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About this Game

Follow the story of the monster robber who robbed the bank and is now on the go to get away from his crime. As he runs away, he goes up the post to get away from the Sheriff. The players are tasked to help the robber go away by pressing the left and right arrows. Make sure to get them as quickly as you can or else you’ll get caught!  


As he escapes, more gold coins are waiting on his tracks. Help the monster collect them all by directing his way from left to right! Practice your fingers and your eyes as you try your best to get to the top, completely escape the Sheriff, and avoid hammers.  


Follow the adventures of the Pink monster and get ready to break your sweat in this endless chasing! Play Chin Up Shin Up now! 


Chin Up Shin Up


Cool Chin Up Shin Up Game Features: 


Awesome Graphics 

Since the creators of Chin Up Shin Up are the same as the creators of Amazing Grabber, you can see the consistent use of cute and vibrant monsters as characters of the game. Awesome cartoons are used as the primary visuals of the game. The developers also use vibrant colors that attract users, especially of younger generations, to play the game. However, this does not limit people from playing the game. This is very much open for people of all ages! So, try the game now and witness the cool monsters and graphics of the game. 


Simple Mechanics 

With this game, you only need two fingers to play! Either you use two index fingers or index finger and middle finger—it is up to you! As you start the game, you will be welcomed to the home screen where everything starts and this is where you will see the main instructions. Use the left and right arrow keys in your keyboard to maintain the movement of the monster as he escapes and climbs the post. You can also use this to direct the monster to pass through the gold coins and collect them.  


Chin Up Shin Up


Watch Out for the Sheriff 

As you try to help out the robber escape from his crime, you will meet your worst enemy: the Sheriff. The moment that you start slowing down and getting cautious of hammers or even when you start to slow down to focus on collecting more gold coins, the Sheriff will know that! Often times he would make sure to let you know of his presence in the game by chasing you. If you are just starting in the game, this would most likely send you in frenzy overload and you would most likely lose control of your fingers as you try to escape the Sheriff’s quick move! 


Chin Up Shin Up


Go for the Gold 

The objective is to collect all the gold coins as you run away.  The more gold coins you earn, the more you get to purchase things for yourself in the store!  Take all the gold along with the robbed things from the bank! Just remember to do it fast because the Sheriff is on your tail!  


Visit the Store 

The store is the only way you can collect gold coins. In the store, you get to purchase different things to clothe yourself with. There are eye patch, cowboy hat, sailor cap, Hypno goggles, and monocles for you to choose from! 


Chin Up Shin Up


Avoid the Hammers 

Aside from the Sheriff, another thing that would hinder you from escaping smoothly in the post is the hammers along the way. These hammers can slow you down a bit as you try to avoid them. As a result, it could also be the reason why the Sheriff would appear in the screen (since you keep on slowing down with hammers). These hammers are placed strategically in areas where you would least expect it or least notice it. That way, it would be an ultimate threat to watch out for in the game. If you are not looking intently in the game, you may probably miss this out and be surprised that you already killed yourself. So, remember to fix your eyes and avoid these obstructions to win the game!  


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