psych! for pc


10. Guess the Logo

Guess the Logo is one of the biggest and most sought-after logo-themed trivia games in the freemium market. Published by Logos Box in 2017, this highly addictive trivia game will challenge your general knowledge about everyday products using their respective logos. Some of the fun features in the game include an escalating level of difficulty, a social multiplayer system, a real-time scoreboard, offline mode, hints, and much more. Overall, Guess the Logo like most of the games on this list, is ideal for sleepovers, group/family activities, and solo play.


guess the logo yellow mcdonalds


Start Playing Trivia Games on Your PC

Trivia, or quiz games, have been around since the 1700s. The word “quiz” itself has undergone multiple changes in meaning. That’s from describing an eccentric person as someone who mocks. It was not until the 19th century that the word was said to have originated in a joke. Soon, it evolved to describe a test of knowledge. Trivia, on the other hand, pertains to the commonplace, details, or small pieces of information that have little importance or value.

Thus, Trivia or quiz games are challenges or tests focused on general knowledge. As easy as it may look, general knowledge is not that general. Furthermore, trivia games are a test of wit or cleverness. It is also simply a challenge to determine who is the “jack of all trades” when it comes to general knowledge. The fact that general knowledge covers everything under the sun is what makes trivia or quiz games challenging and fun.

To that end, now is your chance to test your general knowledge base by challenging someone you know or random players across the globe. Start by downloading the games featured above on your PC only here in Games.lol.

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