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Battleship Minesweeper


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About this Game

Do you miss playing the old-school board game minesweeper? Well, you’re in luck since you can now play your favorite board game and take a trip down memory lane with Battleship Minesweeper for PC. This HTML 5 puzzle game will make you feel like it’s the 90’s all over again. In this modern time where all games are 3-Dimensional and very revolutionary, playing a retro-game is still not a bad idea. You can either relive the golden days of simple yet fully entertaining games.  At the same time, you can teach the new generations this rinky-dinky game and teach them the value of finding happiness in simple things. The choice is yours, this game is free-to-play, no download required and suitable for everyone regardless of your genre preference. Play Battleship Minesweeper free online game and challenge your brain to the maximum!


Battleship Minesweeper


Battleship Minesweeper Game Features:

Battleship Minesweeper is bringing back the cool in old school. One of the most played games back in the day, Minesweeper was almost everyone’s favorite game to play on their computers. Battleship Minesweeper adds more layer to this classic game with a wicked soundtrack and a time-pressured dynamic. Curious to know more? Read on to find more features about the game:


Old School is Cool

Remember the days when you first had your own computer? Only a few games are available, and minesweeper is one of them (besides solitaire of course).  If you could remember the happiness you felt when you are playing that game back in the day, Battleship Minesweeper will also give you the exact feeling and maybe more. So, don’t be silly, old school is still cool. Play Battleship Minesweeper and have fun!


Battleship Minesweeper


Battle-Perfect Explosive Soundtrack

Get ready to enjoy playing Battleship Minesweeper in max speaker volume and feel the intense emotion in the battlefield. The thrilling drum beats and perfectly synchronized music will give you the feels as if you are inside a real battleship.


Can You Finish the Game in 10 Minutes Without Detecting A Mine?

The gameplay of Battleship Minesweeper is simple, in this epic online puzzle game your goal is to detect all mines in the grid. If you detect a single mine before your time is over, then the game is over. Do you think you can successfully discover all grid cells in 10 minutes without hitting a single mine? If you think you can do that, then you should start putting flags now and be the champion minesweeper. The best Battleship Minesweeper solution we can give you is just keep on practicing. There are no cheats here – just you and your fate in the hands of RNGesus.


Battleship Minesweeper


Simple Game yet Tremendously Exciting

Battleship Minesweeper is a very simple game, or you can say that it is a game of luck. If you hit on a single mine, then your game is over. But admit it, finding a mine in a completely clear grid is exciting! You don’t know what is under the gray box until you click on it. Finding a big group of cells will give you a high score, it’s like finding a treasure in a map wherein if you dig at the right place, you’ll hit the jackpot. But if luck is not on your side, and the red mine will appear, then it’s the end of the game for you.


Having Fun is Free!

Who says that you have to pay to get entertained?  Battleship Minesweeper game is completely free, no download required, no need to register. Just click the link and play whenever you have free time and you’ll never notice how hooked you are. Play Battleship Minesweeper on your PC, its free!

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