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About this Game

Can you imagine what happens behind the closed door and walls at the pizzeria? See how crazy it can get when you’re in the kitchen in Crazy Pizza.

In this action strategy game, you need to put three of the same pizzas together. When you do, they become ready to be served. Finish the order and bring them to your patrons. But do it quick. Don’t let your kitchen get full of pizza or else it’s game over for you.

Crazy Pizza lets you become the chef of the pizzeria. Run this little part of Italian culture and try to put together the same types of pizza and dish them out to the customers. Sell as many as you can before your kitchen gets flooded with pizza.


Cool Crazy Pizza Game Features:


A Fun Game of Piling Pizza

Pizza is great. It tastes awesome. But it’s even more fun to eat it when you’re at the pizzeria, where it’s still hot and fresh from the oven. Wondering what happens in the kitchen on a crazy busy night at the pizzeria?

Crazy Pizza lets you in on how crazy it can get. In this action puzzle game, you play the role of a preoccupied chef running an Italian pizza shop.

In this fast food chain, you can expect plenty of customers walking into the shop and give your delicious pizza a try. They want to be served fast while the pizza’s still hot and fresh. And they can get very picky as well. As the chef who’s preparing all the pizza, you need to be quick or you risk losing a customer. Or worse, you’ll get overrun with all the pizzas piling up in the kitchen.


Crazy Pizza


Simple Gameplay and Easy Controls

This puzzle strategy game is one of the best today. It features simple gameplay and easy controls. As the chef of this virtual Italian pizzeria, your objective is to put together three of the same pizza together. When you get the order right, it’s ready to be served to your patrons.

But putting the same set of pizzas is one thing; speed in doing it also is another. You need to act fast before the pizzas start to pile up. When that happens, your kitchen will get overrun with pizza, and it will be game over for you.

Become the frazzled chef in this virtual Italian restaurant. This one’s one of the best crazy games you can play online.


Crazy Pizza


Can You Keep Up?

It’s a busy night at the Italian pizza shop. Make a dash in dishing out all the pizzas for your customers. With all the pizzas rolling out, can you keep up? They will be rolling, and fast. And it will only get faster as you progress through the game.


Crazy Pizza


Keep track of all the pizzas coming out of the oven. Pick out the ones of the same type, and put them together in bunches of three. Do it fast before you get overrun by the delicious goodness.

Crazy Pizza is a cool game that you and your family can enjoy. Play Crazy Pizza online today for free!

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