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Who’d have ever thought that you would come across a game that will make you question what you really know much about colors? Whenever we get a chance to look at optical illusions, oftentimes, we stare at a picture for an entire minute—maybe even more—just so we can have a really good look at it. And it goes the same for practically all types of optical illusions that we see out there.

Now, you have this super simple game with just a group of blocks and a white space. The game is quite simple. All you need to do is to find what doesn’t belong in the group. Or rather, you need to pinpoint the odd one out. Think you can do it? Why don’t you read more of our Kube X game guide below to know more about the game. If you are ready to play, let us find out what your highest score will be!


Kube X


Kube X Game Features:


Ultimate “Find the Odd One Out” Game

The reason why we believe that this is the ultimate “find the odd one out” online game is simply that it is what you are going to do. You are initially given four colored blocks of practically the same color but one of them has a different shade.

Sounds simple enough? Maybe not. The game has the colors so close that you get a bit dizzy figuring out which of the blocks are actually different. And that is where you get to sit in front of your computer for a minute or two, trying to figure out which among the blocks does not belong to the group.


Kube X


Simple Graphics and Super Clean Gameplays

Who would have thought that you are only going to have to play an online game with just a white space and colored blocks? And what is more peculiar is that you are going to really enjoy playing it. Well, this game of optical illusions will totally get you cornered. Though the game is quite simple and fairly very interesting, you are going to love it because it will challenge you to play it.

What is funny here though is that instead of playing a game trying to find the block, your focus shifts to the blinding small dots in between the blocks.


Kube X


Beat the Highest Score

The scoring system is as simple as the game. You only need to beat the highest scorer. But what is the highest score? With just tons of really challenging levels, try and see how far you can really go in the game.


Kube X


How Far Can You Go in the Block System

Kube X Online is a real online treat that is worth your time playing. The cool thing about this game is that it is not just a mere challenge to play, but it is a really big deal to figure out which box is the odd one out. The odd block is the only thing that you need to find. But the problem is the blocks become smaller as you progress. The colors of the boxes become closer and closer to each other that the odd block seems to melt into the whole scenario. Ready to take on the challenge? Let’s go!

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